Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Ted Bundy: A Comparison

Editors Note: This was submitted to MeowMix by a guest writer months ago and it fell between the cracks. This same writer previously wrote a great Top 10 Fails of 2020 piece and has asked to write the same for 2021. Now is a great time to post this piece – an opinion/comparison article looking at some of the behaviour similarities between JY and serial killer Ted Bundy. That isn’t to say that Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Ted Bundy are the same, or that either one is better/worse. Instead, it’s an interesting look at the traits shared by JY and one of history’s most notorious psychopaths (or sociopaths, depending which view you prefer).

Hello readers of MeowMix, I hope your 2021 is shaping up to be better than your 2020. Much like 2020, 2021 seems to be another unique year in the life of JYS. From lawsuits to criminal matters, JYS seems to fill the void of lack of employment with visits to the Surrey Courthouse.

While watching a documentary on one of America’s most despised individuals, I drew parallels to the Langley terror Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Now keep in mind I am not praising JYS or the despised individual but the similarities they share in terms of ethics, behaviour, personalities is quite an eye opener. It’s quite a shock to put together a puzzle from pieces from different “boxes”, but seeing how the pieces fit with no problem creating the picture.  The person who reminded me of the terror of JYS is none other than Ted Bundy.

It’s a well established fact that people like Ted Bundy start off with small incidents before going on to bigger incidents that cause havoc and destruction. I have listed a few points that are eerily similar between JYS and Ted. Please keep in mind I am not defending Ted or JYS in any way, shape, or form, nor am I blaming victims for their experiences either.

Letting Your Guard Down

Ted Bundy was a charming, good looking man by many accounts, and this allowed him to him easily approaching women. In todays virtual world, JYS has resorted to using photo editing software to achieve the same effect – appear attractive to get closer to women. As mentioned on MeowMix, JYS used that pic to meet “Jessica” (GINGER) and Racheal. Both have stated that the fake picture was a red flag, and in Racheal’s case it could have ended in a horrible situation in her apartment.   


Ted’s habit of faking injuries (he was known for slinging his arm, using a fake leg cast, and using crutches) was a simple method to invoke sympathy from women and ease them into helping him with mundane tasks before committing his crimes. . JYS is known to use the disability gig to try to garner sympathy with his scooter, walker, various braces, and other medical devices – most recently glucose monitors and insulin pumps. He once used a pink cane to appear disabled and then weaponized it to attack a reported – something straight out of Bundy’s playbook.

Increasing Violence

Ted in his youth was normal, but as we know turned to violence and murder as he aged.  I don’t know if JYS was ever normal, but since his identity hit the mainstream in the summer of 2019, he has gotten more violent. The taser incident on livestream in August 2019, a few weeks later the cane assault with his mom in their parking lot against David Menzies, the courthouse assault of Keann Bexte in 2020, and finally the October 2020, threats to Chris Elston. All these caught on video and few lead to charges.

This is in addition to his other criminal behaviour that has not lead to charges. Just like Ted, JYS became more violent over time. His goal of obtaining a gun and body armor show an increasing desire for violence, or at least power. I don’t think Yaniv is the type to go hunting in the forest, so it leaves one to imagine what the gun would be needed for? Killing mosquitos, or his detractors?

Lawyer or Wannabe?

Ted Bundy, unlike JYS, did attend law school for a period of time. In fact, he represented himself in his very first murder trial and successfully had some evidence against him thrown out. Some say he stood a good chance of being acquitted. Even during his final trial in Florida. he was self-represented and defended himself well, even if he was convicted in the end. The judge, Edward Cowart, even praised Bundy’s legal skills after sentencing him to the electric chair.

JYS thinks by reading a law paper and completing a few legal admin courses he can file lawsuits and be a lawyer. With his record of failures, I am very certain no judge would praise JYS’s legal skills. There is certainly some similarity in the way Ted and Jon believe they could outwit everyone else in a courtroom. Their success at doing so is another story.

Follow and Listen

When JYS was sentenced in September 2020 for the taser incident and received a conditional discharge with light conditions, it would have made sense to listen to his lawyer and stay out or trouble. But we all saw him, hours later in the street, threating people, and a month later the incident with Chris Elston, which lead to arrest on Jan 1, 2021. This will, more than likely, result in more convictions and a more permanent criminal record.

Ted, in Colorado, was told by friends and legal advisors to behave well and that he had a good chance of being acquitted, as the case against him was flimsy at best and may discourage other states from prosecuting him. However he escaped and kept on his crime spree.  Do these two people share some sort of disorder?

Do they both see themselves as above the law, or think they could outsmart the legal system? Look at how JY signs his emails with “Simpson Litigation dotcom” now, and calls himself a law student. Is he trying to be seen as a member of the legal community? Is he trying to look powerful? Maybe it isn’t about what other people think. Maybe JY simply thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, much like Bundy did. What do you think?


During his trial in Florida, Ted was offered a plea deal of 75 years in prison. His legal team devised a strategy of him pleading guilty, then later on filing papers, hoping some of the evidence or people from the original trial would be gone, allowing Bundy to get out of jail later. But for this to happen Ted, would have to plead “Guilty” and he just couldn’t say the word.

Even before his execution, he was offered a chance at his life being spared for his help in other cases, but Ted didn’t do it. He was hoping to commit suicide before his execution as he didn’t want the state to say they executed him. After his conviction, Ted blamed everything under the sun for his situation, never owning up to the fact his actions put him in the chair.

JYS is eerie similar. After filing the BCHRT complaints with a publication ban, his ego lead to him to brag on social media about his deeds. When they applied to lift bans, JYS had a chance to drop his whole charade of trans-gender foolishness but continued along the same path and now everybody knows who and what he is. JYS like Ted blamed others for it, and when push came to shove he rode his scooter into the hearings and he lost. He was made a fool of, kissed $6000 dollars away, and destroyed his life. He blamed Twitter users, Rebel Media, a tainted tribunal member, etc. Everyone but himself.

Peas in a Pod to a Certain Point.

As shown here, Ted and Jon have many things in common. It’s a well-known fact Jon loves young girls and has chased after 9 year olds, 8 year olds, and a baby tampon video on Tiktok. Ted liked college girls, but his final murder was that of a 12 year old. Ted Bundy did call himself, “The most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”  The fact he admits he’s evil shows a certain awareness of his crimes and actions.

JYS is the opposite here. He refuses to admit he’s wrong on anything, and keeps building up the narrative that he’s a victim of transphobes and haters, despite overwhelming evidence that his behaviour is the problem – not his identity.

One has paid for his reign of terror, and it’s only a matter of time before the other has his reign of terror stopped.

What do you think? Is JY a dangerous Bundy wannabe, or a flunky that’s too stupid to know how stupid he is? Weigh in on this in the comments below!