Jessica Yaniv Simpson Probation Update

Not big news but still good news – serial loser Jessica Yaniv Simpson lost again.

Several weeks ago we reviewed Jessica Serenity Simpson’s effort to reduce their probation conditions. His probation conditions were as shown below:

He first applied to have conditions reduced in Nov 2020, shown below.

20201119, Application to Reduce Probation Conditions
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This application was granted. A modified probation order was posted, shown here.

20201214, Probation Order With Deleted Conditions Cited
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Conditions 4, 5, and 6 of the original order were deleted because Yaniv completed these.

In Feb 2020 Yaniv applied to have the rest of his conditions thrown out. He claimed, “The probation period is severely affecting my health. BC Emergency Health Services has flagged my address as having a weapon, along with apparently Township of Langley fire department. This delays my care when I require emergency services to attend. In addition, I am not reporting to a probation officer so I am requesting my probation period be reduced to 5 months for the term to be completed on Feb 21, 2021 or earlier as the court allows.”

20210202, Application to Reduce Probation Conditions - Second Time
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The application was reviewed by Crown and opposed. It never went to a hearing, and Yaniv has now evidently withdrawn the application. The update below appeared in CSO today.

jessica yaniv simpson probation weapons

Jonathan Yaniv is complaining about being flagged as aggressive or possessing a weapon and saying it’s affecting his health. It’s worth reminding everyone that Yaniv was charged with two counts of possessing an illegal weapon, one count of assault, two counts of criminal mischief, and one count of uttering death threats. There are multiple videos of Yaniv behaving violently and countless pictures and videos of Yaniv’s threats. Somehow he figures he isn’t a threat. The reality is he’s a menace to society.

Yaniv’s remaining conditions are:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour
  • Appear before the Court when required to
  • Notify the Court or probation officer if he changes his name, address or job.
  • May not possess a firearm.

Somehow Yaniv has evaded trouble for violating condition #1. Since being sentenced to probation he has incurred three new criminal charges and been involved in numerous incidents, including the arrest of his own mother and aunt. That doesn’t include the countless incidents of online threatening behaviour, talking to underage girls, and exposing himself. Where’s the justice?

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