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Strata Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Trying To Switch Courts

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has filed an application to relocate his lawsuit against his strata from the Surrey Courthouse to the Abbotsford Courthouse.

Yaniv’s application says that the Abbotsford facility has “a more technology” (his words, not mine) to assist him in hearing and understanding proceedings. He also alleges that there has been stalking and harassment at the Surrey Courthouse from Donald Smith, Kari Simpson, John Southern, and Rebel Media. We’re disappointed that our court correspondents didn’t make the cut but we’ve already sourced out the best seating spots and parking lots for prime Yaniv viewing on court day.

jessica yaniv simpson

Immature moment: Given Jon’s infatuation with penis, I can see why he picked this one.

Seriously though, we have a theory why Jon is really doing this. He likely is trying to get away from some of the “media” outside the Surrey Courthouse (even though they’ll just go to Abbotsford instead), what’s more likely is that Jon has realized that the Surrey Court is onto him.

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Not only has one senior judge taken notice and made the other judges equally aware, and that same judge recently granted Donald Smith a win over Jon, the registry staff is growing tired of Jon’s shit.

To get away from this, Jon thinks he can move to a more favourable location. It’s harder for Donald Smith to get to Abbotsford, but Kari Simpson and John Southern will have no problem. The best part is that this is actually MORE convenient for MeowMix court correspondents, so Jon will have trouble with that.

That is, of course, if the Court lets him transfer his existing files to that courthouse. It’s important to note that this change is not due to convenience – the Abbotsford Courthouse is 1.5x as far away as the Surrey Courthouse. The Surrey Court may not grant his wish to move to a venue further away from the defendants just because he’s afraid of being watched.

That won’t stop him from opening all his new files in the Abbotsford Court, but MeowMix will of course helpfully provide his future victims with guidance to file the same application he did – to move the claim to the closest court.

That is, of course, if a Judge even grants Yaniv’s request, which he very likely will not. After all, plenty of people with hearing challenges have successfully used the Surrey Court – the largest in the area, and Yaniv is not entitled to privacy at the Courthouse. It is a public place. In fact, the only documented danger in the Yaniverse at the Surrey Courthouse was Yaniv himself when he assaulted Keean Bexte, resulting in criminal charges!

If that isn’t enough to tell Jon to piss off, BC Small Claims Rules (the same one Yaniv tried to cite against DFS) state that a claimant (which Yaniv is) must file a notice of claim and pay the required fee at the Small Claims Registry nearest to where (a) the defendant lives or carries on business, or (b) the transaction or event that resulted in the claim took place.

Hawthorne to Surrey Courthouse: 19 kms.

Hawthorne to Abbotsford Courthouse: 30 kms.

So, it would take a very generous Judge to grant this request. It inconveniences the defendant through no fault of their own and it goes against court rules. At best, Yaniv has a faint hope if a Judge grants his request to accommodate his disability but I suspect it will be unlikely.

Something we learned from this: If Yaniv does decide to file in the Abbotsford Registry in the future we should expect defendants to apply to move the hearing. In fact, MeowMix will provide them this information so they know his history.

Note: Yaniv’s most recent Supreme Court filing against the RCMP was also in Abbotsford. I only checked briefly and didn’t find a similar rule in BCSC rules, but the New Westminster Supreme Court is closer to Jon than Abbotsford, so this may be looking into as well.

Download the full file below.

20210610 - JY vs Strata - Application to Relocate
Download 34 KB

Bonus Note:

Miriam Yaniv has also filed an application to support her Notice of Claim against her own Strata. In it, she demands that the Court order her strata to replace the fire alarm and smoke detector in her unit (which she owns) with a system that offers visual and audible notification.

20210607 - Miriam Yaniv vs Strata Application
Download 36.2 KB