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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Arianna: Superleak 6: Tampons, Timbits, and TMI.

The MeowMix editorial team wanted to set our readers up for a fun weekend and what better way to get your lolz on than reading about Jessica Yaniv Simpson, cyberbully, child predator, woman-hater, and animal-abuser, getting a taste of his own medicine.

To those that think this is too far, fuck that. J. Yaniv is the same person that used fake accounts to bait home-based immigrant aestheticians into waxing his balls and then switching genders to trick them so he could take them to the BCHRT for profit. J. Yaniv is the same person that used fake accounts to harass women and encourage young girls like Louise to kill herself. J. Yaniv has tried to make a career on using fake profiles to prop up or hurt businesses, depending on the situation. Yaniv has literally spent the last 15 years using fake accounts for personal gain, regardless of the damage done to innocent people in the community. He deserves this.

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  • Lastly, don’t forget to check out KiwiFarms, where WGKitty has posted the most vile stuff that Jessica Yaniv sent to Arianna. I think there’s two or three videos now and a couple graphic images.
jessica yaniv simpson

Things that didn’t age well: JY saying Donald wouldn’t get any of his money.

He pays for a car wash membership? But not court fees? And he’s collecting welfare?

Looks like Legal Advocate Simpson was wrong about the court not having jurisdiction. Shocking, I know.

I’ll try to find the audio for this but there’s an audible fart in the middle of him wooing Arianna.

UPDATE: Be careful what you ask for.

I bet if you count the number of times that Jon Yaniv says “pussy” in these six (so far) leaks it would add up to more times than most REAL women say that word in their entire lives.

The worst PTSD we can imagine? More than a war vet or a rape victim?

This gives me really weird vibes. Why is this grown adult trying to have a little girls bedroom? Why would he think a grown adult woman like Arianna would like this?

The Lamborghini joke is just so feminine. All the lesbians joke like that. Right?

Notice anything unusual about the picture? I mean, besides the fact that it’s the worlds ugliest man wearing a bra and using a teen-baiting puppy filter.

He’s wearing a ripped and inside-out bra. Ladies of MeowMix, please leave a comment below describing how likely you would be to do that and how that might feel. Clearly Jon is just so womanly and feminine that this doesn’t bother him.

I’m not going to say that TikTok is universally bad. There’s some funny shit on there! But, at least as far as I understand the functionality, it learns what you like over time and shows you more of it. We’ve seen time and time again that Jon follows underage girls, and he searches for videos with the song “Mean” by $not (I wish I was making that name up…). That’s the song with the lyric “cause I got a small waist, pretty face with a big bank” that went viral on TikTok. Young girls did a dance showing their figure. Now Jon admits his favourite videos are the twerking clips on TikTok. What a creep.

He NEEDS aquatic physiotherapy? NEEDS?

I’m glad they cancelled. He says he’s crying in pain, which is sadly bullshit. I wish he was though.

Tampon obsession level: 1000.

I don’t buy enough Timbits to know but that’s at least a 20-pack, maybe a 40-pack? And what the fuck is wrong with his face?

Side note: GRAPHIC IMAGE AHEAD SOON. No skin, just blood.

My vagina is really messed up.

Jon Yaniv

Ok you can’t tell me that’s not ketchup and some kind of red liquid. For starters, blood doesn’t flow that openly, at least in my experience. It looks like a thin, watery liquid. But then, there’s a very different thick red liquid on top. The most telling part is around the very middle, towards the right, you can see a loop, like he was spraying from a ketchup bottle. Looks 100% fake to me but I could be wrong.

More talk about getting famous at his expense. And he took a lot of meds to make himself feel sick?

Tried to kill himself? Freaking out over an application? Keep reading. It get’s better.

His own application almost scared him to suicide. Idiot. This was an application related to his weapons charges.

Five cameras in a 500 sq foot condo.

I am HIGHLY skeptical that the police asked him to de-transition.

“I went to a nurse that takes care of my vagina”. Seriously what is wrong with this idiot?

His “period”. It’s not a period Jon. You’ll never have a period.

Put the ointment in my pussy (or it gets the hose again).

Jon Yaniv (appended by meowmix)

Went straight from VGH to Boston Pizza. He’s too sick and bleeding so badly that he needs emergency services but he’s healthy enough to go sit his big diapered ass down at Boston Pizza 30 minutes later.

LOL He thinks French Onion Soup from a restaurant is healthy.

I love the subtle digs Arianna takes at him more than the overt blunt ones. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

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