jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Master Care (Kamal) CRT: DEFEAT!

Add another checkmark in the LOSS column for Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

Remember that time JY sent their untrained mutt after Kamal and then accused her of all kinds of misdeeds, including mistreating JY’s faux service dog? Karma has come around for JY, although it did it rather gently, sadly, and JY won’t need to pay any costs. At least not yet.

jessica yaniv simpson

JY’s claim says that Kamal, a Master Care employee, was aggressive towards him and his dog. Fat Jon even says he was injured (but didn’t say how) by Kamal, and wants $5,000.

Master Care defended the case, saying Jon’s dog was out of control and that Jon the Con was abusive towards Kamal, even going as far as orchestrating the events (which the video evidence proves).

JY also sought an order that Kamal be removed from the property. The CRT admits they have no authority to do that and they wouldn’t. Jon’s an idiot. We do know Kamal has been safely reassigned to another property and it’s an upgrade for her.

Jon (a notorious slob) also raised concern “as an owner”, which the CRT put in quotes, that Master Care wasn’t doing a good job cleaning, but failed entirely to prove his claim. As usual.

Jon “AO” Yaniv goes on to claim that Kamal was aggressive towards the dog. The CRT is operating as if Jon’s dog was a valid service dog in training, although it isn’t especially relevant anyways, and Jon couldn’t prove this was valid. The CRT is just saying “even if Rexy was a valid service dog….”.

Yaniv goes on to say Kamal slams the vacuum into his door (I hope that’s true!) and screams at Rexy. Yaniv (again) fails to prove this.

Master Care prepared a defense for the case – one that MeowMix is happy to (finally) announce that was supported with countless documents and pieces of evidence from our libraries – but the CRT member said they didn’t need to address it because JY’s case was so poorly presented that it’s garbage.

The key piece of evidence was the one Jonny posted himself – the infamous Kamal video. The CRT member said that the video shows Jon following Kamal around, going out of his way to harass her, and aggressively hounding her before shouting obscenities at her. It goes onto show Yaniv failing to control the dog which lunged at Kamal, and she made fearful noises.

Master Care’s defense included a statement that Kamal feared large dogs, and JY said she didn’t. The CRT said that didn’t matter. The CRT declared Yaniv to be THE AGGRESSOR. In writing.

As Serial Loser Yaniv has done before, his sole piece of evidence was a witness statement from Miriam Yaniv. This was tossed. Yaniv had no other witnesses to support his claim.

Master Care admits that Kamal (on one occasion) put her broom against the dog as it approached her. This is what Jon called “hitting his dog”. The CRT member didn’t care, and said Kamal acted reasonably.

It goes onto state that there is no recognized tort of harassment in BC, which is the substance of JY’s claim. JY has been told this by numerous judges before. He doesn’t get it. The CRT goes on to say that there is no evidence that Kamal did anything JY says.

Unsurprisingly, JY also brought his fake gender identity into the case. The CRT said there was no evidence he was discriminated against and tossed this too. The CRT member goes on to say that the BC HRT decisions cited by JY were irrelevant. Once again, JY has no idea how to cite case law.

Interestingly, part of Master Care’s defense was that JY was racist towards people like Kamal – a women of east Indian ethnicity. JY ADMITS to being a racist, and says it is based on “fear from past experiences”. There you have it.

JY’s claim of being injured was tossed because there was no evidence, even though JY claims he filmed other interactions (which weren’t presented as evidence…). There are no medical or vet records to support these injuries. Jon can’t even explain how he arrived at the $5,000 figure!

The CRT concludes that Yaniv only asked for that amount because it was the maximum allowed for small claims disputes. It goes on to say that Yaniv’s claim MUST be dismissed because Master Care did nothing wrong, and there was no evidence to say they did. It goes on to add that Yaniv relied on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in this case, but that the CRT has no jurisdiction to find an offense under that act, and even if they did, no abuse occurred.

Unfortunately, Master Care did not have any valid expenses so they were not awarded any costs. Fortunately for all involved (except AO), karma came to bat for Kamal and this first case is knocked out. Hopefully this sets a precedent for any BC HRT cases Jon may be working on.

You can read the full document below.

20220413, JY vs MasterCare CRT
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