jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Threatens Woman Online; Fails

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, also known as “Abdomen Overweight” (we say AO for short) in the medical community, recently attempted to threaten a woman on Facebook. The results were as expected – hilariously weak and entirely pathetic.

First, what is Fat Jon gonna do to “end” someone? Come on Jon. The only thing you’ve ever ended is a Weight Watchers free trial.

Her response: Gold.

Apparently Pedo Jon thinks this is scary? He’ll put this woman “through the wringer” and “spit her out”? Is he the wringer? Is he going to eat her? Is this a documented case of Jonathan threatening to eat a human?

Oh, and “mess with me and you’re done”. Jonathan Gill, I’ve been messing with your fat ass for years. Fuck outta here, you candy ass.

I love how he thinks this stuff is intimidating. People know Jon for who he is these days. He’s impotent – in every way.

If you want to send Jon a piece of your own mind for his efforts to threaten and intimidate a woman on Facebook, refer to this article for several great ways to contact him.