Jessica Yaniv Simpson May 2021 Wrap-Up

May 2021 was the month that Yanivs officially became BC’s latest crime family when Miriam and Ilana were charged on May 18 for the February incident. Although the mother, Miriam, and aunt, Ilana, were arrested in February, charges were only laid on May 18. They then immediately joined the latest Yaniv sue for profit scheme.

May started relatively slowly, with Jessica Yaniv Simpson pulling down his JS Simpson Group page from LinkedIn on May 2. Any links to it appear to be broken and dead. But the posters warning local business were still being posted and distributed.

At least May 3 was a day of excitement for JY. At probably the same time as Donald Smith was filing for costs (hearing date was set for June 7) as directed by Regional Administration Judge, Hamilton (the same judge as in the Langley Township case), a shooting was taking place at the local Willowbrook Mall.

So, of course, Yaniv hustled right over to try insert himself in the story, but it became quickly apparent that he was not part of the story but just a looky-loo because all the pics he posted had police tape. If the police have had enough time to put up their crime scene tape, the initial story is over, no matter how breathless and urgent the “I was there in danger during the actual shooting” posts are. Speculation continues as to whether he is intentionally mimicking Donald Smith as a Citizen Journalist or just looking for attention.

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Jonny’s response to getting called out on Twitter about the shooting, and probably the RCMP’s response to his lawsuit – Whoever said Prolix wins – was to make his Twitter account protected on May 4. But surely, a tech expert like Jonny must know that all that does is add a couple of extra steps for the non-paid and non-followers to read and comment on his tweets.

June 25 was confirmed as the trial date for the then-Rebel Media-reporter, Keean Bexte on May 6 after Jonny’s lawyer, Andrew Coulthard showed up this time on behalf of his client. Sadly, the arrest warrant application was not needed.

Despite having protected tweets and thinking he was safe, one of our friends forwarded a creepy tweet that Yaniv sent a lonely girl (we are assuming it was a real girl not another catfish).

Apparently getting desperate for money since various COVID payments are ending and none of his extortion lawsuits were being allowed to move forward by the courts, Jonny started promoting himself as a brand ambassador for Escape Swimwear. This isn’t to say he was employed by Escape. Brand ambassadorship is much like a MLM platform – Yaniv would have got a discount on product for himself if he successfully pushed others to buy product.

The push back was immediate and ferocious, with hundreds contacting the company about Yaniv. The company responded with a relatively bland, we will investigate it letter but on May 28, investigation completed announced, Escape Swimwear announced that Jessica Simpson was no longer a brand ambassador and that they were in the process of disabling Yaniv’s discount code. However, as of June 5, the Escape Swimwear post were still active on Yaniv’s Instagram.

On May 17 Jonny filed a new application in his ongoing legal war with his strata. Although the highlights were covered by MeowMix on May 18, it is worth noting that he is still obsessed with finding Langley Resident and identifying the children of his neighbours. His demand for a list of everyone who resides in the building and his ongoing demand to have a camera facing outside so he can play the voyeur without the curtain movement alerting his neighbours that he is perving again is a sex crime waiting to happen.

The 19th was a tough day for Jonboy. Four of his private prosecutions / restraining orders were dismissed outright. You can tell how upset he is by his response to Donald Smith’s application for costs which seems to have been written and filed after the judge told him to go away. In a serial killer style of handwriting, filled with grammatical and factual errors and just flat out lies (just like his typed lawsuits), he demands that he be allowed to attend the hearing via phone because he is afraid of DFS, and that the application must be heard by Judge Hamilton before the June 7 hearing.

Still lashing out after his cases were dismissed, he announced that he was going to sue Chris Taylor in the BC Supreme Court for defamation. Jon, sweetheart, Chris is still waiting to be served. Having a few problems writing this one up, are we? Maybe the same problems you are having with your Twitter lawsuit? It has been, what 2 months, since you announced that you were going to sue them as well. How about the Instagram suit?

On May 20, Jonny reopened his Twitter account. Why? So that he could taunt the RCMP. As it was pointed out to the self-proclaimed trans activist, it is useless to tweet about having a lawsuit “gift” for them especially since RCMP do not follow him. Within 20 minutes of Twitter mockingly pointing this out, the account went from protected to open. Again, proving what a social media expert he is, but at least we know he still reads anything to do with him on Twitter, even when he’s not looking to report people.

The gift Jonny is referring to is a lawsuit that he launched in retaliation and profit against the Attorney Generals of BC and Canada and the two Langley RCMP constables who arrested Miriam and Ilana. If any of his claims were true, this lawsuit would have been launched months ago by a lawyer or legal team that specializes in police abuse cases. There would have also been constant bleating about what happened on social media and offering to do interviews with his local media. Now it just looks like a desperate ploy. The next step will be for the constables to sue the Yaniv’s for defamation after Jonny’s lawsuit it laughed out of court.

He documented the serving the lawsuits online on May 21 and 25 hoping to stroke media curiosity but at least this time he did not include the cringeworthy line about being available for interviews as he did when he filed his Canadian Human Rights Complaint against the RCMP. From what we hear no one other than us responded to the media call. Yaniv has quite the reputation as a media whore in his area.

Also on May 21, he indulged himself in a little trolling by tweeting an artfully arranged picture of the supplies provided by the BC gov that he needs to take care of his urinary tract hole. There were not that many responses, but all were negative and accusing him of taking supplies from people who really needed them. He got defensive very quickly but did not delete the tweet or go protected again. Any attention…

But the picture did allow the online community to see just what he needs to maintain his weeping, non-healing, self-inflicted body wound. For example, looks like he still wets his bed although now he can get the Gov to pay for the pee pads because he can claim his wound is leaking.

Just before he went to Victoria to serve the AG on May 25 (although he could have done it in downtown Vancouver but that would not have allowed him to take cheap shots at Donald Smith on Instagram or to check out BC Ferries restrooms) he posted 3 blank, blue squares on Instagram on May 22. Surprisingly, they got likes which started a series of jokes about how even a blank screen is more popular than Jonny.

When the laughter stopped, one of our tech kids explained that the likes came from Jonny’s bought followers who are primarily bots. Bots love blank, blue screens and will show it. The more aggregate likes that Jonny gets, the better he looks to websites that track stuff like that without going into silly details like how many were made by real people and how many by bought algorithms. Numbers he can continue to use when claiming to be a global, Internet personality or a local social media influencer.

May 26, using the excuse of seeing the Yaniv Family audiologist, Jonny used the opportunity to harass Kari Simpson, Donald Smith’s advocate on Twitter. Kari just happens to have the offices above the audiologist. Was Jonny hoping that Donald was there consulting with Kari so that he could make a scene to provide evidence to his claims of Donald stalking and threatening him rather than the other way around?

May 28 was a busy day for Jonny. First up, he filed a I am too scared to face Donald Smith in court on June 7 application. The one thing that makes this application exceptional and what many have commented on is the erratic handwriting, fractured grammar, demands that a certain judge hear it before a certain date and the ever present lies. The fact that he has signed an official court document attesting to it veracity and could be used against him in future court cases seems to not enter into his frantic scheming.

Next, according to his complaining Facebook review of the Pacific Centre, he felt harassed because security would not stop Donald Smith for filming him in a public place, kind of like what Yaniv does on BC Ferries and area school yards to children. They are after all as he has stated public places. He also complained about being told to go outside to eat. We understand that there were posted notices to that effect but of course, they do not apply to a poor “transgender, disabled and diabetic customer” He continued complaining about “transphobic retailers” and announced that he was, wait for it, filing a complaint with the “Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner” against Pacific Centre and Donald Smith.

The push back was immediate and ferocious, with a campaign asking people to leave a positive review of the Pacific Centre and many sending Cadillac Fairview the MeowMix Who is Jessica Yaniv link.

Once more trolling, Jonny announced that he was so glad he would be fully vaccinated before his birthday (June 12). What makes this tweet particularly odious is that he made it on May 29th, a day of mourning for Canada’s First Nations over the deaths of 215 children at the Kamloops residential school. Governments were making policy statements. Media were writing opinion pieces about the tragedy. Everyone, not only those First Nations heritage or those who have links to various nations, were talking about this story.

Yet, Jonny remained silent on the matter. Here was the perfect opportunity to virtue signal EXCEPT that Yaniv claimed First Nations status to jump the COVID queue in April. Apparently claiming victimhood being an entitled, white, disabled transwoman will not always get you special treatment. Sometimes you just have to up your game.

May came to end with several readers pointing out how much of a global joke Jonny had become by providing examples from the Babylon Bee where he was part of a story on the trans movement hurtling down a slippery slope and the Urban Dictionary where he has become so notorious (and not in a good way like Ruth Bader Ginsburg) that he has his own entry.

June will be a busy legal month for the Yaniv Crime Family, and we will be there to cover every application, delaying tactic, and retaliatory lawsuit. If you are in the Vancouver area, and want some cheap entertainment, consider swinging by the Surrey Court House on days the Yaniv cases are scheduled. We will let you know if they will be ordered to show up or try to just phone it in. Remember, when COVID restrictions are lifted, it will be back to the days when an appearance in court meant an appearance in court.

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