Jessica Yaniv Simpson Melts Down: PetSmart Spaz, New HRT Claim

After “winning” $5,000 from Expedia Canada at the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal and quickly learning that he’ll most likely never see a dime of it, Jessica Yaniv Simpson decided it was a good day to make a bigger ass of himself.

First, he started with a statement that he’s “sued” (complained) to the BC Human Rights Tribunal about the Colebrook Medical Clinic, a family clinic in the Cloverdale area of Surrey, BC. Is this another sign of doctor shopping, considering it’s nearly 20 km away? A quick glance of their website shows their clinic is mostly staffed by women and Indian-sounding names (Dhami, Kandola, Samavi, Ramani, Velay) – an important thing to consider when you remember Jons history of race-based targeting.

When the responses to that were mostly lol’s and dares, Yaniv went quiet for a few hours. Turns out he was at PetSmart in Maple Ridge (which is further than the Langley location from his home) doing some “service dog training”. No, he didn’t retain the services of a PetSmart trainer. Instead, he found someone who called herself a trainer and went to PetSmart to learn.

Now, I’m not a dog training expert, but I’ve talked to a couple. It isn’t unheard of for a third party trainer to go to a store – include a pet store – to train dogs. What is unheard of is the “service dog trainer” rolling on her back and giggling with the dog, playing with toys in the store, and breaking things that they refuse to pay for on the way out.

What’s also unheard of is the dog owner (who should be getting as much from the training as the dog does, if not more) standing around watching the “training” occur like an idiot instead of participating. That’s Jon for ya.

Our source says Jon was his usual self and appeared to be wearing a diaper. He apparently smelled like it was dirty – something we’ve heard from LangleyResident in the past.

When we posted this to Twitter, Jon reached out like he’s some kind of genius and asked PetSmart to turn over their security footage to him so we can stalk their customers. Right.

I do find it kind of funny that Jon brags to people about being a famous celebrity and having a following and then complains when anyone talks about him. Maybe if he wasn’t such a spaz and a fuckup people wouldn’t talk about him so much but the only thing he’s ever got right is when he turns his car that direction.

Editor: Nope, we have video of him fucking up literal right turns.

Apparently that wasn’t enough anger for one day. He also had to take a swing at one of his favourite police officers, Valerie Conroy. It must burn being as bitter as Jon is. I hope so.

Good fun last night folks! We’ve heard he’s due at Vancouver General Hospital today for something. Maybe we’ll see more of a meltdown!

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