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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Callis Response!

In the least surprising news of the century, Jessica Yaniv Simpson appears to have lied on yet another legal document. This time, it’s JY’s vexatious lawsuit against Ted Callis, an owner of a unit in Miriam’s strata across the street.

Callis’ reply, which was developed with the services of an actual lawyer (Unlike JY’s lawsuit) is a clear and sound defense against the blabbering nonsense JY’s moronic lawsuit included. Callis states:

  • Denies JY’s idiotic claim that he said “Let’s start some trouble”
  • Points out that Rexy is not a real service dog (and, contrary to what JY believes, that matters).
  • Accuses JY of becoming verbally and physically aggressive against Mr. Funk (an elderly man that JY has been criminally charged with assaulting)
  • Says he was worried about Mr. Funk and separated Funk and Yaniv, and admits pushing JY away from Funk and towards the elevator.
  • Claims that response was justified in light of the size difference between JY (lol) and Funk.
  • Any force used by Callis was reasonable and proportionate.
  • Denies Yaniv’s claims that he strangled or robbed him.
  • Denies punching Rexy.
  • Notes that the RCMP attended the scene, investigated, interviewed witnesses, and determined Funk and Callis had no fault nor liability for the events, and that JY should be criminally charged with 3 offenses.
  • Points out JY’s criminal history, including violent offenses. Unfortunately this isn’t complete as it omits his charges for illegal weapons possession.
  • Denies all of Yaniv’s claims to be injured from these events.
  • Calls Yaniv a large person lol
  • Points out that Yaniv, in their 30’s, assaulted Funk, who is in his 70s, and was seated on his walker at the time.
  • Points out that Yaniv’s claim to be intimidated by or terrified of Funk is absurd.
  • Asks the court to hear both this and the Funk lawsuit together.
  • Points out that Yaniv’s claim of “robbery” is not even a civil cause of action available to Yaniv.
  • Requests the case be dismissed, and advises that (pursuant to BC Small Claims court rules) they will seek the maximum penalty allowed if Yaniv seeks to pursue trial despite no chance of success. This equals 10% of Yaniv’s claim – or $3,500.

In other words, Yaniv is fucked and that’s hilarious!

JY has been whining on social media lately about men having no right to put hands on a woman. Someone should remind Yaniv that he has no right to place his monstrous, fat, oily hands on an elderly man in a walker, and wearing a dress and pretending to be a woman doesn’t excuse it. It’s good to know the karma train will always come back around for JY.

20221214 JY vs Callis Reply
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