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Jessica Yaniv Simpson September Wrap-Up

Ah September. Summer may linger but we all know it is over, even
without the fall equinox and it’s shortened daylight. This year we also
had Jessica Yaniv Simpson aka Jonathan Yaniv court dates to mark the change in seasons. And, just like the falling temperatures and leaves, Yaniv too began to fail and fall.

jessica yaniv simpson

September started with Donald Smith’s charges being stayed. Although the Crown could revisit these charges, they rarely do unless new evidence arises within a year. Many expect Yaniv to try to manufacture evidence to get Smith returned to jail, but it is doubtful that he will be successful since both the RCMP and the BC Prosecution Service no longer believe Yaniv and are, in fact, investigating his previous claims and manufactured evidence against Smith.

Yaniv’s response? File another lawsuit, of course. Why not? He was
already at the Court House. On September 2, he filed a $14,000+ lawsuit against his Strata neighbours for the “malicious act” of having a pot boil over in their unit which set off the sprinkler system (although, at least according to some sources, there was an actual fire). Yaniv claims that his unit suffered water damage and that he had stopped breathing for 12 minutes.

We suspect the court clerks were rolling on the floor laughing as they filed Yaniv’s latest because DUMB ASS if you stop stop breathing for that long, even someone as special as you will die. The unfortunate, accidental events at the Strata, however, did provide him with another opportunity to sue someone, as well as another attempt at insurance fraud. Do not forget that, for weeks before, as documented in the Sara Files, he had been planning renos to accommodate Sara and Emily moving in with him. Now he had a way to pay for them.

Many believe that this lawsuit is a direct result of the lessons that
Yaniv learned from suing the physiotherapist when their insurance
company decided it was not financially worth it to continue and agreed to
pay Yaniv Fuck Off and Go Away Money. However, when the details of
the settlement were published and social media responded by
publicizing the grift as a public service to other physiotherapists in the
area, Yaniv immediately applied to have the records of the settlement sealed for “privacy” reasons. He just didn’t want anyone to know about
the scam proceeds, especially his many bill collectors, as well as
warning off other physiotherapists.

September 6 was an odd day for even for Yaniv. Someone drove by
his Strata meowing (and posted it). Yaniv later posted instructions to
on how to infuse candies with pumpkin spice rum. This is in
direct contravention to the Serving it Right Certification he needs to
keep his job slinging alcohol samples at liquor outlets.

Then he (or his favourite troll Yadira) posted that he was communication
company Fonus’ lead marketer. Of course, social media could not let
that blatant lie stand and immediately notified founder and CEO, Simon
Tran. Tran immediately tweeted a denial before his company’s
reputation was further damaged by association with Yaniv. Once the
gig was up, even Yaniv, himself, took to Twitter telling Yadira stop
spreading lies.

jessica yaniv simpson

Yaniv called in another attention seeking phony bomb threat to the
local RCMP – who wisely did not waste any more resources on him.
They ignored him, despite him Snapchatting it trying to get attention.
It looks a little like a wine rack – one that Yaniv was coincidentally talking to Sara about just days earlier. .

September hit Warp speed around September 8, when MeowMix’s very own Abby wrote a letter to Yaniv’s “fiancé” Sara and she RESPONDED. She broke up with Yaniv, announced she was a Catfish and then sent MeowMix gigabytes of gag inducing Yaniv material.

Buckle up. The rest of the month turned out to be a month like no other for both Yaniv and us as the Sara Files were published. It took a long time for the staff at Meow Mix to go through everything and to break it down into publishable chunks. We were stunned and in awe of the brilliance of the catfish but it did remind us of a quote from the play, The Mourning Bride, “Hell hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned”. Something Yaniv would do well to remember for the future, when he will mostly likely be facing the women or mother’s of the minors he has groomed, catfished, abused, bilked, slandered, etc in court.

The Sara Files are available on There are also over 500 pages of transcribed chat logs for your reading enjoyment on MeowMix.

How did JY respond? By threatening “Sara” with not only a lawsuit but
also a gun and tweeting that he had passed a both the training courses
and a background check “with flying colours” at a local gun training

We do not know if he indeed took the courses but we do know
that with his weapons charges and guilty plea, he could not have passed
a the background check to obtain a legal weapon. There is a strong
suspicion based on some of his various social media postings (many
of which are now deleted) that he is trying to get an illegal gun. We are
concerned not only for those on Yaniv’s enemies list like Donald Smith
and Kari Simpson but also for those he thinks might be WGKITTY and
the local RCMP who he is now suing.

September 9 saw Yaniv in court again. The first was for his actions
against Donald Smith and Kari Simpson, the second was Yaniv’s
counterclaim against Rebel Media reporters David Menzies and Keean
. It is interesting to note that while Yaniv thinks he won in each case (he even posted a triumphant Snapchat that compromises the judge with
a claim that his decision was not based in law but in solidarity with a
certain LBGT activist), if you read between the lines, you will see that
is not the case.

Of course, Yaniv being Yaniv he could not leave the Court House
without filing several new actions or updates against the Choos, the
estheticians, Rebel Media, and Donald Smith. But we did learn that
perhaps, the pace of Yaniv visits to the CourtHouse may slow down.
BC Supreme Court Justice Scarfe denied Yaniv’s request to waive his
court fees which may set a precedent of Yaniv no longer getting his
various filing fees waived.

Next on Yaniv’s path of victimhood (not quite equivalent to Christ’s
Stations of the Cross despite Miriam’s belief about her son) was a
collision”. He claims he was rear ended. MeowMix actually has a
former collision investigator on staff who is suspicious of Yaniv’s claim.

To add to the setup for a fraudulent ICBC claim, Yaniv was taken to the hospital that evening (September 14) by ambulance. He was released from the hospital in less than an hour where he was seen upright, walking
around, and alert enough to talk and ask questions about whiplash as
well as send heavily filtered snaps to his minor children friends.

Miriam was nowhere to be seen despite the 911 call but was seen dropping
her son off after apparently picking him up from the hospital. Much to the amusement of the techies amongst us, Yaniv was exposed as a script thief as we continued to comb through the Sara Files. On September 16 and 17, the actual script authors tweeted their replies after being notified and reading all about Yaniv. TrustedNerd’s IT reputation is now officially dead. All that remains is the stinking corpse of a website.

Also around this time, we began to received reports that Yaniv was
once again stalking aesthetician salons looking for more victims by
trying to book a Brazilian. Fortunately, the salons talk to each other and
are very aware of Yaniv and know how to handle this scam. MeowMix,
as a public service, provided a suggested list of actions for businesses
to follow as it now appears that Yaniv is on the prowl for more
businesses to sue.

As well as stalking estheticians, Yaniv was busy at (you guessed it) the
Court House filing more applications against the Township of Langley.
The first was application on September 16 was to compel ToL in
essence to be nicer to him and quit hurting his feelings. The second on
the 17th was a default order application even though it is far too early
in the proceedings and Yaniv has no grounds to request this other than
trying to force ToL to also pay him go away money.

Meanwhile at the same time, the estheticians have responded to
Yaniv’s latest lawsuit against them. If you guessed it was Fuck Off and
pay the costs of this frivolous lawsuits
you were absolutely correct.

September’s fourth week was basically a Yanivlolapalooza. His court
house appearances
, lies, and temper tantrums were all filmed by many
from every angle possible and they are all on MeowMix, YouTube and
KiwiFarms. There are many stories about all aspects of the week from
the Yaniv’s Psychological evaluation to his fashion choices. Hint:
People who wear adult diapers should not wear skinny jeans.
The entire week can be found in detail at but the
highlights are:

  • Yaniv was given one year probation, a weapons prohibition and must report to a parole officer but appeared to break one of the conditions within 20 minutes by trying to run Kari Simpson over and calling Donald Smith a “little fucking autistic retard”;
  • Yaniv also very publicly refused to be served by Kari Simpson and then proceeded to stalk her at her place of work two days and like the genius he is, proceeded to Snapchat it to his minor child followers, not doubt breaking yet another condition of his probation;
  • Yaniv humiliatingly learned in view of everyone lined up outside the Court House that the Sheriffs are now ignoring him, no matter how much he snaps his fingers and how many demands he makes. After the attempt to injure Kari Simpson on the 21st, Yaniv was escorted from the the Court House to his car (why was he parked in a Disabled Parking spot) by a Sheriff in order to protect the various media and spectators from further violence from him. At one point, even though he knew he was being filmed, he turned and was going to attack Kari but was prevented from doing so by the Sheriff. Yet another example of his awesome anger management issues;
  • Yaniv was given 5 weeks to find a lawyer to represent him at the Rebel Media Assault trial. One of the reasons Yaniv was given extra time to find a lawyer was that he pleaded financial hardship to the judge. Everyone is now wondering if the judge would have been so understanding if he knew that basically Yaniv walked out of court and bought himself a new car. Even if his old car was written off by ICBC, it was such a piece of crap that the Blue Book value was probably around $800.00 max.

Yaniv ended September being Yaniv, of course. He signed up two teen
girls who were punking him to an escort service. What is important
here is he knew they were underage but he did it anyway. All the
sordid details are available on MeowMix but we think he should be
reported for child exploitation because before he was punked, he
started grooming them. He just can’t help himself.

On September 30, rather than launching a new legal action,
surprisingly Yaniv, for reasons unknown, withdrew his BCHRT
against well known anti transactivist Bill Whatcott. There is a lot of speculation as to why but we will all just have to wait.

See you next month.

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