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Jessica Yaniv Simpson March 2022 Wrap-Up

jessica yaniv simpson wrapup meowmix

March began with Jessica Yaniv Simpson applying for a trial delay and ended with him being ordered to pay the BC Provincial Health Authority $1,620 by the Civil Resolution Tribunal for another failed action. Jonny’s life in March was either a preview or a dress rehearsal month for May where Jonny has as many as four criminal court appearances, as well as settlement conference with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, if it isn’t dismissed.

Not surprisingly, with all his attention being focused on various legal research and preparation, Jonboy was fairly quiet during the month, except for the occasional social media virtue tweet or troll post. But he still couldn’t resist threatening Donald Smith when his brand new Criminal Code of Canada book arrived. When he is eventually sentenced to jail and is under psychiatric care, perhaps that obsession can be treated.

First day of March, first court appearance and Jonny begins by applying to dismiss his new lawyer, J. Hung and to delay his trial for the fourth or is it the fifth time? After a while, you start to lose count. For those who were wondering what happened to Jonny’s original criminal lawyer, Andrew Coulthard and the subsequent three lawyers, you can find details here. He finally found a lawyer, Patrick Johnston, who was willing to represent him. As far as we know, he still has the current lawyer. For now.

JY-Related Images – March 1-6, 2022

It should be noted that in Canada, lawyers can “fire” their clients. Just because a client can afford a lawyer, doesn’t mean that the lawyer will accept or keep someone as a client, especially if the client is “difficult” to deal with and/or will damage the lawyer’s reputation. It has nothing to do with the charges, race, religion, or political views. But more to do with harassing the office staff and making unreasonable or questionable demands of the lawyer.

Kind of like why Jonny had so much trouble, not only finding a lawyer, but keeping one. Jonny may eventually find it impossible to find anyone to represent him beyond a court appointed lawyer who will be stuck with him. Jonny seems to be rapidly approaching that point even with Miriam picking up the tab (who we heard recently paid up over $4,000 for his legal bills).

Also on March 1, it appears that Jonny filed a document (calling it a affidavit would be kind) asking the Court not to dismiss his lawsuit against Rebel Media, despite Rebel’s application to do just that. It looks like he only filed it after Rebel News filed to reset the dismissal hearing.

The following day, March 2 Jonny filed an application to have the release conditions for his arrest following assaulting a senior and setting off the fire alarm at Miriam’s strata relaxed. We suspect that the main condition he wants voided is the ban from entering Miriam’s strata. A hearing for the application has not been scheduled which lead to speculation that there would be more charges laid from the violent February 25 incident at the Residences at the Village Square AKA Miriam’s Strata. And, indeed on March 23, more charges were laid. Serious criminal code charges with jail sentences.

Next up on Jonny’s social calendar was the March 4 court appearances for both him and mom. Jonny’s court appearance did not go well for him. The bottom line is NO MORE DELAYS and the judge will determine whether or not Jonny’s untrained pet dog can be considered a service dog. The trial will go ahead on May 24, whether or not Jonny still has a lawyer. The other note of interest is that Judge Robert Hamilton seized the case for himself.

However, on April 2 the BC Provincial Court announced that after seven years as Regional Administrative Judge, Judge Hamilton was being replaced by a new judge. What the announcement did not say was whether or not, he was retiring or leaving the bench. After 7 years he is probably being transferred to oversee another jurisdiction. The question everyone is asking is if he will still oversee Jonny’s assault charge on May 24. We are confident that if the case is transferred to a new judge, that judge will be very well briefed. It’s also extremely unlikely that the Crown attorney going to let this one slide, especially after Jonny’s slanders against them and the Court.

For those interested, despite the Yaniv clan’s histrionics, Miriam got the same conditions as her sister, just a couple of weeks later. The quote of the day goes to the judge when Miriam’s defense lawyer tried arguing that Miriam has anxiety and the Judge responded that everyone who has to attend court does.

Jonny went home after court, furious over Judge Hamilton’s response to the possibility that he would file an application to have his dog in the courtroom in May ahead of the trial. The judge announced that should Jonny file such an application, it too would come before him. Jonny not only wrote out a BCHRT complaint against the Judge but also posted it on social media. That action has now confirmed for many that Jonny’s IQ must be in the single digits and he should be locked up with no internet access for his own protection.

However, it is unclear if he actually filed the complaint or was just posing. Unfortunately for Jonny, it is now on public record that he has threatened a sitting provincial judge. The final statement “You’re done. You’re done.” could be part of new criminal charge that could be laid against Jonny. It is doubtful that anything further will be done as you do not need a sledgehammer to flatten a cockroach.

One more dog related March item from the MeowMix tips inbox – Miriam has allegedly been telling people that she knows the dogs (Rexy and Walnut) aren’t service dogs, but no one can prove otherwise, and no one can do shit about it. Wonder what Judge Hamilton thinks.

Remember last November when Jonny was stopped by the police for distracted driving and threatened to take them to court because they were discriminating and harassing him? Because no charges were laid immediately, he began to preen on line that he had intimidated them into dropping the charges. Well actually, they hadn’t. It just took the police some time to actually swear and file it, which they did on March 10, 2022.

JY-Related Images – March 7-10, 2022

On March 12, Jonny’s local newspaper, the Surrey Now-Leader, published a very small article about a local mom being upset by a vibrator display in the local Chapters-Indigo store. The next day, of course, Jonny had to respond declaring that his new favourite store was Chapters-Indigo, not his favourite bookstore but just his favourite store, although he did complain that the Langley location no longer had computers, which he opined would make a good pairing.

Observers wondered if Chapters-Indigo realized that they were setting their store up to become Jonny’s next hunting ground for underage girls? Thankfully, the computers are gone so there can be no online tutorial led by Jonny at the bookstore but one has to wonder if he was planning to hold demonstrations in his car or strata once he got the children’s contact information.

On March 15, Jonny added to his list of diseases and conditions he now claims to suffer from when responding to an announcement that the BC Provincial Court was keeping its mask mandate. He was immediately challenged on being immune-compromised but Jonny being Jonny immediately doubled down on his claims. The only immune related medical illness he has that has been diagnosed by a BC Medical Board certified doctor, not Dr. Internet, is type II diabetes.

His new conditions, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are notoriously hard to prove, if at all, which is why they are favoured by insurance fraudsters. Nor were they listed in the medical history he provided for the Coastal Health Authority lawsuit. Maybe if Jonny actually followed the prescribed diabetic diet and exercised, he would not be fat and tired.

JY-Related Images – March 11-16, 2022

Also on March 15, Rebel Media deferred their dismissal request to May 20. Speculation is that if it is not to accommodate something in the personal life of the lawyer, or in response to Jonny’s pathetic attempt at an affidavit, it might be that they are running down some damning facts from Jonny’s past to raise in court if their application for dismissal is denied. Former neighbours of the Yaniv’s have started posting historical anecdotes online.

As expected, on March 16, The Residences at the Village Square voted almost unanimously (guess who the dissenting vote was) to approve a rule banning illicit recordings of strata meetings and passed a bylaw to allow the council to ban problematic people from the premises. Miriam tried to stop the vote and failed, and then had a meltdown. Jonny was seen leaving the property, despite release conditions from his most recent arrest preventing him from going within 100 meters of the building. The council has not yet applied the ban to Jonny but will, if and when the police ban expires.

It should also be noted that the illicit recording ban was in response to previous meetings where Miriam would sit with her phone set to Jonny’s number so that he could hear and record the meeting as well as guiding her participation.

March 22 saw Jonny take to Twitter to gloat over his so called victory over his strata at the Civil Resolution Tribunal and to claim that his victory set a precedent. As many on social media quickly pointed strata corporations in BC have been required for some time to do that. No precedent was set and in fact, Jonny was denied the rest of his claim. The adjudicator stated that he found the strata to be the successful party in the written judgement and seemed very disappointed that the Strata had not asked for costs.

The one point the Strata lost on was to provide Jonny with a list of owners. They opposed the release of the list over concern that Jonny would begin endangering the safety of all owners not just the ones that he had already threatened. Although they provided the email evidence, the adjudicator did not agree with their arguments. Jonny claims he wants the list because of his personal safety. We all know the real reason is to try to find Langley Resident and to weaponize the information to start suing people on a massive scale.

But if Twitter is to be believed, a group of owners are meeting to organize and fight back. According to our sources, strata owners are looking at about a $30/month increase in fees each, most of which is attributable to the need to hire legal counsel to defend against JY’s claims. On it’s face, this seems counterintuitive, as JY would be penalized as well, but there is apparently (I admit I didn’t look to verify this) legal precedent that would protect JY from cost increases if he is the successful party in the claims. What is even less clear is what happens if/when JY loses: will he have to bear the brunt of the strata’s legal defense bill?

On a related note, we know the residents are talking about him and sharing information. Several owners have shared information about JY harassing them in the lobby, or his untrained dog charging at their dogs. Complaints have been filed.

Jonny’s self-declared CRT victory gloating and posting lasted less than a day, when three new criminal charges were laid in relation to the February 25 incident at Miriam’s strata. These new charges could actually land him in jail this time, especially the the fire alarm one, which could see him sentenced to 2 years.

March ended with yet another loss for Jonny at the CRT, but this time he was ordered to pay some of the Provincial Health Authority’s expenses. The written judgement was filled with new damning information, such as Jonny having called for an ambulance 53 times in 21 months, as well as why and when his file was flagged to wait for police assistance. Jonny also tried to get the CRT to look at inadmissible evidence. If Jonny was a real lawyer that duplicitous behaviour would cause the BC Bar to start disciplinary hearings. It should certainly affect his fitness to be a legal clerk or paralegal.

Editor: LOL…you said “fitness” in relation to Jonny.

It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard reading a legal document, especially the section about Miriam writing her son a note about how upset he is with the ambulance service to give to the court. I encourage everyone to read it.

JY-Related Images – March 17-27, 2022

Jonny’s response to the judgement was to threaten to take the Provincial Health Authority to court or as he puts it, actual court, and to add the Langley RCMP to the action. But here is the thing, “If the person who filed the Notice of Objection does not have a better outcome in the BC Provincial Court than in the CRT’s decision, the Provincial court may order that party to pay a penalty to the other party.” So Jonny would move from just paying for the cost of the expert witness to also paying a penalty. He may finally learn that there is a cost of doubling down with a losing hand, despite his bluster and threats.

Also “The Provincial Court may order a party to pay a deposit for some or all of the amount of the CRT decision”. Jonny may have to pay the full amount as a deposit to carry on – something he may not be prepared to do considering all the times in the past he asked for court fees to be waived. He should just appeal it within the 28 days as instructed at the bottom of the written CRT ruling.

The last two paragraphs were courtesy of research by Langley Resident. It should be noted that Langley Resident was not the only one doing background research. Jonny’s abuse of BC’s legal and medical systems has so outraged people that they too, have started to do their own research and to share it. A tweet was posted pointing out civil judgements are also reported on credit files. So any non-payment, including the Donald Smith judgement will affect his credit worthiness.

The consequences extend beyond being unable to access credit, Many employers and landlords use credit information to review applicants/tenants. In other words, it might not just be Jonny’s toxic reputation that is preventing him from getting a job other than in a MLM scheme. Nor is his chronic unemployment caused by Rebel News. It might just be karma if Jonny’s refusal to pay Donald Francis Smith the court ordered $350 costs him a loan, increased credit limit or a job. Wonder if he will have to sell his condo when Rebel Media wins and asks for costs.

March 31 was Trans Day of Visibility. Guess who made a number of lists, and not the good lists either. Surprisingly and suspiciously, there were no virtue signaling social media posts from Jonny.

We expect April to be relatively quiet as Jonny prepares for May but we have been wrong before.

JY-Related Images – March 28-31, 2022

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