Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Strata: Strata Says Nope

In this completely expected and hilarious move, Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Strata has lawyered up and responded to Jonny’s claim with a firm middle finger. There’s a few funny things here, but the first thing that jumped out at me is that they retained the same firm as the Township of Langley.

It’s pretty straightforward – the Strata denies everything Yaniv said, says he filed in the wrong venue, has no chance of success, and requests the case be dismissed. Further, they are requesting costs, and a 10% penalty should Yaniv pursue this to trial (around $3,400).

Somewhat less interesting but still noteworthy is that the Strata title search shows that Yaniv is the sole person on title for the condo, squashing theories that Miriam may be on title. It’s also somewhat funny that Yaniv’s strata fees are paying for the lawyer retained by the strata to counter him.

If Yaniv doesn’t withdraw immediately, it will go to a settlement conference and Yaniv will be forced to withdraw at that time. We’ll keep you posted. Maybe I should start a counter…How long until Serial Loser Yaniv pussies out again?

PDF and jpeg versions below.

20210408 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Strata - Reply
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