Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sues RCMP; Alleges Sexual Assault of Miriam and Ilana Altman

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has filed a lawsuit, claiming to be representing Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altman, in BC Supreme Court. This lawsuit was filed May 20, 2021 and served on various defendants in a series of hilarious, cringeworthy livestreams.

In Yaniv’s lawsuit, he points out (for no reason) that he’s a trans woman (only on paper and in his pants, not in reality) and he alleges:

  • The RCMP sexually assaulted Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altman.
  • The RCMP falsely charged and imprisoned both.
  • The RCMP failed to care for both.
  • The RCMP violated their charter rights.

Yaniv’s initial statement of facts say that he is acting as the legal advocate for Miriam and Ilana but neither is named as a plaintiff. His statement of fact goes on to say his own age and that he is an LGBTQ2SIA and human rights activism (LOL!). Nothing at all about Miriam and Ilana.

In the lawsuit, Yaniv is requesting an unstated amount of money for general damages, punitive damages, costs, health care costs, future care costs, loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, interest, etc.

These are my quick first thoughts:

  1. This is Yaniv’s sexual assault fantasy, written out. It also includes hints of his suicide fantasies.
  2. Nobody has had an erect penis around Miriam and Ilana other than Jon, and that won’t happen ever again.
  3. There is absolutely zero evidence to support anything here. Even Miriam and Ilana’s own pictures showing their bruises don’t support Jon’s claims of lacerations.
  4. The RCMP will have witnesses and more credibility than Jon could ever have.

I predict the entire thing will be thrown out and you’ll be firmly reprimanded by the Court for acting as an attorney. The BC Supreme Court doesn’t play games Jon. You’re screwed. We’ll all enjoy the #SerialLoser show.

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