Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Plagiarising…AGAIN

Monday Morning Quick Bite! Jessica Yaniv Simpson is plagiarizing/stalking a real (albeit controversial) trans activist and palming their tweets off as their own.

It’s unsurprising that JYS has copy/pasted a tweet from Morgane Oger with with only a slight change in words – and only three minutes apart. It’s pretty much same JYS antics as always – do no work themselves and copying others in an effort to promote themselves as an activist. JYS lives in Morganes shadow and obviously is jealous and imitates. Maybe a secret crush?

Morganes original tweet
JYS copy

Speaking of hate speech, this was, ironically, mere hours after JYS went on a (probably drunken) rampage on LiveMe attacking numerous other users, even doxxing Donald Smith – who wasn’t even on the feed. More details coming today, including screenshots, video, and chat logs!

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