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Jessica Yaniv Simpson November Wrap-Up Part 1

Jessica Yaniv Simpson spent the first two weeks of November 2022 in a manic (and hilarious!) tailspin – losing an election, threatening lawsuits and human rights complaints, converting to Christianity (again), becoming a “published” (self, of course) university researcher, joining Twitter Blue, and finally getting that blue tick he lusted after almost as much as losing his virginity (one out of two so far).

Unsurprisingly, Jonny lost the Simon Fraser Student Council VP Equity and Sustainability November 1-3 election and immediately threatened to sue. What was surprising was that he received 17 votes – 16 more votes than was expected but then we did not factor in the pity and joke votes. 

As soon as the polls were open, Jonny began accusing the Simon Fraser Student Society of rigging the election and threatening a lawsuit. He also started complaining about the SFU Web Survey being unavailable starting November 4 (the day after the election) but implied that it, too, was tied to the so-called election fraud. Has Jonny always had this much trouble with numbers? It would explain his financial problems. 

Day two of the election saw more complaints about his platform not being published, more transphobic accusations, more untrue accusations, more insults, more threats and calls for other candidates to be disqualified for not removing all their campaign posters, etc. Jonny, of course, did not have that problem, according to his constant complaints about his posters being torn down. But he did take time out from his election campaign to go after TransLink once again for asking for proof that Rexy was a service dog. He planned to go to the November 3 round table to in his words, to bash TransLink.

He also tried to link himself to the food service and cleaning staff coalition by making promises that he would make things better for them. Rather than virtue tweeting, he could start by not being such a slob in SFU’s dining areas and bathrooms. What most replies quickly pointed out that most of the service staff are POC and we have all seen and heard Jonny’s racist rants and seen pictures of his condo. 

Day three saw his platform posted, and him still complaining about rigged voting because only 12 hours remained to vote. Jonny, if anyone was going to vote for you, they would have by that time. If anything, after reading your platform, they probably wished they could rescind their vote and vote for someone else. Anyone but you. The Halal meat burger likely had a better chance of winning.

Reddit Weighed in on Jonny’s Campaign

Jonny spent the day after the election posting his campaign ads which had not been approved by the Independent Electoral Commission and threatening to sue. But we also understand that Jonny could not even be bothered to attend the candidate orientation session, which would have outlined what was acceptable and what was not. In his arrogance and ignorance, Jonny behaved as if nothing had changed since he last ran for student office over a decade ago. Jonny spent the next few days licking his wounds by reporting people to Twitter after baiting them, as well as more virtue retweets to cleanse his timeline.

November 5 -7 was spent virtue retweeting many SFU Athletics tweets (the ones with buff young women) as well as deleting and reposting (with the replies off, of course, because Jon Yaniv is weak) his responses to accusations of being a racist and his rationale for his lawsuit. What is impressive here is that Jonny finally learned how to turn replies off. It made it so much easier for him than having to read all those truthful replies before hiding them. But we, of course, have screenshots and many, many people saw the originals on your Twitter account Jonny, so no claiming that the trolls were impersonating you. We also have screenshots of the various Discords that you were kicked off discussing you and calling for you to be expelled.

All the Yaniv/SFU-related Tweets from Nov 1-15

He also replied to SFSS October in Review tweet, continuing to bitch about in-camera portions of meetings. Again, demonstrating his total lack of understanding of the rules of meeting procedures such as Roberts Rules of Order. He also made a nuisance of himself replying to many TransLink rider notifications with complaints about not being able to take his pet dog on public transit. He was ignored after he was told yet again to get the dog certified. It really does raise the question as to why he will not get the dog tested and end this once and for all. The simple answer may be money. Not that he cannot afford the tests but then he cannot threaten to sue and ask for go away money of the the dog is certified. The grey area is eliminated. No more victimhood and attention. 

November 8 is Indigenous Veterans Day in Canada. MeowMix received a query asking why, if Jonny is part First Nations and wants the benefits, why did he not post anywhere on his social media about November 8. Good question and it wasn’t just the First Nations of Simon Fraser who were wondering. In addition, he totally chose to ignore November 11, only posting a tasteless reply to a Remembrance Day tweet by TransMountain. It was only after other social media users called him on it and he realized how bad he looked that he retweeted a couple of SFU Remembrance Day posts.

On November 9, Jonny attended a SFSS zoom council meeting and turned it into a gong show by choosing to ignore the rules of order when wanting to speak and then acting like an entitled frustrated incel. He started telling the various counsellors to “fuck off”, etc., thereby reinforcing that they had escaped the bullet when he lost the election in such a decisive manner. But he couldn’t leave well enough alone and posted an altered SFSS survey and made false accusations about it. Did he really think that he would not be called on it? Angry at being caught by a couple of friends of MeowMix SFU students within minutes of posting, Jonny proceeded to have a temper tantrum, claiming that the were no MeowMix SFU students (they are quite a few now), that MeowMix was a terrorist organization full of drug addicts, much to the amusement of Twitter and MeowMix itself.

Editor: It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive. If you don’t have it you’re on the other side. We can be friends if you know the song.

Later that evening, trying to recover from the terrorist drubbing and trying to burnish his anti-racist credentials, Jonny injected himself in a rather patronizing and insulting manner into a birthday tweet to Red Robin. Remember that he is carrying a grudge against Red Robin. Who says Latina anymore except racists claiming not to be racists. 

November 10 was a big day for Jonny. That was day his payment to Twitter Blue cleared and he got the Blue Tick, something he had been trying to get since the days he claimed to be the manager of Cimorelli. He preened. He posted. He reached out to his homies. He refused to accept the evidence that we all knew he had paid. He created a video to shut all the haters up.

Trouble was he had built it around a Twitter error that showed the account holder that they were a notable public person, not that they had paid. The rest of the world saw that he had paid and were laughing at him. Reports of the Twitter glitch were all over the Internet. The one thing that buying the blue tick may have done for Jonny is to increase the number of his followers slightly, although he is still not allowing replies. He does keep deleting and reposting tweets after grammar and spelling errors are pointed out. Exposing his writing failures motivated him to start pointing out issues with posts from his university, such as a couple by the athletics department. And, when there was a call for volunteers, and it looked like Jonny was interested after pointing out that the URL had a typo, they quickly deleted the tweet. 

Screenshots related to Yaniv/Twitter Blue.

November 12, Jonny proposed that SFU copy the Change Room Project from the University of Toronto. He asked a couple of SFSS Vice Presidents for feedback but, of course, with his replies being off. But the tweet was screenshot and shared on Twitter with the Jonny’s bathroom and change room photo predilection history.

November 12-13 continued with Jonny virtue tweeting on an industrial scale. One is particularly interesting, involving the Westin Resort and Spa at Whistler. A mother was checking into the hotel when she received a call that her young, early teen daughter was on the way to the ER. She immediately left and asked for a refund. She posted the tweet at 9:46 AM. The hotel’s chain owner, the Marriott Bonvoy replied at 9:59 AM., asking for details to assist the mother. At 10:12 Jonny tweeted hoping that her daughter was OK and demanding that the Marriott do better. No response from the mother or Marriott. As usually Jonny was sloppy in his desire for attention. The matter had been resolved 15 minutes before he posted. People who aren’t stupid and lazy check for replies before writing and sending one. 

Some random stuff from Facebook, including a proposition he’s making to TOL.

Around November 13, Jonny updated his bio again. This time we learnt that he had converted from Judaism to Christianity AGAIN. He also dropped his “Vote Jessica” link and replaced it with a link to ORCHID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and added researcher to his bio. He threw up three really, really bad term papers to its ResearchGate site. A couple of university level researchers and grading Tutorial Assistants have read his papers. The kindest thing said was that it was not university level but rather barely high school and most legitimate researchers would be embarrassed to have such shoddy work tied to their name, faculty, and university. When university level research is published, it is usually juried by the author(s) peers. The lack of any kind of academic oversight explains why Jonny thought he could post first year assignment papers and then claim to be a published researcher. Just another scam, probably created to prevent him from being expelled from Simon Fraser. The topic of expelling Jonny is started to get a lot of traction of the university’s various discords.

Some screen grabs from ResearchGate. We didnt get the full downloads.

November 14, he started to tweet Elon Musk like they were old friends to complain about suspended accounts creating new accounts and the transphobic abuse he gets. Considering Jonny’s history with suspended socks and his expectation that Twitter’s new owner would answer, the rest of the internet couldn’t stop laughing. You can be sure that before Musk replies to anyone, he has a good idea who he is talking to and replying to a racist child groomer and pedophile would not be on the list, especially after the criticism he received over the number of pedophiles that had joined Twitter Blue. 

By November 14, Jonny was still harassing TransLink about Rexy, but rather than create new replies each time he posted to a service update, he just cut and paste the same tweet. However, since he was replying to TransLink’s original tweet, he could not turn the replies off. The one consistent message in the replies, was “why not get your dog tested and certified?” The answer is probably that when Rexy fails, it will be official that Jonny’s pet dog is not a service dog. No more threats. No more scams. 

All the Tweets Related to Translink

November 14 saw him exchange a number of dull tweets with CyberSpot and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society account. If he hadn’t been soo lazy and desperate for any interaction with anything to do with Amanda Todd, he would have seen that the answers to all his questions had already been embedded in previous tweets. 

November 15 was just more of the same – virtue tweets and tweets to his new bud, Elon Musk, although some twitter users joined the conversation pointing out Jonny’s history of Twitter suspensions and ban evasions.

Check him out sucking up to Musk

Stay tuned for the end of the month when MeowMix will follow up with Part 2 of the November Wrap-Up. Let us know how you feel about this format in the comments. We’ve been playing with different formats lately – bullet lists with less commentary, and now this – a two-parter with more commentary. Let us know what you think. Remember to check out MeowTube, our library of over 5,000 Yaniv-related pictures and videos.

Other Tweets and Pics from Nov 1-15, 2022