Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sues Their Strata!

Infamous pedophile, woman hater, pervert, thief, and liar Jessica Yaniv Simpson has filed a lawsuit against his strata, alleging, well, a lot of shit.

Revision: An earlier version of this article suggested that Yaniv had previously sued his strata. This is incorrect. While he has threatened to sue his own strata, he and Miriam have only sued Miriam’s strata in the past. My bad.

Interestingly, Jonathan paid a $156 filing fee and $80 service charge to file this one.

Yaniv’s claims include:

  • he’s a “disabled transgender woman who is handicapped”.
  • has issues “ambulating”.
  • the strata is mean and targets him.
  • the strata is nicer to the other neighbours.
  • the strata is (get this…) targeting him with frivolous complaints.
  • the strata fined him $200.
  • LangleyResident/WGKitty is a bad person.
  • Waah.

Maybe he meant wambulating? I’m still laughing at this. Check it out here folks.

Download the file here.

20210323 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Strata - Notice of Claim 87318
Download 2.2 MB

We reached out to WGKitty for a quote. In response, WGKitty replied, “I never said ‘Jessica I’m going to kill you’ because your name is Johnathan”.

Enjoy it folks! This is great fun!

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