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Jessica Yaniv Simpson: March 2021 Wrap Up

March is a turning point in the calendar. It is the start of spring. People start thinking about new projects and new activities after hibernating all winter (perhaps, not so much this year with all the COVID restrictions). Everyone is happy with the warmer temperatures and longer days, smiling at each other behind their masks, hoping that March goes out like a lamb and life improves. Everyone that is except Jessica Yaniv Simpson, aka Jonathan Yaniv, and the rest of the Yaniv clan. It is business as usual for them – more vexatious lawsuits, more grievances, more 911 calls, more scams, more young girls added to TikTok.

Yaniv’s court month started on March 3 with an online court appearance follow-up to the February 19 case where Judge Smith ordered Jonny to produce the submissions that Judge Gaffer ordered him to produce in September as to why the court had jurisdiction to hear the case. The Court had already said that it did not.

Jonboy did not produce the documents and did not even bother to attend. The matter was rescheduled. However, despite giving Yaniv even more time to reconsider his decision to continue or produce the documentation, the Court did agree to hear Donald’s requests for costs.

Jonny’s next date with the BC Court system was on March 5 when he had a settlement conference with the Town of Langley over alleged mistreatment by RCMP support staff when he was arrested and had to spend 3 hours in jail. In his mind, not getting a juice box was the equivalent of being waterboarded. Although settlement conferences are supposed to be confidential, the world soon learned that Jonboy got told to “Fuck Off” through his angry social media posts threatening more lawsuits – some with typos, some without. All with some graphic reference (background colours, etc.) that to remind everyone that Yaniv is still pretending to be a transwoman.

March 5 really wasn’t a good legal day for Jonboy. He was forced to withdraw his lawsuit against Donald Smith and unlike his previous case withdrawals, this time the Judge took the extra step of issuing an order acknowledging Yaniv’s withdrawal and inviting Donald to apply for costs.

This is a huge message from the Court to Jonboy. One that he should have learned from as he also withdrew his lawsuit against Fraser Health and PHSA. Obviously, the lessons were not learned because Jonnyboy then tried to file some new prosecutions to make himself feel better. This time, instead of being processed as usual (and then eventually rejected) they were immediately placed on hold for review by a Judge. At this stage, anyone who had an IQ of 90 or above would stop and reassess their plans. But not our boy, as we shall see. He went on to launch even more lawsuits later in the month.

The following day, March 6, Jonboy had another encounter with Langley RCMP when he (or Miriam) called 911 because his pelvic gash was bleeding. Instead of just the EMT’s showing up and being forced to look at Jonboy’s pretend vagina once more, the RCMP preceded them, confirming that Yaniv has been flagged not only as a nuisance but also an aggressive (potentially dangerous with possible weapons) call. Congratulations Jonny, the RCMP now must come on all medical calls now wasting even more time and resources.

March 8 is a day that will live in Infamy in the Yaniverse. He actually posted pictures of his surgery malpractice result. No further comment or analysis is really needed. Just follow the links, if you dare. NSFW WARNING.

March 8 was also International Women’s Day and of course, Jonboy had to virtue tweet about it. But that tweet gave us some psychological insight into Jonny’s thought processes. We already knew that he wholeheartedly subscribed to self-identification, but he let slip his expectations of entitlements. He claims that he is entitled to receive any service that women receive. This is not the equality that he claims to be an activist for but rather equity, which, in other words, is special treatment and special privileges (think minority quotas). He wants a continuation of how he was treated as a child in school when the world had to be nice and support to him because he was intellectually challenged.

This might also explain part of his obsession with Donald Smith. It must be like looking into a mirror and seeing what could have been. Except Donald, for all his faults, is out in the world living his life as a citizen journalist and photographer. Yaniv, meanwhile, calls 911 daily while cowering in his condo.

Despite getting the Court to postpone the bulk of his legal cases because his surgery in January, Jonboy still seemed well enough to want to experiment with new sex toys and posted a “send me free stuff to review” retweet on March 9. No wonder his stink ditch is not healing.

March 11 saw Yaniv furiously tweeting about the Donald Smith action after the filing and publication of Judge Gaffer’s order the day before. As you can see by the butthurt tweet, Jonny has rationalized why he withdrew, and it has nothing to do with his own narcissistic incompetence or Judge Gaffer’s order. He then announced in capital letters to show how serious he was that he was filing a restraining order against Smith.

Unfortunately for Smith, it will not stop Yaniv from stalking him online trying to get Smith in trouble. Just another example of Yaniv being a sore loser. Remember all those girls who dumped him online and then he phoned in made up complaints about child neglect, animal abuse, etc. The past year the various RCMP detachments have been quite forth coming with the source of the false complaints. The Langley detachment may have just been the first out of the gate with Public Mischief charges.

The next day, Jonboy continued his vendetta against Smith by suggesting in a tweet that Donald was committing fraud and invited the Ministry of Poverty Reduction and Social Development to examine Smith’s financials. Considering Yaniv’s own history with fraudulent insurance and disability claims and various GoFundMe scams, this was a can of worms he may not want to open, especially with the CRA now examining CERB fraud. It may take years, but the Canadian tax agency is relentless.

On March 14, while Yaniv attempting to troll Chris Elston he inadvertently made himself look like a tech idiot. Despite being prohibited from communicating with or about Chris Elston, Yaniv thought he would “cleverly” make hot dog and mustard jokes, indirectly referring to the attack on Elston in Quebec. Nobody laughed, and most people only saw Yaniv looking like he didn’t know how to search for a business on Google. No wonder he has no tech clients.

March 16 saw Yaniv’s third “appearance” in court on the three charges laid in December from the incident with Chris Elston in October. Yaniv himself did not appear but was represented by an articling student to plead not guilty and request a trial date (tentatively scheduled for June 1). Yaniv faces one charge for uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm and two counts of public mischief. Many have been wondering why he just doesn’t plead out as these were all caught on tape. Is his life so devoid of anything meaningful that a trial gives something for Jonboy to look forward to? Yaniv will probably try the “I was justified as I feared for my life because of Elston’s transphobia” argument again.

On March 17, Yaniv failed to end their probation for the illegal weapons charges early. His application was opposed by the Crown – a first for Jonny. He was so used to bending the BC justice system to his will by claiming transphobia, it must have been a shock to be told NO. It may be the start of a legal trend.

Trying to cash in all the anti-hate demonstrations and media coverage (Yaniv could not join in the stop racism actions because of his very public history as a racist), Yaniv took to Facebook to claim that he was called a “Fucking Homo” at a local mall on the 19th. There were instantly posts of disbelief. He did not provide any proof from his body camera or cell phone, nor did he name the mall where the incident allegedly happened.

But that lie was quickly forgotten, with reports that he was at Vancouver General Hospital with yet more problems with his castration. Is anyone keeping track of much he has cost the BC Health System to date? Despite being on death’s door so to speak (if only), Yaniv found the strength to check his social media and to post. When he saw @LangleyResident tweeting about him, he immediately called security in a panic, threatening to sue the hospital.

But Jonny bounced back from the trauma of his Friday night date with the BC medical system by asking on a Facebook site, Vancouver Girls Ask, “If you are single – why do you think lesbian dating in Vancouver is challenging?” Unfortunately, for Yaniv he was eventually recognized. Then he tried to get free advice on yet another Facebook Group, Living in a Strata: British Columbia – Questions and Answers. He, of course, asked about being harassed by his strata because he was a transgender woman, not because he keeps breaking the Strata Bylaws.

The following day, while the RCMP were investigating a bomb threat at a local school, Jonboy complained that when he got a bomb threat the RCMP did “fuck all”. He was so obviously trying to insert himself into the story, hoping that one of the reporters covering the incident would contact him for details. But we did learn one thing from his ME, ME, too tantrum – last year, he called in 12 bomb threats. When you add that to the thousands of other calls, he has made to the local RCMP and Emergency Services…

March 23 saw Yaniv still stalking Donald Smith online, virtue posting about Red Arrow E-bus banning Smith for not complying with their mask policies. Red Arrow tweeted their appreciation with a “thank you” response but then quickly deleted their tweet when many pointed out that their passengers would have more to worry about from Yaniv especially young girls in their restrooms than Smith.

Until Red Arrow deleted their tweet, Yaniv must have been feeling pretty good about himself that Tuesday, especially since he had just refiled his lawsuit against the Township of Langley after getting his ass handed to him at the earlier settlement conference. Did he substantially update his claims? Nope, just added more people with what he hopes are deeper pockets AND he finally moved from threatening to sue his Strata to doing so. It looks like the main complaint is that his feelings are hurt because the Strata Management won’t stop @LangleyResident from tweeting mean things about him.

March 24 was the start of one of the strangest episodes in the Yaniv verse which triggered an unexpected consequence which is still reverberating online and in real life.

For whatever reason, Jonboy was parked outside a local middle school, although the school was on a break (is that what he does with his days, watching schoolgirls from his car?). He acts like he was triggered by the graffiti wall which asked that “only cans” (and not pens, markers, brushes, or other mediums) be used. He immediately turned into a complaint about child porn by linking it to the site, OnlyFans. He, of course, had to add that he had an account on the site. Considering how long it has been up with no hits, why bring it up? Hoping to get some hits before the site’s administrators bounce you Jonny?

While many people reacted on social media, notifying the school, parents, and each other about his presence, a local crime prevention group, quickly created a warning poster and began posting it not only in Langley, Walnut Grove, and Surrey but also Vancouver.

The poster also went viral online, especially amongst the local Facebook groups, many of which were not related to crime, Neighbourhood Watch, etc. MeowMix offered a downloadable version which was quickly grabbed by readers around the world. Many also offered suggestions for Version 2, such as adding his catfish picture, so that he would be recognized by the parents that check their daughters online accounts for predators.

What then became even more interesting is that people began sharing stories about Yaniv’s inappropriate public behaviour that they had witnessed at his health club, the mall(s), the grocery and drug stores, even just on the street. So many stories have been posted that there are rumours that the lawyers for some of the defendants that Yaniv is suing want to talk to people who have witnessed the behaviour. They probably would not be called into court to testify but they could provide real life evidentiary background to substantiate the online discussions. Yaniv, of course, responded by threatening even more lawsuits. But the story and the poster just keep spreading. It was even mentioned on the popular YouTube channel Trigger Warning.

March 28 saw an odd plagiarized (text from the Canadian Human Rights Commission) tweet. Most people responded as if Yaniv was trying to whitewash his past. But for those who follow Yaniv, we knew that something else he could use to get attention was about to drop. It is his pattern to virtue signal first and then post the meat. And sure enough, news about yet another attempted (we have our doubts that he even attempted it before calling 911) and failed suicide. But while he was attempting to either set up for yet another complaint or lawsuit against the RCMP, an individual who was also at the hospital at the same time and in proximity to Yaniv posted on FB what she saw and heard.

MeowMix reached out to her to get permission to post her experience. She agreed and provided even more details. She handled herself in a very difficult personal and medical situation with grace and dignity and we thank her for giving us even more insights into Yaniv’s very threatening and dangerous mind.

How did Jonny react? By posting a pseudo suicide note on his FB account and then when the online world nearly choked with laughter and gleefully pointed out all his lies, he quickly made the post for Friends Only. Of course, by that time it was too late. It had been archived, screenshot and shared.

On March 30, through a student of his counsel Andrew Coulthard, Yaniv confirmed that he wants to go to trial over the Bexte assault charges. Another hearing on April 22 will set the trial date which is expected to last one day.

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Yaniv celebrated alone with a flurry of virtue posts. We understand that no local group would welcome him to their Covid appropriate celebrations.

March had finally come to an end like a lamb with Yaniv still alive to sue another day.