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Jessica Yaniv Simpson October 2022 Wrap-Up

After the manic energy of September, Jessica Yaniv Simpson obviously needed some rest because the first half of October was a snooze fest in comparison. There was mostly just recipe posts on Facebook and the ongoing larping as a climate change activist. Of course, the second half of October more than made up for it when they announced that they were running for a student union leadership role. Let’s get started.

October 1-7, 2022

  • On Twitter he started off by calling the British PM a murderer of the climate. Of course, he didn’t know the context. The question was posed by a Brit, asking about the British PM. Yaniv answered about Trudeau.

See more pictures related to JY’s environmental activism below. How brave and bold for him to swear at construction workers from his car.

  • He tried to make his Rate My Professor page last as long as he could into October but the page was soon banned. Fortunately, we screen capped the great comments! Pics at the end of this article.
  • Retweeted a post regarding AIG Insurance harming the climate and funding the Trans Mountain Pipeline (insert trans joke here). There was also a Facebook post about AIG funding or investing in fossil fuels.
  • Appeared in court to be arraigned on criminal charges (defamatory libel, assault, fire alarm, false report). Libel arraignment rescheduled. Other charges – trial date to be set. Details here.
  • Replied to a SFU Professor regarding the SFU VPN, claiming he was having trouble connecting as well.
  • On Facebook, there was what appeared to be a plagiarized post regarding banks funding climate devastation and he linked a petition.
  • Retweeted random climate posts and another post regarding the Burnaby City Council members related to climate change.
  • Random retweets regarding the TMX pipeline. It is worth noting that, unsurprisingly, Yaniv never receives any replies or engagement from anyone that he attempts to interact with.
  • Over on Facebook there were numerous recipe posts.

October 8-15, 2022

  • Continued on Twitter with some posts about the TMX pipeline and one regarding salmon dying in dry riverbeds because of TMX. I am really curious to know what Yaniv is getting out of pretending to care about the environment. We all know he is anything but virtuous and doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit him first.
  • Yaniv is desperate to be seen as actually disabled and replies to a post regarding the latest COVID booster claiming he is very high risk and needs it ASAP.
  • Tweets a question asking if “The Study”, which is an area on campus that was an eatery and hangout area for students, will ever reopen. Does not receive a reply
  • Proving yet again one reason why he is so despised, he posted on Facebook (on the 8th) that the 10 year anniversary of the tragic loss of Amanda Todd was upcoming on the 10th of October and that he is thinking about her Mother Carol. Amanda was tormented and tortured online by a monster using tactics that Yaniv has himself employed, resulting in many comparing him to Todd’s predator, Aydin Coban. It sure is telling that Yaniv tried (and failed) to shut down a fundraiser forthe Amanda Todd Legacy Society simply because MeowMix was involved.
  • Also posted what was surely a plagiarized post regarding old growth trees and the BC Government’s inaction in protecting BC forests.
  • October 10th was Canadian Thanksgiving and obviously Jon has nothing to be thankful for and no friends or family to spend the day with so posts about an old “crappy” music video on Facebook.
  • The next day he posts on Facebook that he needs to start thinking about putting up his Christmas tree. For what we don’t know.
  • On October 13, we were reminded how big of a failure Yaniv is in court. Remember he said he’d fight that traffic ticket all the way? He did, and he lost.
jessica yaniv simpson serial loser

Now is a great time to refresh the public on why we call Yaniv a serial loser. It isn’t just a few events. We created a 12-page table exposing his losses – and it’s a year out of date already. Surely we’d be at 15 pages by now.

  • October 14th was the day that Amanda Todd’s predator was finally sentenced and Jon felt the need to repost Carol Todd’s post regarding the 13 year sentence.
  • Reposted the SFSS Women’s Centre post regarding Women’s History Month and of course receives zero engagement.
  • Many recipe posts over on Facebook throughout the week.
  • On October 15, he took another swing at an old adversary, Char Millington, and accused Galaxy Pageants of being discriminatory again. I guess his Canadian Human Rights complaint didn’t go so hot for him. Pics below, and our congrats to Char!

October 16-22, 2022

Alternate title : Yaniv begins his hilarious campaign to win the VP Equity and Sustainability Role and we all point and laugh.

Speaking of laughing, take a quick break to laugh at JY:

His online campaign knowledge is over a decade old, as his knowledge of what young university students are interested in or how they would react. He is badly out of touch. So out of touch that the campaign and platform he designed would be better suited for the VP Mom-and-Dad-Are-Going-To-Plan-Your-Weekends role , and not one you’d expect from a VP Equity and Sustainability candidate. He keeps promising fun, fun, fun until he gets called on them.

And that’s worth highlighting in itself. The VP E&S responsibilities include liaising with student and official organizations to raise awareness about discrimination, to represent marginalized students, and advocate for social justice. Yaniv’s campaign ads included blowjob jokes, references to parties and DJ’s, Islamophobia, plagiarized internet safety tips, intersex awareness, menstrual products, re-opening bars, boosting cell signals, upgrading lockers, controlling women’s studies teaching materials, boosting campus security, and anything else he could think of to attract votes.

I think one of the reasons he wants so desperately to win is so that he can control organization and access to events, and make big promises to young women, just as he tried in the past (remember his promises to young teen girls for access to Cimorelli if they did something for him). Being a predator, he wants to be able to claim to control back stage access. Wanting freebies and collectables, he wants to control various vendor contracts.

And, like election campaigns, organizing big events even on a University campus has changed enormously since he was a “band manager” (spoiler: he wasn’t). Safeguards have been put in place to prevent the bad, if not criminal behaviour of the past.

Then he starts the vote bribery, which he was also called on, followed by becoming a victim, flailing around for anything that will respond with people like him, of which there are none. He is angry about being excluded from in-camera meetings between SFSS members. He keeps circling back to that – decisions made in secret. Shades of being in high school and not being invited to anything? Never even had a sleepover. It would be sad if he wasn’t a pedophile.

He does not seem to realize that he has broken a number of cardinal unwritten student rules.

  • Freshmen (despite being middle aged) DO NOT run for an student’s council vice presidency after being on campus for only three months.
  • Accepting an award that you did not deserve has reinforced his reputation.
  • Part time students have no business running for VP anything.
  • I also think he may have been called on all his “majors”.

The comment about taking four years to complete a two-year certificate is very specific. Is he referencing the comments people made about him taking four years to complete a two year program at Kwantlen? I suspect it is being raised to him as he “campaigns”.

  • October 17 Election teaser announcement.
  • October 18 First post half a day into the election smeared TMX and made rape joke. He was forced to delete it.
  • Next post slamming Halal meat, which he had to also delete because it was Islamophobic
  • He also took the time on October 22 to accuse Red Robin of being discriminatory. Clearly that didn’t go well for him because he tweeted about them again in November, whining that they ignore complaints. They didn’t ignore MeowMix informing them on who Jonny is. Pictures below:

October 23-31, 2022

  • October 23 showed that the constant criticism of his campaign was starting to get to him with the outside the box executive tweet. He complained about some typos from the ableist trolls, he complained about his posters being torn down, and then he took time out to thank a reusable period company The company promptly blocked him. He did ask another candidate on Facebook a question, while claiming to be First Nations, despite being outed in a wiki as being a “pretendian” That gem was discovered on the same day by a friend of MeowMix.
  • October 24 his campaign got more exposure (but not a boost) with Keean Bexte tweeting about him running, and the circulating picture of a Jonathan Yaniv Halloween costume. More pictures related to his campaign are below.

You can see MeowMix’s deep coverage on his campaign in 4 parts. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

  • October 27 he bragged about winning another court case but did not provide any details about which case and how he won – as he has done in the past. He was probably afraid what would happened if people started to look it up and then continue reading about his criminal history. Of course, we tracked it down. Spoiler: it’s not a win.
  • October 28 saw two new campaign tweets drop. One that was straight up plagiarized (internet security) and yet another one tooting his victim horn unsuccessfully.
  • October 29 – the delusional “When I win” tweet. Funnily enough, this was the same day MeowMix published it’s guide on how to beat Yaniv in court!

Check out this gallery of other pics from October 2022 related to JY.

Screen grabs from RateMyProfessor: