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Jessica Yaniv Simpson May 2022 Wrap-Up

jessica yaniv simpson wrapup meowmix

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s May can be easily summed up in the title of the 1989 movie, “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”

The “sex” is the unofficial but very public announcement of Jonny’s nuptials during the sentencing phase of his criminal assault trial on May 25. The “lies” are everything and anything out of Jonny’s mouth during the trial. The “videotape” is the CCTV of his assault on Keean Bexte despite his lawyer claiming Jonny tripped in the snow and “fell” on Bexte. It was those damn high heel hooker boots he was wearing. If only he was wearing the same ratty sneakers he wore during the trial, there wouldn’t have been any misunderstanding and criminal charges.

Although Jonny was not that active online during May, we can surmise that he was busy with legal matters, school, and of course, his fiancé, Samantha Price.

Posted to JY’s Facebook early May.

May started with an application to vary the release conditions on May 2, which was granted. He wanted to relax those conditions so that he would have some travel flexibility. For example, the original conditions meant that technically he could not drive on the street between his and Miriam’s condos. He’s still prohibited from entering Miriam’s condo.

As a reminder, the charges were Criminal Code of Canada Section 226, Assault, Criminal Code of Canada Section 437, false alarm of fire, Criminal Code of Canada, Section 140 (1)(c), reporting an offence committed when it was not. In other words, public mischief. These, except for the Section 437 charge, are basically the same as the charges laid against Jonny after he “uttered threats to cause death or bodily harm” against Billboard Chris and then lied about it. He is now facing two additional criminal public mischief charges.

May 6 saw Jonny in traffic court on distracted driving charges. No date has been set for the hearing.

May 10 was the settlement conference with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. VCHA refused to settle, and a pre-trial conference has been set for August 23 where Jonny is supposed “to retain an expert report”, witnesses are to be identified, and the length of the trial will be determined.

There has been much speculation that, as usual, Jonny will withdraw the suit at the last minute so that he will not be assessed costs, as it has now become apparent, he is not getting a quick payout to go away. If he does not, his expert report will be fascinating, especially if includes the now leaked documents from the Montreal GRS clinic and any psychiatric or psychological evaluations.

As well, who will he have as an expert witness? His mother? Expert witnesses cost big bucks, have a proven track record, are accepted by the court as such, and can with withstand intense and challenging cross examinations. Miriam does not meet any of those preconditions.

On May 11, Chris Elston (aka Billboard Chris) posted a subpoena he received, ordering his presence at the June trial for JY’s death threats and false police report charges.

Next up on Jonny’s legal calendar was the application to dismiss his lawsuit by Rebel Media on May 20. The hearing was held but judgement was reserved.

The first court appearance for the charges arising out of the incident on February 25 at Miriam’s strata was originally scheduled online for May 23, which is a Statutory Holiday in Canada where all government offices are closed. That date was published in error. June 20 is the correct date.

The criminal assault trial of former Rebel News reporter, Keean Bexte began on May 24. MeowMix has already covered the two-day trial, the guilty plea, and the sentence here and here, but did not include all the interesting or enlightening Jonny behaviour that took place during trial or even in the court room.

First, Jonny wore his usual go to court dress, although it barely fits and is looking more worn and shabby with each wearing. The dress emphasizes that, despite his claims to being ladylike, he still manspreads when he sits, stressing the side slit to the max, allowing some coy flashing of his unshaven thunder thigh. We are used to his lack of hygiene, but it was a whole new experience as evidenced from the expression on some of the faces of the court employees especially when you consider some of the previous defendants they have dealt with.

While several interested parties were present in the court room’s public gallery, many more were viewing the proceedings online including Jonny’s supposed fiancé, Samantha Price, under the username “AAA.” Somehow her mic became unmuted, some loud voices were heard, and the judge called her on it.

But what was even more interesting was that Jonny leaned over and told his lawyer that it was Samantha and began to smirk. If she is indeed his fiancé, why is there no indication of her being in a relationship on any of her social media pages? Her status is still single, or blank. Or, why does Jonny not appear on her Instagram when her previous relationships, complete with loving captions are still up?

Interestingly enough, during the sentencing phase, his lawyer announced in court (which places it in the permanent court record) that she was soon to be Jonny’s wife and that he was supporting her during some health (AKA drug addiction) issues. She deleted her Twitter account shortly after this. Too bad she didn’t delete her other online accounts such as Cuddle Up, where you can book her for private snuggle time for as little as $25.

There has been much discussion as to the true nature of their relationship, but it does appear to be purely transactional in nature. The other interesting Samantha related behaviour is that now Jonny has started using marijuana. He was spotted vaping outside of the courthouse. Observers at the Hawthorne were very surprised at his increasingly public grass use. In the past, he has threatened to sue the Strata over other residents’ use because he claimed to be allergic to marijuana. His must be medical, an entirely different and non-allergenic product.

While Jonny’s lawyer was elucidating why Jonny should get a suspended sentence, observers quickly noticed that the lawyer kept using the phrase “She told me…” rather than just stating his client had a fiancé, or that she helped her mother with her mobility and health issues. It was as if the lawyer did not believe his client and did not want to be recorded telling a lie to the court. The phrase “she told me” ameliorates this.

The other thing that observers quickly noticed, was just what a virtuous life Jonny was now leading. He helps Miriam because she has mobility issues. Nobody asked how, since he is banned from her strata and the surrounding area. Has he been sneaking in to help her, does he pick her up in the strata parkade, or does she hobble down to the street and hop in his car?

Since sentencing, all three Yaniv “women” are on probation. Thanks to whoever sent this our way. I think it was originally posted to KF.

Lastly, we learned that Jonny is now attending Douglas College where he is taking even more legal studies courses because, as he told the court, he plans on being a lawyer. That was one of the reasons that his lawyer asked for the sentence to be discharged. You can not easily be a lawyer with a criminal record. Douglas College is, well, look at their website and judge for yourself. A pulse and credit card are all you need for admittance, was how one Twitter account mused. It is no UBC, Jonny’s preferred law school, but it is better than jail and he probably got another student loan package to enrol.

What happened to Capilano University? He could not attend court for another case on May 9 because classes were starting at a school he did not identify. The only school that had classes starting on that day was Capilano. Did he lie to the court or did the Capilano students successfully organize online and on campus to prevent him from attending? We saw some of their initial posts.

At the end of the trial Jonny, obviously forgetting that the cameras were still on, and the mikes were still open, asked his lawyer to get him sheriffs to escort him to his car. The lawyer said it wasn’t necessary and to remember what he told him yesterday – no drama. Jonny responded that he was afraid of the media or that he would be assaulted. The lawyer repeated, “no drama”. Then Jonny added he was afraid that the lawyer would be hurt. The lawyer said again, no he wouldn’t be and then added again “no drama”, in an irritated voice.

That short exchange revealed an enormous amount of information. Jonny is still longing for the days of the BCHRT when the police did escort him in the building and out of it. When there was a lot of interest, there were a lot of people in the public gallery, and he was the center of attention. The lawyer was having none of it.

The phrase “no drama” shows that he has done his due diligence on his client. He would not let Jonny turn it into an ego trip with his demands, or to try to build some evidence to be used in the upcoming criminal trials (IE I am in fear of my life, I have to defend myself, even at my last trial I had to be escorted out of the building by the sheriffs because of all the transphobic hate.) Even though he was overheard complaining about the presence of Kari Simpson, Chris Elston and Drea Humphrey, he seemed a little disappointed that his real bête noir, Donald Francis Smith was not in attendance. The lawyer’s orders of “no drama” would have been quickly and hysterically ignored if he was.

On May 26, one of the MeowMix researchers discovered that his TikTok account was suspended. MeowMix has been monitoring and reporting on his stalking of these minors for over two years. Most of the girls are usually wearing swimsuits or short shorts with tummies showing in dance videos, or post things about their periods or tampons, intended to be shared with their peers, not a 34-year-old pedophile. Did TikTok finally take action or did something else happen?  

One final social media note of interest, especially as he has the Billboard Chris criminal assault trial coming up on June 29 – the Bexte trial garnered a lot of online attention as evidenced by a simple one-line tweet posted immediately after the verdict by a MeowMix friend. In less than a week, it had over 60,000 views and it was just one of many with that kind of traffic. It’s easy to see how hundreds of thousands of eyes would see the guilty verdict posted in so many places and shared by so many people.

Jonny may have to consider changing his name again. Maybe, he will take his wife’s name after the wedding.

Random social media post from JY this month. He claimed Chris Pearson was a former client. Chris Pearson was Chelsko’s boyfriend for a while. Chelsko was at one point JY’s client but she ditched him because he was a creep.

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