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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Threatens To Assault Young Woman

Earlier this year, Miriam Yaniv and Jon “Jessica” Yaniv Simpson posted on social media that a certain police officer in Langley, BC was a “woman beater”. They went right off the deep end, even threatening to cut the police officers balls off. This resulted in charges against Miriam and her sister Ilana. It’s ironic then that, just this past weekend, Yaniv himself threatened to beat a young woman. Double standard?

The story begins when this person, user ren.003 (a throwaway account) posted on social media that Escape Swimwear was affiliated with Yaniv via their ambassador program. She tagged Yaniv’s account. In her now-deleted post she said,

“@trustednerd is a racist and a pedophile. I hope your Jessica Simpson discount is actually @jessicasimpson and not that racist pedo. I will be sharing on my real account what you support and stand for. This person want to DEFUND WOMENS RAPE SHELTERS. That seems to be quite opposite of what I’d hope a company like this stands for. Seriously disgusted and disappointed you don’t check out the people you have as ambassadors. Makes me think less of the girl I know who does shoots for you. YOU supporting her, after all that you can search up about Jessica Yaniv, speaks volumes”.

Escape Swimwear responded:

jessica yaniv simpson

Escape Swimwear was also contacted by several others. I guess this didn’t sit so well with Big Jess because he contacted ren.ee03 and threatened to sue her and assault her. Little did he know that she’s a friend of MeowMix.

He quit responding after this. He knows he can’t do anything to her. He’ll probably threaten to sue Instagram now, or maybe Escape Swimwear. Add a couple more lines to the list of failures of Serial Loser JY.

Note that Jon quickly tried to change his story from hurting her to hurting her pocketbook, but it’s clear what he intended. He has a history of threatening to hurt people, especially women. It runs in the family – Meowing Miriam Yaniv, Ilana “I’m Jon’s Real Mom” Altman, and Big Jess Yaniv are all facing charges for uttering threats.

So just to wrap this all up, and this is just my opinion here, Yaniv is a textbook woman-hater and potential woman abuser. He fits that woman-beating-man-mould. Puts on a good show on the outside, acts like he’s some kind of stand up citizen (see his social media bios), and when he thinks nobody is looking he launches into the usual verbal abuse and threats of physical harm. Yaniv isn’t a trans activist or a supporter of women’s rights. Yaniv is an unstable woman-hating lump.

Kudos to ren.ee03 for laughing at Yaniv’s attempts to scare her. That’s exactly what this pedophile deserves.

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