jessica yaniv simpson

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Grab your popcorn folks. Tonight may be the US election night and chaos may ensue but you can safely chill on your couch and laugh at Jessica Yaniv Simpson, thanks to a friend of MeowMix that was recently blocked by JY.

Did you see JY confess his true pageant motives? Click here.

jessica yaniv simpson

There are a ton of pictures to follow later this week but because it’s going to be a tense night I’m going to dump the good stuff first. There is WAY too much stuff here to even begin to comment on, but I hope you guys will pick your favourite parts and post about them in the comments below!

As always, these and over 200 other videos are available on MeowTube.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to MeowMix this week. Friday is going to be MASSIVE. Some of JY’s strongest walls are going to be torn down, trampled on, and ground to dust.

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