Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Strata CRT Defeat

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is painting this as a win, even going as far as to say it’s setting precedent, but the reality is that JY lost yet another CRT case today.

jessica yaniv simpson

The full document is below. In JY’s claim, he demands that his strata:

  • Amend the strata bylaw to allow cameras inside lots
  • Provide footage from security cameras to RCMP.
  • Pay him $1500 for damage to his car.
  • Permit owners to attend strata council meetings as observers WITHOUT permission from council.
  • Repair damage to common property within 3 months.
  • Provide a list of owners.

Additionally, JY had previously demanded further accommodation for a handicap parking stall and something about harassment and the CRT declined to hear these claims.

The CRT decision also exposed that JY was using the CRT system to abuse the Strata, pointing out that JY filed multiple claims against them just days apart. The CRT merged the claims.

JY quoted several other cases, which the tribunal member pointed out did nothing for JY’s case. Some law student eh? When JY says that the strata has no authority to control what an owner has in their lot. The tribunal member points out that Jon is straight up wrong.

JY went on to claim that he installed a $1500 car alarm on his worthless Nissan Kicks. That in itself is proof of how much of an idiot this fucker is.

There are various other gripes mentioned, none of which I find noteworthy, but check out the full document yourself.

My two key takeaways from this are…

First, Jon bragged on Twitter that (courtesy of him), it was now law for stratas to provide owner lists on request. Jon is a fucking idiot because this was decided by the same CRT last year. Jon didn’t set precedent. He took advantage of precedent to abuse his strata – and now residents. It isn’t “now legally required”. It was legally required in July 2021, and since then. #Idiot.

Even then, it isn’t that the strata didn’t know that this requirement existed. They knew, and they say as much. Their issue was that they expected Jon the Con to use the info for nefarious reasons and they were protecting their residents. Sadly, the CRT disagreed with their defense and said that the law stood – the CRT member had no ability to block this info release to Jon.

Second, Jon is painting this as a win. The reality is he made a dozen claims and “won” just one – that the strata must provide a list of owners within 14 days to Jon. The CRT member did say that they found “the strata was the most successful party” because they defeated all but one of Jon’s claims, and they owe him nothing.

#SerialLoser, as always.

20220322 - BC CRT JY vs Strata 3591
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