jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson RCMP Incident: What We Know So Far

Details are limited, but it appears Jessica Yaniv Simpson had an encounter with police on the evening of November 24, 2021, and Simpson is not very happy about it.

jessica yaniv simpson

This image was grabbed from Twitter, and says, “Langley RCMP are abusive and retaliatory towards me for responding to a CHRC complaint against them the other day regarding constant discrimination. This is yet another harassment tactic today that I will take to court and go all the way.”

The timestamp places this around roughly 10-11 PM PST.

Remember, this is the guy that mocks people who don’t speak/write/read perfect English. Moving on…

They even went as far as to beg for help from this lawyer. Good luck, chump.

Back up a few hours now.

This tweet by JY was in response to a picture posted by Langley RCMP showing four officers giving blood. Shortly after Yaniv replied to it, the RCMP deleted it and reposted it with a star over one officers face.

It just so happens that the officer with the covered face is a person of colour, and Yaniv, shortly after being pulled over (look at the time stamps), attacked him on Twitter.

To clarify events…

  • 1:16 pm: JY responds to RCMP tweet that shows all 4 officers faces, and he’s quite positive/supportive.
  • Approx 10-11 PM: JY posts video of himself pulled over by cops and a tagline about them doing this for revenge on him.
  • 11:26 PM: JY tweets a response to the same RCMP picture and singles out the one officer of colour and attacks him, calling him a discriminatory prick.

Just how bad was this traffic stop? We don’t know yet. JY has a documented history of being an unskilled, dangerous, careless, and distracted driver, so it’s not surprising that he was stopped by police. Others have described him as a nervous, unskilled, and scared driver (source: a blogger that travelled with him many years ago to a Ford-sponsored event where Yaniv and her were partnered to demo a car).

We may not ever receive any more information, or we may get some from CSO. BC’s CSO website shows Yaniv already has one infraction for Disobeying traffic control device in March 2021. My understanding is traffic events only appear on CSO if disputed, and it sounds like he’s upset again. We’ll see what we learn in time.