UPDATE! Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sues Aestheticians For $6K + Interest + Harassment Damages

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Update August 27, 2:15 pm PST

Updated with lawyer opinion on JY’s case against the aestheticians.

Has JY/S switched from alcohol/clonazepam to amphetamines as his drug of choice? He seems much more productive these days – too bad it’s not for good purposes.

So just to be slightly pedantic, this wasn’t a lien. In BC, this is a charge registered against the title to the land. However, I will give him the benefit of the doubt because virtually no layperson knows the difference and it would be called a lien in most places. However, I will call it a charge because the Court Order Enforcement Act (COEA)and Land Title Act (LTA) make distinctions between builders’ liens and charges.

I don’t know if you need to know this, but I’ll describe the back story about what happened here:

1) The BCHRT awarded $6k to the 3 ladies.

2) Jay Cameron registered that judgment in BC Supreme Court under BC Civil Rule 2-2(1) – this makes it as effective as a judgment of the BCSC for enforcement purposes.

3) JC got a certificate of that judgment and registered it as a charge against title (ss 86, 88, COEA) because JY wasn’t paying up (and was seemingly proud of it)

4) By having a judgment registered against your title, you will find it very difficult to get a mortgage, HELOC, etc. or sell the property, though for $6k maybe not.

So once JY paid up, the charge should have been removed. JC would have filed Form 55 with the BCSC registry as an acknowledgment of payment, then notify the LTSA to remove it under s 241 of the LTA. JY is right in the sense that the charge should have been removed after payment. I don’t know if you want/care enough to check the enforcement file, but there should be an acknowledgment of payment there.

The NOC, however, is nonsensical. The charge was against the title because there was a judgment against him. The charge itself really just sits there (accruing simple interest) for two years (renewable). JC could have forced a sale if he were feeling especially petty and didn’t mind spending the time. What JY is arguing is that he should be paid back the $6k he paid the ladies. The fact that he paid the $6k with an interest-bearing line of credit is irrelevant; he was the one who owed the ladies the money. I don’t know how to explain it beyond that because it’s so ass backwards.

If he needed the charge removed, he could file a petition in BCSC to have it removed (Rule 2-1(2)(g)(iii)). If he has the Form 55, he could probably go right to the LTSA office in New Westminster. BCPC has no jurisdiction over real property or for most forms of equitable relief (e.g. injunctions) (s 3(1), Small Claims Act), so the claim is doomed anyways.

If I were writing this on my phone, I would be using a series of hand-clapping emojis to point out that: HARASSMENT. IS. NOT. A. TORT. in BC, as the judge told him last week.

On the plus side, all his filings are making it more likely he’ll be declared a vexatious litigant.

Update August 27, 2020, 1:40 pm PST

The MeowMix document library has been updated with the following:

  • Transcripts from Yaniv-Simpson threatening to murder Donald.
  • Transcripts from JY vs. Kari Simpson. Yaniv gets scolded by a judge.
  • Notice of Claim – JY vs. Aestheticians.
  • Notice of Claim – JY vs. Township of Langley.
  • Application to Waive Fees for both of the above cases.

To access files visit the document library link above and find the files in the respective folders.

Regarding Fee Waivers

MeowMix has consulted our legal expert friends and here’s their thoughts.

JY/S applied for a fee waiver and filed the Notice of Trial (Form 40). Fee waivers are usually granted under BC Civil Rule 20-5(1)(b). There was a case called Trial Lawyers Association of BC v British Columbia where the Supreme Court of Canada found that it was unconstitutional to deny people access to the courts when they can’t afford the fees.

Since then, courts err on the side of caution (and judges weren’t keen on the fees in the first place). They usually don’t bother to do much digging even though some of this is obviously lies. However, fees cannot be waived if the following situations apply if the claim or defence (Rule 20-5(1):
(c) discloses no reasonable claim or defence, as the case may be,
(d) is scandalous, frivolous or vexatious, or
(e) is otherwise an abuse of the process of the court.

So there’s hope yet!

Some notes on the Form 40:

1) It’s a little weird that the Commissioner let “Jessica Simpson” swear an affidavit, but I’m not sure how far along this name change thing has gone. He also alternates signing J Simpson and J Yaniv. Weird and an attentive judge will ask questions.

2) I don’t know whether DFS agreed to a two-day trial, considering those two disagree on virtually everything.

3) It’s hilarious that an “indigent” party has a fucking fax machine.

Regarding JY/S vs Township of Langley…

Part 1 – Jail

TL:DR – The arrest was clearly justified (he pleaded guilty to the charges) and regardless, any RCMP complaint that doesn’t involve very serious misconduct goes through the RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission, so no jurisdiction. There are also very rare cases where you can get monetary damages for Charter breaches (Ward v Vancouver) but again, very very rare.

Para 1 – Local RCMP detachment holding cells aren’t the goddamn Fairmont.

Paras 2-4 – He should in fact have been given his medication, but IMO I don’t think he would have been in there long enough to miss a dose; most non-insulin drugs (and fatty is probably Type 2) are given q12h or qDay, tid at most. He also got the juice for hypoglycaemia and he’s notorious for exaggeration, so “long time” was probably 45 minutes. He also wasn’t a victim, so no victim services.

Paras 5-6 – This kind of undermines the whole claim anyways.

Para 7 – Nothing about this says “discrimination” and even if it did, that’s a BCHRT matter (maybe Canadian HRT because it’s RCMP).

Part 2 – 911

TLDR: This is not actionable, at least in BCPC, and probably nowhere in the judicial system (except maybe the BCHRT). It’s also the most unreadable thing he’s written in awhile.

Other than the first paragraph, pages 2 and 3 are evidence, not material facts. This is sometimes a tricky distinction even for junior associates, but this is super blatant. Guess he’s not passing the barristers’ exam anytime soon…

Pg. 4, para 1 – This is standard procedure for non-emergencies, and given his reputation, everyone at dispatch knows it wasn’t an emergency.Para 2 – Interesting that he heard them tell him he wasn’t deaf.Paras 3-4 – This is beyond the jurisdiction of the BCPC. If this was a huge deal, you would go to BCSC and get a declaratory judgment that it’s a Charter violation and an injunction ordering the Township to use T2911 or whatever. That would be a multi-year, 6+figure undertaking. BCPC cannot grant equitable relief, like injunctions, except in one very rare circumstance.

Para 5 – I don’t know enough to comment about 911 obligations, but it seems reasonable to tell off people who misuse the service.


Para 1 – If true, this is illegal discrimination and public servants should conduct themselves in a fashion beyond reproach. But they’re also human and JY/S is lucky they didn’t go all American-cop on him.

Para 2 – He’s lucky he got a warning for public mischief and the chutzpah to sue them for not arresting him on the spot is staggering.

Paras 4-5 – He goes by two different first names and two different last names and looks like a (fugly af) dude; one could chalk it up to confusion or an abundance of caution. The BCHRT would be inclined to believe that given his history.

Para 6 – Irrelevant.


Everything on page 5 is nonsense and police have a wide range of discretion. Their job is to investigate what happened, not act as JY/S’s personal goon squad.

Page 6 is a human-rights complaint.


I would note that the “damages sought” of $35k have no material facts to back that number up and damages are not even discussed. The harms are not even really discussed directly. It conveniently is the maximum amount you can seek in Small Claims.

There is a silver lining to all this. In the salon case, Jay Cameron will probably represent the defendants again and will hopefully apply to have JY/S declared a vexatious litigant. Jay is no shrinking violet. JY/S would then need leave of the Court to initiate or continue proceedings, so a judge will block anything frivolous before the prospective defendant even knows about it. Langley Township also has pretty good in-house counsel (probably the best of anyone JY has faced thus far except AHBL in the physio case) and they will shred him.

I also noticed that “Jessica Simpson” seems to be appearing a lot now. Unfortunately, name changes are no longer published in the BC Gazette, so you will have to request the info from the CEO of the Vital Statistics Agency. Not sure how, but I think you can just email the department according to the website. (Maybe this can be a MeowMix project?)

Update: August 27, 2020, 11:00 am PST.

Yaniv’s lawsuit against the three aestheticians was for $6,000 – the amount of the lien placed on his property for his discrimination complaints, plus an additional $5,000 in alleged damages for harassment they caused, and various fees.

I want to be clear here on what Yaniv is asking. A lien was placed on his property for $6,000 so he would pay the aestheticians. He did pay them so this lien should be removed. That much I can agree with, but there is no claim by Yaniv for $6,000. Yaniv should have requested that the lien be removed via a court order. Unless there’s more to the story we aren’t aware of…Could it be that Yaniv still owes some money?

jessica yaniv simpson bchrt lawsuit

Yaniv is claiming it cost him $6,000 plus $500 in interest for this lien to be on his property. That’s entirely false. He has not sold the property. There is no actual damage or actual cost incurred. Yaniv didn’t lose $6,000 – he was penalized this for his BCHRT stunts.

Next, Yaniv asks for $5,000 for “harassment incurred as a result of this”. Yaniv, nobody harassed you because you had a lien on your place. You targeted women for race based reasons and you had to pay them $6,000 because of it. Now, because you’re a racist, woman-hating con artist, you’re suing to get the $6,000 back plus another $5,000? Good luck chump!

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Interesting note…Yaniv sued the aestheticians and not Jay Cameron, the lawyer that filed the lien on their behalf. Coward.

While filing this, Yaniv also filed an application for the BC Court to waive fees. Yaniv claims to have $42,000 in outstanding credit card and line of credit debt and an income of $700. That differs from his claim last month where he claimed $5000 and around $1000 in monthly credit card debt. Playing the numbers it seems.

His list of expenses is pretty standard with a few exceptions. He claims his restaurant bill is only $250 a month. We’ve seen how he eats. He also claims $190 in maintenance payment (I believe this may infer child support and Yaniv misread it).

Yaniv adds that he has lost income due to COVID, claiming his marketing business took a huge hit. We know that to be blatantly false. Yaniv’s business has not been profitable in a long time due to who he is, not due to COVID. Nobody wants to hire an alleged child groomer with a history of asking 9-year-old girls to help him masturbate.