Jessica Yaniv Simpson SFU, Part 2: Grooming and Pushback

This is becoming a monster, and we’ve had to split it up even further. When MeowMix originally published the Jessica Yaniv Simpson SFU antics article, we thought it would be two parts, maybe three. Now, we don’t know when it will end.

Todays part is to catch up on everything that happened in July, around the same time as the first round of WhatsApp texts. While Yaniv was in SFU group chats telling everyone he was a famous celebrity, a powerful activist, and a poor trans victim, he was also trying to paint that same image on social media. These are his posts.

Quick off topic catchup

MeowMix is behind on updating the Yaniv antics. If you want to find him on Twitter, check out his new scam @ServiceDogsBC.

Also, in case anyone asks, his court hearings today, August 15, were to set more dates. Next hearing is Sept 1 for both files.

Now back to SFU.

Not just his, but everything we could find about him during this time, including some hilarious chats from Reddit where students freak out over his presence at their school.

These are a bit disjointed, and more of a “catch up” than a true story. They serve to show that JY doesn’t change. He wants to report people, complain, pretend he’s a part of a club, and lie.

It paints a picture of JY’s grand entrance to the University World: “Look at me! I’m here! I’m powerful! I’m famous!” but future MeowMix articles will show what the students think, what everyone is saying about him, and further cement him as a reject – something every pedophile needs to experience.

Where I thought it was valuable, I’ve added a line or two of context to pictures.

Talking to young female students.
The scariest words Yaniv could say to a woman.
What a childish question.

Basically all of the above is “look at me, I’m here, let me get close to you, I’m following you now!” Nothing interesting per se, but it’s included to show his pattern. This is how Yaniv finds his prey. Fortunately there are student groups talking about him in group chats, some of which we’ve had the pleasure of joining, and they’re basically putting on a friendly show or ignoring him now.

Funny enough, we had a chat with a student on Discord that they discussed Yaniv’s failed BC HRT waxing scam in a high school law project. It was brought up by the professor to point out how people abuse the system. I’ll include the screen grabs in a future post.

Sure ya did loser.

Basically a bunch of trying to lure women and bragging. The usual Yaniv stuff.

One person spoke out and Yaniv got mad.

Yaniv really needs to shut up and admit they love DFS. What a wild obsession.

Meow bitch, indeed.

Yaniv ended the chat at this point and ran away like a coward. Other students were talking about him too. Reddit, for example, had an entire thread.

That’s what students think about you Jon. Let me summarize:

  • Terrified to know you’re at their school.
  • They know you harm people.
  • They know you try to groom children and abuse the trans shield.
  • They know you’re litigious (but a failure at it)
  • They want SFU to protect students from YOU.
  • They never want to see you on campus.
  • Senior students worry about the vulnerable young undergrads.
  • They think you’re a sorry piece of shit, a child predator, and rejected by the Vancouver trans community.

How’s that feel JY? Don’t take our words for it. Read the pics yourself.

Of course there’s lots of stuff about his faux service dog as well.

And Yaniv wants to co-captain a club to prevent “sexualized” violence? Yaniv the school student body wants to create a club to prevent you. YOU cause sexual violence.

A few more random screenshots are below, saved for posterity.

Not sure why a one-day-per-week disability faker needs parking but ok.

We realize this isn’t an explosive post, but it’s more insight into who Yaniv is. Next post, time allowing, will dive into his chats on Discord, his threats to murder people on there, his wild and nonsensical accusations that several different people are Donald Smith, and more chats with students expressing their disgust about him. Stay tuned.