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Jessica Yaniv Simpson October 2021 WrapUp

October is the traditional time of year when people explore a different look or persona, having fun while transforming themselves into something unrecognizable or new for one night – Halloween. But Jonny, being Jonny, did not budge from his existing victim persona(s), except to add harassed service dog owner to his list of titles.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson started October by deleting a very questionable gun ownership tweet with threatening hashtags. It is unknown if he deleted on the advice of his lawyer or the RCMP, but to post it just days after threatening to “destroy people” at the university (University of Fraser Valley) he attends (to take an access studies course) raised questions about his intent.

The next day, after the latest JY warning poster was posted, a local crime watch Facebook group started discussing the ramifications of having a predator like Jonny enrolled at any school. Several talked about taking UFV off the list of potential schools for their children as long as Jonny was enrolled. When one of the conversation participants disparagingly talked about JY applying for a job at his company, Jonny responded on Facebook claiming that he wasn’t hired because he was transgender, as if his criminal record, numerous liabilities, toxic reputation, lack of relevant skills, etc. had nothing to do with it.

On October 5, Jonny took to Twitter to complain about a TELUS service call and to announce that he was going to sue because he was asked to keep his pet away from where the technician was working. As everyone immediately pointed out on Twitter and Facebook, when service people from any company do residential service calls, they always ask about animals, particularly dogs. If dogs are present, the owner is asked to keep the dog away from where the work or service is to be performed. Did Jonny think that his faux service dog was exempt? We checked and have been told that responsible service dog owners have absolutely no problem with this request. Jonny, being neither responsible nor having an actual service dog, probably viewed it as another lawsuit or claim at the CRT.

Later that day, in a retweet of a Supreme Court Decision about a double mastectomy on a minor, Jonny casually posted that the decision would support his lawsuit against TranscareBC. When it was pointed out that it would not (Jonny is 34, not a minor), rather than rebutting the replies, he (as usual) responded with insults and threats. Are we seeing a preview of how Lawyer Jonny will behave in court? How quickly will his clients (if any outside of his mother and aunt ever exists) launch complaints to the BC Law Society.

Also on October 5, an actual UBC law student weighed in on the absolute absurdity of what the legal assistant student who claims to be both a law student and a reporter was publicly posting, suggesting that many in the legal and enforcement community could not wait until JY’s abuse of process hearings begin. They also pointed out that, despite what Jonny claims, he is not being taught the law, but only the technical side of drafting documents. That probably explains the increase in launching various suits across may different legal venues. He probably thinks that his previous claims were dismissed not because of the spurious content but because he made drafting errors. October alone saw either the threat of close to a half dozen new lawsuits – not counting the ones we don’t know about.

October 1-7 JY Images

Over the next ten days, it was the usual Jonny Yaniv manic shitshow on social media. We have seen it all before – stalking Donald Francis Smith, virtuous retweets, trying to join online thread of various BC lawyers as a colleague in training (something not even legitimate UBC law students do), threatening more lawsuits, threatening his online critics with criminal charges, etc. Yawn. Just the usual.

He even announced that he was going to write an article on birth control for the UFV student newspaper, The Cascade. This did not result in the response his attention-seeking behaviour craved. Using a Jennifer Lopez GIF applauding him to emphasize the importance of this announcement was just too pathetic for words. 

October 8-14 JY Images

On October 16, he tweeted that he would love to do a practicum with Acumen Law, a local legal firm, because he has such a passion for Criminal Law. No further comment is needed. When you are through laughing read on.

The sheer stupidity and entitlement of that tweet is breath taking. Any professional firm that partners with any university or college to provide practicum spaces for students has a well-established vetting procedure – one that Jonny would not pass or even qualify to be considered. Tweeting at a law firm, just confirms how unfit he is.

Also on October 16, he announced that he was drafting another lawsuit which will “result in conviction and potential imprisonment” against an Indo-Canadian caretaker in his condo building. People pointed out once again that he while he can attempt a private prosecution, he cannot lay criminal charges and try to get the right venue for his actions. His screen shot showed him drafting his document on the CRT website.

What unfolded (and continues to unfold) has been well documented on MeowMix. But we can sum it up by saying that Jonny’s racism against women of colour and Islamophobia was once again publicly documented. The response from Twitter and other social media has been ferocious and massive, as Jonny’s toxic reputation is now global. He, of course, responded as the sanctimonious victim, making threats, reporting people to Twitter, and trying to change the subject by (you guessed it) more food delivery complaints, Canada Post complaints, and virtue tweeting.

It’s worth pointing out here that the one virtue-signaling tweet about COVID vaccine boosters backfired on him, reminding people about his claim to being First Nations to jump the COVID vaccination queue last spring. When those didn’t divert people from the cleaner story and his claim that his dog is indeed a trained service dog, he circled back to his pending Twitter lawsuit. But now, it all depends on whether he has the time to complete drafting it.

October 15-21 JY Images (80 or so pics ahead – he was extra manic in this week)

He also posted a picture of himself and his pet dog. The consensus is that the dog looked scared and Jonny himself, despite using filters to cover up his beard shadow and a little photoshop to shave off a 100 pounds, looked very bloated and pasty. Has he been ignoring the diabetic diet and mixing his meds again?

We are guessing he is starting to get push back on his claims about his pet by the whiny tweet to Fraser Health and its CEO on October 29, asking why they were giving out the wrong information about uncertified service animals not being allowed in restaurants. He claims that this violates the BC Human Rights Code.

Two things of note here, Jonny basically admitted that his pet is untrained and therefore uncertified. Also, before Fraser Health would post anything like that, it would have been vetted by their lawyers and representatives from the service dog association(s) as well as disabled rights groups.  The interpretation of someone taking a community law procedures course at a local community University would be considered a bad joke by the BC Courts.

While the rest of us were out having fun on the Halloween weekend, Jonny probably ended October alone in his condo contemplating what November will bring – the upcoming criminal proceedings of the Yaniv “ladies” and the increasing fallout from his recorded evidence of his actions in his strata parkade.

We are sure he also spent the evening ALONE, drinking and reporting various social media accounts for misgendering and dead naming him – a typical Yaniv party night.

October 22-31 Images