jessica yaniv simpson vs langley fd

Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Langley FD: Manic Twitter Rant

This is going to be a fun year folks. Jessica Yaniv Simpson, accused pedophile, sexual assaulter, child groomer, serial liar, and rape fetishist thinks he can go toe to toe with another branch of the Township of Langley emergency services.

Yesterday, Feb 4, 2021, Yaniv posted a letter from the Langley FD’s legal team. It accused him of misusing their services twice daily since January 21, 2021 to lift him out of his tub, and lewd and inappropriate conduct with the fire department.

jessica yaniv simpson langley fd letter

The tweet below accompanied it.

Twitter erupted in laughter over this, and it soon spread to every other social media platform. Yaniv posted to Facebook shortly after and his story changed. First he was in his bathtub in his own house (he was in Miriam’s for a good part of the calls). On Facebook…

So now he was in the shower, and he claims he was under a towel, and he claims it was a medical emergency. In the comments (make sure you scroll right) he blames it on his car accident. Right.

Today, Feb 5, 2021, Yaniv erupted in defensive, absolutely dishonest tweets that can only be described as manic.

  • jessica yaniv simpson vs langley fd

Let’s quickly review his statements in the screenshots above. He’s suing for libel. What libel? What false accusations? What disability? What doctors orders? Losing weight and not taking baths are not an option? Not a pervert? Platoon commander?

How can it be libel if the only source of it is Yaniv?

The best part of all of this is that you know the Township of Langley has their business in order. They’ve debriefed every person who has attended Yaniv’s residence. They’ve provided guidance on how they can respond to his calls. They’ve documented every single word exchanged between themselves and Yaniv. There is an exactly zero percent chance that a “platoon commander” gave Yaniv any kind of statement. They all hate him.

When you combine this stuff with Yaniv’s previous complaints about the ToL all you can do is laugh. Even the ToL lawyers must be laughing it up. Despite being close to passing the bar exam, Yaniv has basically handed this case to them on a silver platter.

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