jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Still Violating Probation, Discussing Elston on Discord

Seems Jessica Yaniv Simpson can’t keep Chris Elston out of their mouth, despite probation conditions prohibiting J from talking about or to Chris. A few weeks ago, Yaniv was caught talking about Elston to SFU students on WhatsApp. Now, it’s continuing on Discord.

Yaniv thinks they’re being smart by not mentioning his name, but there’s more than enough here to clearly identify this person as Elston and, as you can see, Yaniv is quite content to talk about him, and slander him.

Wall of screenshots from Discord below, not all of it related to Elston. MeowMix has hundreds more screen grabs from Discord, Facebook chats, students, Reddit, etc., but time has been short lately. We’re getting it up as we can, but thought this one was important enough to prioritize.

I’ve added my commentary/opinion in between some pics. I hope you guys will leave your own in the comments!

Side note…can we talk about how creepy it is that Yaniv is using that profile pic when they actually look like this:

Here we go, starting in about Chris Elston. To be clear, Elston is the only person besides Bexte that Yaniv is prohibited from talking about, but Elston is clearly the intended target here because Elston frequents these events. Bexte does not. In this, Yaniv calls Elston a bigot and says he intends to harm LGBT people.

“The guy with the signs”.

Elston, again.

Arrested for telling him off outside his place. No Jon, you were arrested for threatening to kill him in a public place. And now we know this is Elston.

Again, describing him, saying he looks like a douchebag, calling him a transphobe.

The rest of this is just other chitchat from the Discord server, unrelated to Elston. More of Yaniv’s usual bullshit.

“Tried to kill myself”. Fuck off Jon. You don’t have friends.

What kind of idiot says this? Oh right. Jon Yaniv.

Here’s hoping Elston will do something about it. It’s minor, but Yaniv is clearly going around talking to everyone about Elston and, at least from my perspective, I would call that a probation violation. Fingers crossed.