jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Threatens Abby from MM – and Her Daughter

jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, posing as “Rexy the Service Dog” on Twitter, is a raging idiot, and it’s about to land him in a little more trouble.

August 30, 2022 – Jessica Yaniv Simpson launched into a vicious Twitter attack against Abby, a friend of MeowMix, and her young daughter, including saying they needed to be killed, and talking about how the 10 year old girl was old enough to reproduce.

Chats are below, starting with Abby’s response to a retweet about transphobic violence in SFU bathrooms in 2019. Keeping in mind JY has vandalized school bathrooms with pepper spray before, Abby tweeted this.

JY responded with this, referring a tweet from several years ago where Abby posted a drawing done by her daughter for some friends to admire. Yaniv mocked it, and has taunted Abby in the past.

Yaniv is referring to the section of Canada’s criminal code that describes the crime of publishing defamatory libel – something Yaniv has tried multiple times to have others charged with but has only succeeded in being charged with it himself.

He then launched into a direct message attack against Abby and her daughter, trying to sound strong and scary.

How many times has he threatened to shoot people now? It’s always the same verbiage too. He can’t even think of a smart-sounding threat, or a unique one. Just “be afraid, be very afraid”. Bitch I’m afraid you’re going to eat me, or sit on me, that’s what we’re afraid of. Your threats are just boring, to be honest. Who are you gonna hurt? Come on now. Sit down and be quiet Jon.

And the above message….Only a pedophile would view a 10 year old girl as “old enough to get pregnant”. If you ever needed to know how screwed up Yaniv is, read that.

“Your stupid daughter is old enough to get pregnant”

Jessica Serenity Simpson, describing a 10 year old girl.

Of course, when called out on his threats publicly, he denied it. Fortunately, everything is archived and this account is easily proven to be Yaniv, alongside his grifting scam account @servicedogsbc.

If this was anyone else the threats would be concerning. Realistically, even with Jonathan Yaniv’s 10 charges, I see them as weak whimpers from a fat incel. He’s sitting in his condo alone, sad and angry, lashing out at a real woman – something he’ll never be.

Even if nothing comes from this legally, like a probation breach or more charges, it’s another insight into who Yaniv is. These are probably degenerative traits inherited from his parents. His mom is a con artist, thief, and scammer, and his dad was a perverted womanizer, had anger issues, and was an unfaithful husband. I’m not surprised Yaniv is exhibiting fits of uncontrolled rage against women. It’s in his genes.

This is just one more piece of evidence about who Yaniv is – and one more thing that MeowMix will share with future friends, legal folks, employers, and acquaintances of Yaniv.

Abby’s local police and the Langley RCMP have the chats and are investigating.