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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Aestheticians – Civil Suit Update and Schedule Conflict

The document below is the latest update in Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s frivolous and vexatious lawsuit against the aestheticians that he previously had to pay $6,000 to.

Before anyone gets upset, a settlement conference is the next expected step in this case. The parties are intended to get together and discuss the case in the presence of a Judge. They may agree to a settlement at that time, which of course Yaniv will be hoping for, or the Judge may go another direction, such as scheduling more court dates, or dismissing the case entirely.

The aestheticians are represented by the JCCF still, and this is promising. I would bet money that the JCCF would never agree to a settlement, so expect more court fireworks or a dismissal.

To make this more interesting, we have heard that Yaniv’s claimed GRS bottom surgery is scheduled for early January. I don’t know a specific date, but the rumour floating around was that it would be close to this same day – January 12, 2021.

I wonder what Yaniv will do. Will he send his lawyer, Andrew Coulthard, who has not previously represented any of Yaniv’s civil matters, or will he apply for it to be rescheduled? MeowMix will keep you informed.

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