jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Pleads Guilty to Uttering Death Threats

According to Chris Elston on Twitter and another source, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has entered a guilty plea in relation to the charge of uttering death threats. This charge, and two others, came after this incident.

jessica yaniv simpson

The other two charges – two counts of mischief – are evidently being dropped.

While CSO does not yet show a guilty plea, the trial dates have been removed and the charges are now scheduled for DSP (disposition) next week. This supports the guilty plea claim.

Yaniv was scheduled to go on trial for these charges next week. The first day of this trial will now be a sentencing hearing. Given that Yaniv has already received two conditional discharges – a rarity – it is expected that Crown will pursue something a bit steeper this time. If I was a betting man, I would say probation and anger management therapy, community service hours. At worst, a suspended sentence.

As I predicted before and stand by now, Yaniv was most likely not facing jail time even if this had gone to trial, nor will he receive any in this plea deal. Typically, the Canadian justice system does not imprison people after trial that it felt were safe enough to be in public before trial.

Yaniv is still facing unrelated charges for assault, false alarm of fire, reporting an offense when it was not committed, and publishing defamatory libel.