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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Misses Again: VCHA Refuses to Settle

Jessica Yaniv Simpson and lawyers for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority met to discuss Yaniv’s expected settlement. Things didn’t go as planned for Yaniv – again.

Obviously details from the meeting are confidential but the results are public record. VCHA refused to settle and a pre-trial conference is to be scheduled. From the few comments made on the report, I can extrapolate how the conversation went. My theory is below:

JY: You guys really need to pay up for the damage you did.

VCHA: What damage?

JY: The damage to my vagina.

VCHA: Vagina? What vagina?

JY: The one I had installed in Montreal.

VCHA: Oh that. What’s wrong with it?

JY: Your people messed it up.

VCHA: Messed it up?

JY: It’s in the evidence I submitted. Do you want the pictures?

VCHA: Oh fuck no! According to our research, you messed it up. Yourself.

JY: No, it was you.

VCHA: Where’s the proof?

JY: In my docs! My medical records! Right here!

VCHA: But it doesn’t say we did anything wrong in there.

JY: But you did!

VCHA: There’s no evidence of that, and our people tell us a different story.

JY: I can get evidence.

VCHA: Isn’t that what this is? Your evidence?

JY: I can get more.

VCHA: Aren’t you supposed to have that already?

JY: I’ll have you know I’m a legal studies student!

VCHA: *ends Zoom meeting*.

Readers can check out the document below. It’s uneventful – it basically says a 45 minute pre-trial conference is to be set later, so the Claimant (JY) can retain an expert report and each party can identify witnesses they intend to call.

20220511 JY vs VCHA Settlement Conference Record
Download 77.7 KB

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