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Dissecting the Madness: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Langley Emergency Services

It began on February 4, 2021, when Jessica Yaniv Simpson (middle name: Serenity) tweeted a letter received from the Township of Langley’s legal counsel. Yaniv tweeted this message and a copy of the letter.

jessica yaniv simpson

First off, who would post something like this?

Second, what kind of lewd conduct are they referring to? One can take a few guesses. Yaniv posted a 911 video from the tub asking for the FD, and then the FD sends a letter saying there were 30 calls for lift assistance. One generally doesn’t bathe in clothes, and Yaniv is a known pervert / exhibitionist. It seems probable to me that Yaniv was phoning the fire department for lifting services while nude and was probably not shy about showing off his (probably not) shiny new vagina.

His tweet supports this in my mind. Yaniv justifies his behaviour by saying it occurred in his own house, and speculates that they don’t like trans vaginas.

Note to Yaniv… I know your mother did a shitty job raising you but you can still be “inappropriate and lewd” in your own house. There’s a general societal norm that most people understand – when you invite people to your home, you will behave a certain way. You could have covered yourself up. You clearly didn’t because you imply that they saw your “trans vagina” and didn’t like it. How could they “not like it” if they didn’t see it?

Quick math…The lawyer says that there were over 30 calls since Jan 21 and Yaniv posted it Feb 4. Let’s assume the lawyer collected the data 1-2 days before sending the letter, and the letter took 1-2 days to go through the mail. It appears to be a scanned letter, not email, so I’m guessing registered mail or courier. That means the letter had to be written 2-4 days before Feb 4. It isn’t hard to tighten that timeline up to average almost 3 calls a day.

It all spiraled downhill from there and Yaniv seemed unable to regain control of the narrative.

When Twitter erupted in laughter about this letter, Yaniv turned to Facebook and changed his story details:

Now the story is that Yaniv was in the shower – not a bath – and was having a medical emergency – despite the ToL stating it was not a medical emergency. Yaniv adds that it was only called lewd and inappropriate because he’s trans, and then goes on to imply that the FD demanded he be dressed up formally in the shower in case there is a FIRE.

So many interesting points here. Calling 911 to be lifted out of a tub with a few inches of water isn’t the same as a fire. Covering with a towel and being modest isn’t the same as having your hair and makeup done. Showering isn’t the same as sitting in a bathtub. And it’s odd that this time he makes no mention of his trans vagina. Perhaps he realized that comment was “lewd and inappropriate”?

When called out on Facebook, Yaniv suddenly adds in that he was covered with a large towel, and that his car accident played a role in this. I’m curious why Yaniv would wonder if they liked his trans vagina if his trans vagina was covered up?

When more people started to question him, he got defensive, as he always does.

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So much madness here, and we already covered it in this article. It escalated from there.

In a desperate attempt to clear his name and look like a victim, Yaniv tweeted an accusation that three officers committed criminal offenses against him. Yaniv states he will personally file criminal charges against them.

jessica yaniv simpson

Over the next several hours he posts pictures of his damaged door lock and a video from his home security system showing the police forcing their way into his unit.

He shared the video on every platform – Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok – as if showing it to more people would build allies and make him more believable. It’s the same way liars tell their lie as many times as possible in an effort to garner sympathy and support. After all, the more people that know the lie, the truer it must be. Right?

My comments on this are pretty short. You can clearly tell that there is a pry bar or halligan bar being used to pressure the lock open. There is light showing at the top before the officer “kicks” the door down. Then you see the door swing open and the officers foot go down. Remember this part….

So the officer “kicked the door down” but you can actually see his boot print, barely two feet off the ground. In my mind, this proves there was a pry bar used and the officer just gave it a little tap with his boot for that little extra power to open it. That’s vastly different than ‘the police kicked my door down’, but Jonny does have a flair for the dramatic.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs ToL: Facebook Version

When the crowd still hadn’t turned in Yaniv’s favour, he posted this rant to Facebook.

SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. (petty and important ones!)

  • Why is Yaniv capitalizing SIMPSON but not MCWILLIAMS. I guess the female officers name isn’t important.
  • Yaniv says that at 5:20 am he told EHS that no ambulance was needed. Why was he even talking to emergency services?
  • He phoned 911 (emergency only) to report his mom was dizzy but said no ambulance was needed? Was it an emergency or not?
  • That same minute (wow!), emergency services arrived.
  • Yaniv states that there was no supervisor or FD staff present and the ambulance staff waited 25 minutes outside. They tried to call Miriam repeatedly.
  • How does Yaniv know this? Was he holding on to her phone or hovering over her controllingly?
  • Yaniv states his mom is unable to communicate over the phone but this isn’t true – Miriam has personally called my burner number before, plus she’s phoned Donald’s number and invited him to dinner. Not only that, we know for a fact that Miriam and Yaniv communicate by phone regularly.
  • Yaniv states he told EHS again that Miriam was fine. When the ambulance left, dispatch kept calling, and everyone said Miriam was fine.
  • Despite all that, Yaniv and Miriam started driving off to breakfast.
  • Suddenly the police start calling and Jonny does the responsible thing and pulls over to talk (ya right). He claims the police aren’t trying to reach him. Key difference…the police dispatch desk has no idea if Officer X in the field is trying to phone someone.
  • Suddenly alarms!
  • Yaniv looks at his camera and determines the police broke in without a warrant – over the camera.
  • Yaniv calls the police again and is told to go home. He finds paramedics and police on site but says they weren’t securing his unit.
  • Yaniv claims that RCMP stated “fire” broke down the door but his video proves police did. Looks to me like fire used their bar to pry it and police assisted. Regardless, it’s not relevant.
  • Yaniv then says that an illegal search warrant for weapons was executed. How does Yaniv know this? Because, he says, the police were “searching for Yaniv” in places where Yaniv couldn’t fit. He goes on to name a few places.
  • Yaniv goes on to state how much the damage is, but then takes a wild leap into crazytown. He states that this caused him “severe psychological injuries of stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD”. Come on Jon…
  • He states the officers committed an illegal search warrant with illegal acts of entry. That isn’t even the right terminology.
  • Blah blah and so on.

While police can and often do make mistakes, I am highly skeptical of Yaniv’s story. The Langley police and FD are well aware that Yaniv is a litigious monster and would take every step they can to cover their asses. I’m sure there was a long conversation outside the hall about breaking into his unit before they did it. Hell his name probably comes up in daily briefings – what to do in case the Langley Lump calls again.

I’m curious why Yaniv only released one video. He has multiple cameras in his house, and if the police were conducting an illegal search he would have this on video. I would even go as far as to say that if Yaniv had video evidence of police digging through drawers and cabinets and couch cushions that he might be in the right when he accuses the cops of illegally searching. I would actually agree with him! But where’s that proof? Why was only one video posted? If he has the smoking gun, he didn’t post it.

It’s also curious that Yaniv issued an apology to one of the three named officers.

Yaniv posted other comments that he thinks support his claim but really don’t. He’ll have so much to prove, and if I had to guess this will go to court. Yaniv’s statement is written in the same style he writes his lawsuits, and he’s already trying to play up the damages. Add in his grudge match with the Township and we’re in for some fun.

There’s more pics below, and some great quotes are buried in here. My favourite is Yaniv claiming he is not a criminal, despite having been charged with 6 criminal offenses (weapons x2, mischief x2, uttering threats, assault). It’s also funny that Miriam (or Yaniv in Miriam’s skinsuit) piped up randomly this weekend. Coincidence?

Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs ToL: MeowMix Editor Theory

These tweets expose a pretty big hole in Yaniv’s story. He claims he didn’t call 911, and leaves the door open that maybe Miriam did. He then states an ambulance showed up, then left. Not police. Suddenly the police were conducting a search without a warrant.

I guess Yaniv didn’t consider why an ambulance showed up and everyone was calling him for two hours before the police came. Not a very good surprise search if you ask me.

What do you guys think happened? There’s a few theories floating around. Here’s what I think could have happened.

I think Yaniv and Miriam had another one of their infamous fights. These have been known to result in violence in the past. There are allegations that Miriam and JY had a fist fight in a police station last year. I think Miriam may have called 911 because Yaniv had another angry explosion and she asked for help. When there were callbacks, Yaniv said everything was ok but Miriam couldn’t come to the phone because she was deaf.

Suddenly, they were off to go for breakfast. Did they suspect police were coming and they were getting away to look good? Or was Yaniv trying to hide Miriam for a couple hours until things calmed down? They disappeared from the unit despite the fact that Yaniv is still recovering from an invasive surgery.

Police arrived, and they had cause in their minds to force their way into the unit. Let’s forget Yaniv’s story and think about what would give police a good reason to break in. What if someone called them to report an emergency and was now unreachable? And now nobody is answering the door? And you know the person that lives there has a history of mental instability, anger issues, weapons possession, violent outbursts, and domestic violence. Seems like a pretty good reason to be suspicious to me.

Then Yaniv goes on an internet tirade trying to look like a victim, and Miriam’s dead twitter account suddenly lights up trying to look supportive. Remind anyone else of a dysfunctional, abusive relationship trying to look like everyone is ok and deflect attention onto others?

Combine this weekend’s drama (all of the above happened Feb 4-7th or so) with Yaniv’s personal grudge against the Township of Langley and the RCMP and you have a mess on your hands. Add in his perversions, his fantasies about being seen as a girl, and his desire to show off his new gear, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Tell me what you think happened in the comments below.

Yaniv says he’s not a criminal Check out the videos of him being violent and perverted on MeowTube!