jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv illana yaniv

Jessica Yaniv Simpson – The SaraLeaks Finale!

What a mess! Just when you thought Jessica Yaniv Simpson couldn’t get any more screwed up….

Trigger Warning: People that are sensitive to manipulation, gaslighting, and other psychological abuse tactics may be upset by these chats. Yaniv is an expert manipulator and devious liar and if Sara was real there may have been some real damage done here. These chats expose a new level of mental and emotional abuse that some may find disturbing. I can’t offer much in the way of support via a website, but if you need to vent after reading these, please share your thoughts in the comments section, or feel free to DM me on Twitter.

We’ve released three previous waves of this crazy mess so far – Sara and JY 1-4, Sara and JY 5-8, Sara and Miriam 1 and 2, and transcripts of a good part of that.

jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv illana yaniv
Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Miriam Yaniv, and the rarely-seen aunt Ilana.

Still to come? After today, there are approximately 70 (yes 70!!) voicemails Yaniv left for Sara, over three dozen videos Yaniv sent to Sara, almost 80 previously unseen photos, and the unreleased HER app screenshots showing how Sara and JY met.

And Jonathan, I know how mad this makes you, but you deserved this. You catfish girls on dating apps, you’ve manipulated people with fake profiles for years, and you’ve made it a hobby to mislead people. Plus, there’s whatever you did to “Sara’s” friend, and if I can find that story I will post that too.

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Jessica Yaniv Simpson – The Path to the Breakup

Without further delay, here are the clips you’ve been waiting for. Watch at your own risk. I’ll post the transcripts when they’re ready. The full series is available on MeowTube.

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