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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Proves Self ID is Dangerous

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv Simpson isn’t transgender. Self ID is a social disease and Yaniv is the symptom.  Yaniv doesn’t act, walk, speak, dress like, or act like any woman. Everything about this is a charade.  There will never be a surgery, there will never be hormones.  The local police use male pronouns because Yaniv presents as male, although they correct themselves because they’re professional.

jessica yaniv simpson self ID

Over a decade ago, Jonathan was observed on social media platforms wanting to talk to preteen girls about their periods.  Had it not been for self ID we probably wouldn’t be here having this conversation because previously there’d not be a snowballs chance in hell anyone would have taken Yaniv seriously.  He’s an opportunist and I’ll give examples.

Yaniv has this horrible way of trying to force himself on women and girls repeatedly and this goes far back to the days he was volunteering at a high school.  He cornered a girl in a bathroom demanding tampons like a nutcase.  The next instance was at a previous residence.  He felt so entitled that he used a drone to spy on teenage girls.

The sense of entitlement reaches it’s peak when Yaniv tries to bully women of color to touch his musty genitals.  Not only did he want to practically rape women of color but he wanted a pay day out of it too, particularly disturbing when you consider these women were economically disadvantaged.

A particularly gross example was his pool antics.  This idiot cannot swim but goes to the pool anyway and it’s to perv on girls in the locker room.  Some of you may recall his disturbing questions to girls over a decade ago asking about visible tampon strings, tits, and pussy.  Transgender women don’t talk about “tits and pussy”.

You had to feel sorry for everyone involved in the pageant business.  Again, forcing himself where he doesn’t belong and is unwanted because he feels entitled to oogling young women in their changing room.  Imagine trying to dress backstage at a pageant and a 6 foot 400 pound man is staring at you hoping a boob pops out or a tampon string is showing.

This isn’t to say that all trans women are like Yaniv. The vast majority of them are genuine and exhibit true gender dysphoria. They aren’t eager to prance out with their ballgina out, waiting for the preteen four lockers over to drop her top. They’re living their lives, minding their own business. You probably don’t even know they’re there. They’re just like you and I.

It’s also a fact that nearly all of us has likely been in a bathroom with a trans person and we didn’t know it. Nothing happened. And that’s the case for nearly all trans people – they’re in there for the same reason we are.

But not Jessica Yaniv Simpson. This predator is the bathroom trans monster personified and, under Canadian law, you’re a bigot if you disagree. He fuels transphobic fears and memes and anti-trans rhetoric. He crushes any progress that trans people have made in the last decade.

You can really see the self entitlement in every aspect of his life. He apologized to Jess Rumpel for trying to groom her but turns around and tries to groom “Jedi” (allegedly a teenager). He posts a video of him masturbating where teenagers can see. Yaniv is never sorry and incapable of change.

I think back to all of Yaniv’s victims.  All the women he’s tried to force himself on over just the last few years.  Katie, Nicole, Sara, Ashley…  In every one of those situations Yaniv tried to force a relationship.  “I know she’s the one!”  “OMG I’m so in love!“I know she’s got a boyfriend but I’m going to ask anyways.”, despite only having known these people short periods of time. 

Subconsciously he feels like if he doesn’t force the person they’re going to get away.  I’m afraid Yaniv is going to rape someone. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s already attempted it.

Thanks to self ID laws in Canada, this monstrous pervert can declare himself female and force his way into women’s fitting rooms, change rooms, and bathrooms, where he hopes to see women walk around with their “tits and pussies out” and he happily takes pictures of teen girls in the mirror and there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s perfectly legal.

Yaniv woke up one day and realized this was a great way to get his rocks off and open the door to litigation-for-profit scams. What happens when fantasy isn’t enough anymore? When the lawsuits fail? When watching porn and talking to unsuspecting teens is no longer enough? What will Yaniv do to quench his thirst?

That’s a scary thought.

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