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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Bayshore: Another Loss!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has sucked another big one at the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal. Idiot.

Note: this article may display the wrong header image for some readers. JY was not penalized $1600 in this case.

Today’s loss, following his crushing and embarrassing defeats last month, is related to JY’s service dog (which isn’t a service dog).

As Jon has several times in the past, he was trying to pass off his poorly trained puppy as a service dog and when it blew up in his face he saw a chance to sue for profit. JY is demanding $5,000, claiming the service dog was trained to alert if he had low blood sugar and the pharmacy attendant was spazzing, causing a distraction, preventing the puppy from alerting and saving JY, which led to a 911 call.

Bayshore did not dispute whether or not JY’s dog was a service dog. Instead, they allege that JY’s dog was wild and lunged at an employee (sound familiar?) Bayshore did submit evidence from an expert that JY’s dog was incapable of being what JY said – a blood sugar detecting service dog.

The tribunal member said JY presented no evidence (as usual) and even if JY had evidence to support his claims they would have not affected the decision. In other words, Jessica Yaniv is now, still and always, a fucking idiot.


20220404 - CRT JY vs Bayshore
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