Jessica Yaniv Simpson Leaves Sara 69 Voicemails (Part 1)

You’ve read the chat logs, seen the videos, images, and comments, and just when you thought you it could not get any worse, here are the voicemail logs. These are the 69 voicemail messages Jessica Yaniv Simpson left for Sara – a total of 1 1/2 hours of pure unadulterated cringe.

We are releasing them in three batches over a few days, mainly for logistical reasons, and to keep you guys coming back. These will also be available in the library soon.


Remember folks, these are rated ‘N’ For Nobody, listen at your own risk, MeowMix takes no responsibility for any mental anguish or damages that may result from listening to these files. MeowMix suggests that you consult a mental health professional if any symptoms or distress manifest themselves.

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