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MeowMix October WrapUp!

October usually means Halloween candy and, at least for Canadians, Thanksgiving turkey. We enjoy fall walks in the brisk air and the leaves changing colour. It being 2020, everyone has changed to accommodate COVID. Everyone, that is, except Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv Simpson. For him it is was the same old, same old – more death threats, more lawsuits, more child exploitation on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Still waiting for Jonny to try….

True to form Yaniv started October, with a borderline case of child exploitation by signing a couple of teens who had trolled him up as escorts even though he knew they were minors. And, as usual, Yaniv couldn’t even be original with his dirty tricks. He plagiarized another escort service and only changed a few details like the phone number and name.

October also started with a report that the strata above Yaniv had been put on the market. There could be many reasons for a sale at this time, but are only question is what took the owners so long? We also wonder if the realtors should have a proper warning for any potential buyers like they do for residences that may have for example, environmental contaminants.

The first week in October also saw the release of Yaniv’s petty complaints about his Strata neighbours in an effort to punish the glorious WGKITTY even though he has no idea whom it is, so he acts like a Karen complaining about Kon Tiki sticks or someone plugging their electric car into the building’s electricity while at the same time asking for special equipment because he claims to have a hearing issue. Clean your ears, Jonathan, the next time you are in a shower. By the way….have you obeyed the Strata’s order to take down those hideous privacy screens on your balcony yet?

jessica yaniv simpson

Yaniv was in court for the first time (but not the last ) via teleconference on October 7th to deal with his September 16 applications to have Kari Simpson (Donald F Smith’s advocate) arrested for contempt of court and to order her to stop aiding Smith. Yaniv lost on both accounts as well as having his application for costs dismissed. Simpson can continue to aid Smith. The only thing she cannot do is speak for him in court.

After his loss in court, in a rage Yaniv took to Twitter in a transphobic and pronoun reporting blitz as well as threatening lawsuits to those accounts who questioned his claim of being entitled to various handicapped or disabled programs and privileges.

October 8 saw Yaniv’s various legal actions profiled in the Canadian legal profession’s monthly journal, Canadian Lawyer. We can safely say that Yaniv now has quite the reputation (if he had not already) with Canada’s lawyers, not just the members in the lower mainland of BC.

On October 15, Yaniv had two hearings – one involving Donald Smith and the other, the Township of Langley. All the Yaniv/Smith cases are now going to be heard together (date yet to be determined) at a full half day, in-person hearing with the Regional Administrative Judge presiding. This is important development because it means that the BC Court system has realized that there is something duplicitous and manipulative about all of JY’s cases and have started to take steps to deal with it.

jessica yaniv simpson snapchat

MeowMix published what it rightly called a cringefest of Yaniv’s Snapchat to minors after receiving an Amazon order for such items as oversize disposable pads because his periods are so heavy. We have to ask who but a narcissistic pedophile would do that and where is Yaniv getting the money to pay for his “A girl gotta pamper it” accompanied by a picture of a cartoon kitten referred to as you guessed it a pussy. Guess making the minimum credit card payments and Mom’s bank account are keeping him afloat for now.

Things changed dramatically in Yaniv’s world on October 19 with the arrival of Chris Elston otherwise known to those in the Vancouver area as BillboardChris for his JK Rowling Billboards in Vancouver and other cities and his concern over gender issues in the educational and legal systems. Chris began to walk peacefully up and down on a public sidewalk in front of Yaniv’s strata building.

Of course, Yaniv following his usual script began to send threats (including death threats) to Chris that evening yet again breaking his probation conditions. Don’t forget the Yaniv had threatened to put Chris in a ditch after Yaniv was expelled from a local Facebook group and blamed Chris E.

The following day saw Yaniv behaving like a childish coward, following Chris around but hiding behind trees or in doorways, calling 911 demanding that the police arrest Chris because HE (Yaniv) was being threatened. The police came. No arrests but Yaniv was cautioned about making any further threats against Chris which he ignored over the following days.

October 21 could not have been a good day for Yaniv, not only did he have a court hearing for the Rebel Media assault charges but MeowMix published an interview with Rachel of the Sara Files. It was a truly frightening interview especially when one considers what could have happened.

It looks like Yaniv’s lawyer is still Andrew Coulthard although it was an Articling student who handled the day’s legalities. Yaniv will enter a plea (not guilty) at an arraignment hearing scheduled for November 6.

October 22 was a real Yanivapalooza . He is taped threatening to shoot Chris E and shrieking about a bomb threat. Just as a side note, considering that he brings up bomb threats so frequently, one has to wonder if there is some kind of sexual connection for him.

Frustrated by the lack of response from the RCMP to his claim that Chris E threatened him with a bomb, Yaniv futilely tried to get the local media involved by claiming that Chris E was harassing BC Green candidate Nicola Spurling. Yaniv tried several times during the election to cozy up to Spurling despite the fact that she has on several occasions (September 27 tweet being the most emphatic) distanced her self from Yaniv finally tweeting on October 28 asking Yaniv (as well as 2 others) to stop bothering her.

The release of the Township of Langley’s response to Yaniv’s frivolous and vexatious claims was eye-opening even to those who follow Yaniv’s antics. Next, Yaniv obviously triggered by the Township of Langley’s legal response, actually threatened more people on line and announced they owned a 9MM gun which he threatened to use on Donald Smith and of course, never one to accept responsibility for his actions, he wrote that it wouldn’t be his fault if he did. Again, we have to ask where is Yaniv’s probation officer? The Langley RCMP?

Imagine having a lump like JY trying to restrain you lol.

October 23 saw the War of the Trespass Warnings/Invitations to Chris Elston AKA Billboard guy. Elston had been walking up and down the sidewalk in front of Yaniv’s condo building with his sandwich board signs. Yaniv called the RCMP to arrest Chris but since he was on public property, he was allowed to continue much to Yaniv’s fury. Yaniv then sent Chris a cut and paste No Trespass letter with a copy to the local RCMP.

There are numerous problems if not illegalities with his letter. For example, Jon signs as Owner not “an owner” implying that he is the sole owner of the property. He also did not inform the rest of the Strata owners, management, or lawyers what he was doing. Nor did he have authority to speak on and make legal demands on their behalf. In fact, he could be opening the Strata up to legal action down the road. When other strata residents learnt what he had done, they immediately sent Chris invitations to visit them. Some of them have also told us that they can hardly wait until the various mortgage companies foreclose on Yaniv’s unit and evict him.

Mouths around the world in the feminist movement dropped on October 25 when Yaniv claimed to be part of the women’s movement and while trying to suck up to Meghan Murphy. You remember Meghan, the one you got kicked off Twitter? Yes, that one, Jon.

The Justice Centre of Canada announced on October 26 that it would represent the Canada Galaxy Pageant whom Jon filed a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against in May 2019. The mocking global media coverage (including a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.) rivalled the “transphobic gynaecologist won’t see me” media coverage from last December. The big difference this time with the global coverage from both the BCHRT hearings and that tweet, was that no one called for an interview or to be a guest on a radio/YouTube show. A heavily filtered Jon was reduced to drunkenly defending himself on Snapchat to a group of minors – one of which was so disgusted that they sent it to MeowMix.

Also on the 26th, Yaniv simply could not restrain himself from calling in to the Marc Patrone show on Sauga 960am when Chris was being interviews on the air. When things did go according to plan, and Yaniv was named, shamed, and caught lying (as usual), he immediately filed a complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council telling the radio station to enjoy having to respond to his complaint. Trouble is Jon, telling the truth about you is not hate speech or transphobic.

On October 28 MeowMix published The Paraphilias of Jessica Yaniv Simpson as an in-depth companion piece to the October 13 article Expert Opinion: Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s “Personality Disorder”. Both are highly recommended (and at times truly frightening) reading. After you have read both articles, you are probably asking yourself whether or not the court would have acted the way if did in sentencing Yaniv, if it had been aware of his predatory and violent history which is documented from 2008 (when he was 21). There are earlier stories which MeowMix is researching and verifying.

jessica yaniv simpson

October 30 was the teleconference hearing between the Township of Langley and JYS. Yaniv had applied for a default judgement which the judge dismissed even though Yaniv had the temerity to argue with the judge who then stated the “my decision has been made” and told the court clerk to enter it into the record.

There was more bad behaviour by Yaniv including questioning the judge’s competence which had he been present in the court room rather than attending virtually, he would have been sanctioned.

The Township of Langley has been ordered to file a reply, no later than November 16 after which a settlement conference must be scheduled. Immediately afterward Yaniv sent out a couple of Snapchats declaring victory and showing exactly why he is going to get his ass handed to him at the settlement conference. The taxpayers of Langley after being made aware of Yaniv’s constant, frivolous abuse of the town’s taxpayer funded emergency system really hope that the Township goes for costs AND damages.

He definitely, definitely lost.

The month came to a merciful end with local activists putting up another round of safety alert posters about Yaniv at local malls. Many may have been motivated by Yaniv inserting herself into the Nicola Spurling/Chris E stories and confrontation as a keyboard warrior rather than attending in person as so many others did. Her praise for the Vancouver PD constables was so over the top that everyone saw it for the ubiquitous fawning that it was.

Up next, watch for MeowMix’s November surprise on Friday, November 6. You won’t want to miss it.

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