Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sues Senior They Assaulted, One Other

Jessica Yaniv Simpson must be mad lately. They’ve filed dual lawsuits against people we’ve not named before but now they’re known in multiple court documents, and their addresses are well known, so here we are. Please don’t contact them though.

The lawsuits are laughably the worst he’s ever filed. They’ll go nowhere.

He’s referring to the incident at Miriam’s strata where he assaulted a senior. He ended up being banned from the premises and charged with multiple offenses. He tried to have this person charged with assault and the police refused. Instead they charge him with filing a false police report. So what we have now is he’s trying to get revenge on this guy and civil court since he can’t do it criminally.

That’s all that was available from CSO. It’s either a CSO error, and it’s missing a schedule, or this is the worst lawsuit ever filed by anyone in the history of lawsuits. Even for Jonny, this is bad. No evidence. Nothing. Not even a real claim. Just demanding $35,000 in punishment.

The next one was more complete. It mentions a schedule A, which makes me think the above is complete and just sucks.

Profoundly disabled may be accurate. Mentally. The rest is fake. Interesting he calls himself transgendered. I thought that term was derogatory.

Notice how none of JYs claims here have no evidence either?

I’ll let these speak for themselves. I’m on mobile, but I’ll update more details later. I’m still laughing at his claim that the guy dragged Johnny by his throat. A battleship couldn’t drag Johnny by his throat.

Here’s what he wants you to think happened. He’s claiming he casually went over to visit his mom at the lounge at her building. He had his service dog with him. As he walked in, he says this guy said “let’s start some trouble!”. Apparently Funk blocked him from entering the lounge but Johnny’s allowed to take his dog anywhere. Just ask him he’ll tell you.

He says Callis then began to push him. Johnny said he told them “I’m going to charge you” and sat down to wait for the police. At this time, Funk randomly walked up and punched the dog in the head.

Remember, this is what he says. This isn’t actually what happened. Johnny says he then removed Funk from his dog gently. At this point, Callis then dragged Johnny for 20 seconds by his throat and took his panic button from him. Jonny was unable to breathe so he pulled the fire alarm to get help. This assault was so vicious that the ambulance came and did nothing.

Basically the same as always. No evidence. No real claim. No proof of damages. It’s already been rejected by RCMP. This is just a fat, angry man in a dress trying to take out his incel rage on real men who protected their property from an intruder. Prediction: he’ll push it as far as he can, even trying to get a settlement conference, but it will go nowhere.

Last comment: he has already threatened these people with human rights tribunal complaints. So just to sum up, the RCMP rejected it and I suspect the HRT has rejected it because now he’s gone to civil court. The loser just doesn’t give up or learn.