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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs BCEHS: JY Has To Pay Up!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson thought the CRT was going to be a cash cow. Turns out it’s rapidly becoming JY’s new favourite way to lose.

In a decision published March 30, 2022, the CRT awarded BC’s Provincial Health Services Authority o/a BC Emergency Health Services a decision in their favour and costs of $1600. JY’s claim stems from his allegation that BCEHS flagged her as a mental health concern and this causes damages to JY. BCEHS disputed it – and won.

Hilariously – unless you are a BC taxpayer – JY’s evidence shows that BCEHS responded to his emergency calls a whopping 53 times in a 21-month period. Eventually, JY’s address was flagged with a statement saying, “Female resident can be unpredictable and abusive to responders, may also have weapons in apt. PD assistance may be required.”

Not an unreasonable statement, given JY’s history of weapons possession charges, assault charges, etc. JY said this flag was unreasonable and caused delay in his care.

Unfortunately for JY, the CRT agreed that the flag was reasonable. BCEHS was able to prove that JY had a weapons-related criminal history.

JY further claims that paramedics were transphobic and do not like him so they falsely flagged his address. JY couldn’t prove any of this or even prove who wrote that statement.

BCEHS also proved that they responded to JY’s 53 calls within 20 minutes on average, aa reasonable response time given none of the calls were life threatening emergency calls. BCEHS provided expert testimony to support this.

JY claimed that this flag, and these delays, caused him embarrassment and permanent psychological harm. To support this, his evidence was – a signed statement from his mommy.

No seriously. JY submitted a note from his mom that said the flag on his address caused JY “significant harm” and “permanent psychological trauma and PTSD”.

Miriam Yaniv’s statement was dismissed as worthless.

JY’s claim was dismissed and BCEHS was awarded $1620 to reimburse them for costs for an expert witness.


20220330 CRT Jessica Simpson vs BC Emergency Health Services
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Update: March 31, 2022

Jessica “Abdomen Overweight” Yaniv Simpson was apparently triggered yesterday and lashed out on Twitter – once about BCEHS, and another time to try to prop himself up and paint himself as a bigshot influencer.

Here’s a couple screenshots for you to laugh at.

Personally I can’t wait to see this happen. Jon has a 100% failure rate in court when opposed. Jon’s only quasi-victories were against the physio bed folks (they paid him a few peanuts to go away) and Expedia (they hired a shitbrain lawyer who went on vacation instead of defending the case). You could also argue he ‘won’ a few early cases against waxers early on who settled with him for apologies and a couple hundred bucks, because they had no legal counsel and were bullied into silence.

Every other case has been a crushing defeat for JY. He knows it too. He’s a loser and that’s what losers do. His mother is a loser. His aunt is a loser. They’re all losers.

Too bad JY won’t get into a boxing match.