Jessica Yaniv Simpson Scamming Victims of Langley Fire Tragedy

Much like he did when someone in his building had their condo damaged by fire, Jessica Yaniv Simpson is out to build his reputation and make some personal gains off a recent fire that caused millions in damage in Langley, BC.

Note: as the evening goes I will keep adding screenshots of Yaniv’s idiotic messages to the bottom of this.

Now Serial Loser JY, who’s lost virtually ever single legal venture he’s ever filed, is offering free “not” legal advice to people. This is going to be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, JY is going to give these people bad advice, bad information, biased details, and tell them the wrong things to do. Let’s hope the innocent victims of the fire get real help. Not Jessica “I’m a fake trans” Yaniv’s help. Fuck, they’d be better off getting Donald Smith to help. He beat Yaniv in court!

jessica yaniv simpson

Quit trying to be relevant JY. Everyone fucking hates you.

Update: 3:00 pm 4/20/21

What a bumbling fucking idiot.