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Jessica Yaniv Simpson September Wrapup!

When I last left you I was hoping that September would be a quiet month that would enable me to compose the wrap up quickly and wouldn’t stress me out like August’s. I guess I jinxed myself there. September turned out to be the craziest month we’ve seen in ages and there’s over 200 images embedded here to prove it! Combine that with real life events and there’s been some delay. Regardless, the Jessica Yaniv Simpson September Wrapup is here, and October is underway already!

We start September with Jon all but abandoning the recent ServiceDogsBC Twitter account and he started anew with ServiceDogRexy. Of course, he is still sharing almost daily recipes over on his Facebook account as well, which we don’t need to recap for you. Here is the weekly breakdown of the goings on followed by the relevant screenshots for further detail.

September 1st to 7th:

  • Started with a bang, the only type Jon will ever get, by posting on Facebook his filing of a supposed class action lawsuit against BC Transit and TransLink by he and his new grifting partner Lisa Arlin. It is full of the usual bullshit but the worst part is that he swears that he is Indigenous. We can safely assume that he believes that by claiming to be First Nations that he will receive preferential treatment somehow which is of course disgusting. It was discovered later that Lisa claims to know nothing about this filing and actually believes that Yaniv somehow hacked into her email account and obtained pertinent info in order to file this complaint. MeowMix cannot verify that to be true and it appears that Ms. Arlin is not playing with a full deck and that the two of them deserve each other. Gallery below – not in the correct order. It’s too hard to tell with this dummy.
  • We discovered Yaniv posting on various Facebook groups for undergrads introducing himself last month and this continued in September. It appears that he successfully created at least a couple of group chats for his various courses but virtually nobody signed up. Yaniv was demanding everyone verify themselves to him personally via SFU email. If history repeats, it will not take long for students to realize who they are dealing with. I would be shocked to learn that any of these groups continue today.
  • Declared on FB that he was not going to give up on going after Vancouver Coastal Health.
  • Begged the new incoming Assistant Professor of Indigenous Health to DM him on Twitter, obviously without any reply.
  • Claimed via Facebook that a “Karen” had issue with him bringing his pet dog into a local business and also reposted audio of a phone call that his new friend Lisa Arlin had made to the Minister of Public Safety regarding uncertified service dogs. The grift continues.
  • Claimed to have started at SFU on September 3rd, which was on a Sunday.
  • Very oddly offered up housekeeping tips via Facebook to use a shoe rack as a placeholder for bottled water or other beverages, which was very amusing given that his lair is known now as the Pigloo and not a single thing inside it is organized.
  • Using Twitter to shitpost, he suggests SFU open a clubhouse for LGBT Youth of 9–12-year-olds. There is no explanation as to why a university should cater to that age group but we all know why.
  • An interesting Facebook repost on September 5th on the ServiceDogRexy account from a group named “Service Dogs for Invisible Disabilities” showed one of the members had won $10k from a business that wouldn’t allow the member and their dog inside. Jon of course delighted in this and declared “This is how you do it”. This is his goal after all, and this guy was successful. Hey at least this was a shred of honesty from Jon. The grift goes on. ServiceDogRexy tweets in the gallery below.
  • Blaire White posts on Instagram about her collection of guns and hilariously has named one of them the Jessica Yaniv. I am sure Jon faked a panic attack and lit up the phone lines of the Langley RCMP when he saw it.
  • After having been in School less than a week, Jon excitedly creates a Facebook graphic claiming he has decided to do two accelerated master’s degrees. He posts a reply to it saying that he just can’t lose. The irony is almost too much.
  • On the 7th he was very excited about the announcement of the iPhone 14 having satellite connectivity for emergencies, I suppose the thought of calling 911 from anywhere on earth is appealing to someone that calls several times a week. He used Twitter to announce that the new Apple Watch will now allow users to track their menstrual cycles. It’s made infinitely more enraging that all tweets on this new ServiceDogAccount account are posted as if Rexy was typing them and they often end with “woof woof”. I can not.

September 8th to 14th

  • This was the week that saw the trans activist Keffals attack KiwiFarms. It was a pretty exciting day for the TRA’s wanting to have their vile behaviour hidden or erased from existence. Jon of course thought that MeowMix could be next and was desperate for Keffals assistance and attempted to get his attention via Twitter to no avail. Jon went on to create an account on Twitter called DropFarms and posted several vile messages targeting FacePalmChris and others.
  • His tweet to Keffals included some very threatening suggestions about the owners of such sites which honestly should not have been allowed. We can shrug it off since the only engagement it received as always was from all of us and was fully ignored by Keffals.
  • September 8th was the day that we lost Queen Elizabeth II and of course Jon made a few tasteless posts on both Facebook and Twitter regarding that which I am choosing to ignore.
  • On the 9th he posted on his Instagram that he was at a SFU event with Rexy outside and was recording the event. It was noticed that Rexy was not only wearing the Amazon service dog vest but also was forced to wear at least 4 collars that were very restrictive around his neck and one of them had an anti-bark shock device on it! This set off a flurry of Twitter posts between Jon and some of us that became quite heated obviously. In the fury Jon felt the need to threaten @indieanabones which resulted in Jon receiving a 12-hour lockdown from Twitter and of course he had to delete the threat. One follower stated that they had reported Jon’s treatment of Rexy to the SPCA. It remains to be seen if any action was ever taken by them.
  • This was the week that we saw Jon attempt to embrace the French language and he began by making a FB post about hate speech. He posted a complaint to Facebook regarding his nemesis Kari Simpson, basically saying that she should not be allowed to have any opinion that he doesn’t agree with but en francais because he is now a French Major for some reason.
  • He followed that up with a Twitter post saying he would be solely communicating with the Langley RCMP in French thinking that this would inconvenience them. Obviously, everyone employed by the RCMP must be bilingual while Jon is relying on Google Translate to communicate. Replies pointed this out to him, and it was never mentioned by him again.
  • There are scattered replies and retweets by him of various departments of SFU, none of which ever receive feedback or replies from anyone but all of us. It’s worth noting that if not for us he would receive absolutely zero engagement.
  • Random repost via Twitter regarding the changing of a law in Montana regarding trans people and their birth certificates. This was also the start of Jon randomly reposting various SFU sport results on either Facebook or Twitter. Seems as random as the recipes.
  • On the 12th he was again excited about the latest IOS updates and posted a very creepy picture of what appears to be the bedroom of a tween from an interior design account on Facebook and seemed as if it was something he aspired to achieve. Let’s remember that he’s 35 years old.
  • The ServiceDogRexy account violated Twitter TOS by posting a reply in a thread where Jon, as Rexy said that “you transphobes all deserve to be in a fucking grave”.
  • Amongst recipes on Facebook he reposted an article from MSNBC regarding KiwiFarms and stated that it made the internet more dangerous for trans people. Most would argue that some trans people do just fine on their own with making the internet dangerous.

September 15th to 21st

  • We learned that Jon had befriended a young woman on Facebook named Madison and was leaving very thirsty and desperate comments under some of her posts. What was especially disturbing about this was that she appeared to also be very similar to the last couple of young women Jon was sniffing around Alysha and Sam. All were about the same age, had a similar physical appearance and all were recovering addicts down on their luck and needing help. It is not known for sure if they ever met IRL but Madison’s replies or lack thereof suggest not. Yaniv’s multiple requests for a dinner date were ignored. At least one was deleted. Screenshots below.
  • On the 16th we discovered Jon shitposting on Facebook during a virtual town hall hosted by one of the mayoral candidates in Jon’s area. In the end, Eric Woodward had all of Jon’s comments deleted ,which of course upset Jon greatly and provided us with some lol’s. He made several posts after that imploring people not to vote for Eric which I would guess would do just the opposite. Spoiler: Eric won.
  • During that exchange we discovered yet another of Jon’s Facebook sock accounts. I don’t think any of us expected that the persona would be of a Pastor. It is so obviously Jon it’s not even worth arguing. We also learned he’s still using a Cimorelli fan account, despite being thrown under a bus by the group.
  • I neglected to take note of the exact date but during this time Jon created his new Twitter account @SFUJessica. It is not lost on us that it really should’ve been STFUJessica. Gallery of these tweets below
  • The first several posts were virtue posts to entrench his new ambition and grift, that of an eco-warrior whose only concern is to save Earth and take down big oil and the TMX pipeline. This came along with his declaration that he was now also enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at SFU for Environmental Sciences. Yes, this is the same guy that drives his car across the street several times per week to visit his mother. Well, he did before being banned from her building after assaulting that senior and pulling the fire alarm.
  • Using the ServiceDogRexy account he posted about the appeal of the latest SFU clothing merch and of course it was unrequited by anyone at SFU. In fact, students from SFU are talking about him on reddit. See gallery.
  • SDR tweeted at Telus berating them for an error they made in a marketing email he received. The irony is that it was about not proofreading before posting and his post was full of errors as well. All was forgotten the next day when he was asking Telus when he would be receiving his new iPhone 14 he claimed to have purchased.
  • He again posted on Facebook on the 16th claiming to have started school at SFU on this date. It’s been many years since I’ve been in school but I do not recall having more than one start date, but it’s Yaniv so nothing really makes sense.
  • This is around the time Jon began to really promote his claim to being Indigenous and enquired about a SFU posting for someone with “lived Indigenous experience” which was met with huge resistance. That made Jon very angry. It seems that he believes because he was born in Canada that means he is Indigenous. An offer was made by a few people that if Jon would take a 23 & Me ancestry test, they would cover all costs if Jon agreed to publicize the results. We are still awaiting reply.
  • Using his SFUBeyondTheBan Twitter account there were several off colour posts that once again prove that Jon is beyond vile and included both grooming behaviour and racism. Some of the posts were so gross and unthinkable it was shocking even for Yaniv. Jon has never publicly claimed that he owns that account and instead insists it is owned and run by a female student. It’s just coincidence that this person knows every detail about him and his struggles and history. So childish.
  • Yaniv claimed on the SFUBeyondtheBan account that he was receiving “tens of thousands” of dollars from BC’s victim services funds every time he is threatened online. You really have to wonder if he believes his own lies.Tweets from SFUBeyondtheban account below. There are lots and some of them are quite extreme. Split into two galleries.
  • This was when the SFUBeyondtheBan account really crossed the line and ended up being mass reported for the vile and ableist hashtags and language which resulted in it finally getting banned. Thankfully we always have screenshots.

September 22nd to 30th

  • A flurry of posts to both his IG and FB appeared to show Jon at some sort of fancy event. Turns out it was an awards ceremony put on by SFU and Jon had wrangled an invite by joining SFU350, which is an environmental and climate change concerns group, which made his recent postings make more sense. So much can be said about this event it’s hard to know where to begin but I don’t think I have ever seen someone look more out of place than Yaniv did. It seems he was a last-minute addition given that his name card place setting was in a completely different font than the rest of the attendees and even his lanyard was not the same as the others. Probably invited himself and the group was too polite to turn him down. The most embarrassing part was how he included himself in the group photo taken when the group of students won an award for something that he very obviously had zero participation in given that he had only started classes at SFU three weeks prior. There are many screenshots and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Related gallery below.
  • In the days following, he upped his efforts to prove himself a climate activist by lazily reposting on his SFUJessica account. On Facebook though, he seems to prefer to pretend to be interested in cooking his own meals and sharing the most sickly sweet dessert recipes which is strange given that he is a self-induced type 2 diabetic who claims to be very near death several times a month due to irregular insulin dosing.
  • Posting a memory on Facebook on the 23rd, he claimed that Rexy has “done so much more” to prove himself a diabetic alert service dog since a year ago when he claimed Rexy retrieved a Subway sandwich during an insulin alert and literally saved his life. I refuse to even acknowledge this bullshit and will not comment further.
  • Random Instagram posts praising the food available to students from SFUCentral.
  • It was discovered that there are over a dozen TikTok accounts pretending to be Donald Francis Smith with either reference to tampons or liking little girls included in the name. Really disgusting stuff and so very obviously created by Jon. It is very concerning that TikTok would even allow account names like that. Jon’s obsession with DFS apparently knows no bounds.
  • Several more Facebook posts regarding the Langley mayoral candidate and how awful it would be for the climate if Eric were elected.
  • There was some trolling towards Jon on his Twitter on the 23rd that prompted him to waste yet again the time and resources of Langley RCMP. Jon again falsely reported a bomb threat in response to a tweet that was a photo of a magnetic key holder on the inside of a car tire rim that was obviously meant as a joke to rile him up. Jon showed a photo of the RCMP canine unit in front of his building while he was on his balcony with the Canadian Criminal Code opened and on the railing. I suppose he was ready to educate the Officers on what charges should be laid.
  • Many Facebook recipe posts on the 25th and beyond as well.
  • Random Facebook post apropos of nothing to former client known as Chelsko. You may recall her speaking to MeowMix denouncing any involvement with Yaniv for several years and how creepy his behaviour had been with her. We’ve included a gallery below of all his random Facebook postings from this month, including the Chelsko post.
  • September 30th is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and Jon began virtue posting on the 26th on both Facebook and the SFUJessica account. Really pushing his new Indigenous self-ID, I suppose.
  • Via SFUBeyondtheBan account, he posted about a questionnaire where he again claimed to be Indigenous in his replies. Also stupidly asked what the point of the survey was.
  • The 27th saw a Facebook post in which he told us “it wasn’t just about waxing” when a non-binary woman was denied a haircut at a Squamish barber shop. He implored the Woman to take it to the BCHRT. No one cared.
  • Facebook post regarding diabetic supplies for victims of hurricane Ian.
  • Facebook post on the 29th of a plagiarized statement regarding RBC funding of the fossil fuel industry. Because he really cares you guys, really. He cares while he drives to his daily car wash.

Random gallery of other postings from this month.

And here we are finally at the end of the lunacy that was September 2022. I am hopeful that I did not forget to include anything of importance and am sure there are probably a few screenshots included without further explanation but it was a crazy month with several Twitter accounts active, his Facebook and Instagram to comb through.

I should also mention that during the month Jon updated all his various bios and his LinkedIn to include his brand-new climate warrior status and ever changing courses and degrees, he is nothing if not entertaining with his stupidity right. Thank you for your patience and let’s sound off in the comments because we KNOW Jon loves reading those. As always, you can contact us via twitter or jymeowmix at gmail dotcom with tips!