jessica yaniv simpson chris elston

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Snaps: “I Hope He Get’s Shot In The Head”

“I hope he gets shot in the head that fucking disgusting idiot. Will someone do us a favour and end his life so he’ll stop trying to destroy the lives of so many!” – Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson, November 5, 2020, Snapchat, about Chris Elston.

jessica yaniv simpson chris elston

Chris Elston, a father that recently took to raising awareness about the indoctrination of children about gender politics and so-called fluidity, has been touring Canada to talk with Canadians about the issue. Today, he reported from Montreal, outside the GRS clinic where Yaniv claims he will one day have his surgery.

This infuriated Jonathan, and he launched a flurry of tweets and snaps about Chris, escalating as far as the sentence above. His rage included homophobic tweets and calls for people to file false police reports to local police in Montreal.

So much for bubbly and loving, hey Jon?

Jon, why do you think Chris should be arrested? What crime has he committed? Let’s hear your side of the story. Quit hiding behind your keyboard and speak up Jon. Where is your voice? You’re a coward hiding behind social media. Nothing more.

Every day Jonny loses more and more ground. I love it.

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