Public Safety Alert Posters Are Multiplying

This is too funny to not write about, and there are too many to ignore. Someone has been putting up ‘Public Safety Alert‘ posters about our favorite online predator @trustednerd, AKA Jessica Yaniv, or, Jessica Simpson now.

We first heard that there are a bunch of them on Facebook, and shortly after that we started receiving them in our tips inbox. The first was sent to me on Nov. 7 and another on the 13th. Two more were submitted to MeowMix on the 14th and another on the 17th. We’ve received more in the last few days. That means this has been going on for two weeks now.

The submissions were anonymous, but the submitter did say there were more. They don’t take pictures of every single one though.

What is hilarious is that virtually everything on the posters is true. The only factual error is that it hasn’t been proven that Jumbo J has approached young girls in bathrooms. The truth is J has been documented asking teens online, ‘how to’ approach and assist young girls with menstrual products in bathrooms. Other than that, the pictures are real, and the information is real.

To be honest, I can’t blame this person for hanging these signs up, and they hinted that it wasn’t just them. These are women that are frustrated with Yaniv’s hatred towards them and abusive behaviour towards young girls. As long as the posters stay honest and factual, MeowMix supports this. What about you?


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