jessica yaniv simpson streaming liveme

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Hides on LiveMe: MeowMix Has Been Recording

Yaniv thought he was hiding from us but we’ve been watching for some time now. LiveMe is a streaming app and Jessica Yaniv Simpson thought he had found somewhere to hide from MeowMix. He was wrong. In fact, several women had reported his presence there to us and we have some great stories coming!

Before that, MeowMix is happy to bring you nearly two full hours of live streams. We’ve listed the highlights for each stream so you can skip around to the good parts if you prefer.


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Jessica Yaniv Simpson – LiveMe Stream 1 – Nov 9, 2020

  • 0:00: Jonny starts streaming, sulking, and pouting. He is breathing like an asthmatic warthog. Is that a circa-2002 Viper car audio sweater with stains and spills down the front? And what is wrong with his hair? Did he put butter in it? Literally just button mashing (and pounding!), breathing, and a bit of mumbling for the next several minutes. He stares into the camera occasionally, desperate for attention. How does this idiot not know that everyone watching him is making fun of him? I’ve seen a lot of streams of Jonny and if I had to guess he was drunk for this
  • 4:32: Apparently his makeup needs attention. He’s snorting like a warthog again. I didn’t know putting on makeup was so strenuous. Also…neon green is not his colour. Annoying lip smacking follows. You can tell Jon is eyefucking himself. Classic AGP…he’s turned on by the idea of looking like a woman. Except he doesn’t look anything like a woman. He looks like the great unfuckable lagoon virgin.
  • 6:30: Seems like something isn’t going Jonny’s way. Keyboard mashing intensifies! Swearing! Deep thought! Why does this fat fingered sea cow hit his keyboard so hard?
  • 7:40: Something is triggering dear Jon. Around 7:43 he turns, and you can see his apartment behind him. It looks like an episode of Hoarders. This madness continues for several minutes. He’s trying to log in to something and it’s outsmarting him. He’s talking to himself, swearing at the screen, etc.
  • 11:50: “Who’s fucking phoning me? Oh my God.”  
  • 13:00: It seems like he’s using two separate computers. Why is this “tech nerd” not using one good quality computer with multiple monitors instead? I suppose there could be valid reasons, but it’s reminiscent of the fat IT guy from Jurassic Park. Nuh uh uh. Nuh uh uh. Nuh uh uh!
  • 15:13: Is that seriously a tacky white Christmas tree in the background?
  • 15:23: Camera flips to show his screen. You can see he receives some text messages on his computer. Text reads, “Looks like theres going to be a lot of post delivered in your block…tomorrow maybe. Don’t worry, don’t think a stamp was wasted on you.” Excellent trolling efforts. Followed by “U R A PEDO JONBOY. #Facts.
  • 15:42: A doctor phones him and he answers on speakerphone, while streaming. After a few seconds he mutes the audio.
  • 16:15: Video resumes on Jon and it’s just chins galore! That could be his Bond villain name, except even Peppa the Pig could defeat him.
  • 17:00: He claims someone is sending him death threats and bomb threats. No proof is shown, of course, because, as we saw with Chris Elston, Yaniv makes these up. Whining ensues. I just noticed he’s wearing his cow print top underneath the sweater.
  • 21:00: We’re 21 minutes in now and he’s just sat there sulking for almost all of it. I’m convinced you could grease wheel bearings with his hair.
  • 23:00: “I phoned 911. I told them I’m going to kill myself. They ended up hanging up on me. I can’t take any of this anymore.” MeowMix covered this story earlier. He also attacked the RCMP and claims to be suing them. I wonder why they aren’t friendly to him….
  • 24:15: “This person keeps phoning me. This person keeps phoning me. I’m just watching my phone, it just fucking keeps going off.” Interesting note…we hear all the notifications for his texts and other stuff but no ringing. Then he suddenly picks up a landline and says he’s phoning them from a different number. Phone rings and goes to voicemail. Jonny says, “The RCMP are investigating you, you little fucking piece of shit. So you wanna continue? You wanna continue? I have about 40 officers right now investigating your fucking ass so you better fucking stop or you’re going to be shot in the head you motherfucking piece of shit, not by me, by a police officer, so fuck off”.
  • Right Jon….The cops hate you. All of them. And nice afterthought on the “not by me…”. This is why they show up when you call for paramedics – because you’re a mess.
  • 26:00: Assorted whining about being “done”.
  • 27:15: “They’re trying to phone me.” He answers the phone and then says they hung up. Whining about changing his numbers starts. He says they keep calling him but there’s no ringing. There are lots of other notification sounds.
  • 28:30: He tells Alexa to turn off his lights and the room turns a creep green colour. He whines about people stalking him.
  • 29:20: His phone dings. “Oh dear God here we go again. I don’t know how much more I can deal with this fucking person.” Random thought occurred to me. He has several throwaway phone lines that he accesses via his computer. Several of his notifications and “calls” are preceded by rapid button clicking and keyboard mashing. Is it possible he’s texting himself to look like a victim?
  • 30:20:They’re threatening to mail out a whole bunch of like anti-trans newsletters and defamatory newsletters to all my neighbours in the building here under the police letterheads. They copied them so they’re pretending to be the cops. That’s the problem.” He does say “letterheadS”. “I know exactly who’s doing this but I think the person is giving a fake name and that’s why the cops can’t get him arrested, I think that’s what’s going on, I don’t know. It just sucks. They’re going to change their number again and keep doing this.”
  • 32:34: Meow Meow you’re absolutely beautiful”.
  • 32:40: “They threaten my mom too. It’s been going on for months now.” Jonny pulls out his panic button pendant. “I mean, what 33-year-old girl has a panic button that goes right to the cops?” Note…it doesn’t go right to the cops. It goes to a monitoring service that he pays for.
  • 33:50: He presses the button and says he’s just testing it. He wants to make sure the battery works. “Your personal mobile responder is powering off”. It appears he’s using a Numera branded device, likely a Libris or Libris 2. A very brief search shows that this service costs about $30/month and is intended for medical monitoring, not security.  He starts talking to his monitor, telling it, “No” over and over.
  • 35:10: After saying he’s going to test it, and mashing the buttons for nearly a minute and a half, the device does what it’s designed to do and calls the monitoring service. Jonny smirks and says “uh oh” as if that wasn’t what he was intending all along. He has done this is multiple other videos as well. It’s very obvious that he’s just showing off and trying to be funny, and this was not an accident. The device provides guidance to cancel the call but Jon ignores it, letting it ring until the monitoring service picks up. He lies and says “I’m just trying to power this off and I activated it, sorry”. The monitoring service asks his name, and he says Jessica. Clearly confused by his deep voice, they ask again and he says Jessica.
  • 36:10: K can everyone do me a favour and report this Richard Denton asshole because he’s the one doing all these little bomb threats and death threats and everything like that. Umm how the fuck did you find me on here you little fucking piece of shit cuz I’m gonna come over there and fucking end you, Richard. Actually you know what, I’m just gonna do this. Watch this. Manage, block. Ya you, you motherfucking little piece of shit, I’ll fucking go there and I’ll fucking end your fucking life. Asshole lives next door. Just saying.” Jonny keeps looking at the wall.
  • PS Jon…We’ve been watching you on LiveMe for a while now. We know you’re on it for hours every day. Not streaming. You spend hours a day watching girls on their cams. Pervert.
  • 37:05: “You will not believe the threats I get from this person. They’re consistent. This person has been stalking me since about 2018. I know they’re not ok but you know there’s always, believe me there’s a huge back story, and knowing them they’re probably recording this and going to post it online.”
  • 38:00: “These little assholes. I was going to put *distorted* into this app but it’s not doing what I want. Oh they sent me this sweater. It’s a car alarm company.” He tugs at his Viper sweater as if it’s nice and not stained down the front like he drooled his last meal out.
  • 38:40: “There’s some days when I just wish I had a Glock next to me. I really want a Beretta 92 FS. Last time I actually pulled out a weapon a live stream and then I got arrested so I’m very used to that. Well, it happened once, so…”
  • 40:10:I’m just going to check something because I can almost guarantee that they’re trolling me on another site right now. I’m thinking, I don’t, I’m thinking about it. I might. I think my neighbours watching me through that window. I think that’s how they know I’m on Live. Fucking creeper. I’m gonna close this actually. Actually let them spy on me, let them be a little fucking creep.”
  • 41:45: Sirens are in the background. Yaniv starts going on about how they aren’t for him. “Not this time.”
  • 42:20: Yaniv starts talking about his profile picture – the famous black and white catfish picture. “No, in the profile picture I have a blonde wig that I need to comb out and condition with like conditioner and shit on it. It’s really hard to maintain that wig. Really hard. My hair is getting long so it’s not the easiest to do”
  • 43:30: “Will this let me DJ?” A dance remix of t.A.T.u’s Not Gonna Get Us song starts. I have flashbacks of 2002. Yaniv starts bobbing his head. Is anyone else not at all surprised that Jonny picked this band, best known for a song that came out when the singers were 17/18 years old and the music video was highly controversial for it’s sexual nature?
  • 44:40: Talks about ordering Subway. This unemployed bum sits on his ass all day and does nothing but eats takeout and harasses people. At least I finally found something he contributes to society – supporting the restaurant industry.
  • 45:00:Anyways guys, I’m gonna be on later. Ok? Ya, I’m gonna be on later.” He then winks like your creepy uncle and waves like he’s trying to lure a preteen girl into his car. The video ends.

Now is a good time to mention that this article was jointly compiled by three different MeowMix editors from multiple different countries, completely independent of each other. Jon – you’ve accomplished your goal – international attention. Safe to say you are now internationally reviled.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson – LiveMe Stream 2 – Nov 9, 2020

  • 0:00: JY starts streaming porn clips as if by accident. Sure Jon the smirk & tongue action sure makes you look sorry.
  • 1:26: JY turns on the Do Not Disturb making it very apparent after all the phone calls in the day’s earlier broadcasts, that he cannot multitask.
  • 2:50: The tech expert has a new app that he is trying to get to work but spends almost ten minutes trying to get it to work, while talking to himself. Jon you should have just stopped broadcasting till you got your shit together. Watching you constantly screw up is excruciatingly boring except for:
  • 4:20: announcing that you want to DJ a bit – don’t you have to know what you are doing first?
  • 6:46: Bragging that he has 679 gigs of music he is trying to upload. Here’s the thing Jon in DJing it is quality not quantity. People have to want to listen to your selections. Also, nobody saves music anymore, you prehistoric “tech nerd”. That hasn’t been impressive since 2008.
  • 6:56: And what would any broadcast be without Jon’s casual racism – NO WORKEE in a bad Chinese accent.
  • 8:12: The tech genius finally gets the app to work and occasionally mumbles comments over the music while reading the various comments. Jon if you are going to be a DJ, enunciate. It is very hard to understand what you are trying to communicate over the really bad music.
  • 14:47: Asks for the name of someone’s broadcast. By the sudden change in body language & facial expressions, we can only assume that it is a teenage girl or someone who identifies as a lesbian.
  • 15:18: Real classy Jon to beg for stars.
  • 15:42: Jon responds to a message with “it is going to be really hard”. We assume it was an innocent question but Jon throws in a little tongue action. Can he ever not try to sexualize everything.
  • 16:39: Starts typing but then feels the need to smirk & add that he was kidding
  • 17:37: That Denton Dick joined the broadcast.
  • 17:52: That Denton Dick is blocked. The only person Jon has blocked. Wonder why?
  • 18:10 :That Denton Dick is back & following the broadcaster.
  • 19:05: Jon blocks That Denton Dick again and his whole demeanour changes. Turns off music & looks like he is struggling to come up with a witty, clever response. But Jon being Jon ends the broadcast in a hissy fit calling That Denton Dick a motherfucking pedo who needs to get shot Another day, another death threat.

LiveMe Stream – October 18, 2020

  • For the first few seconds, all we see is Jon posing and attempting to squish his chest fat into girlish boobs.
  • During those few seconds, Jon uses his best “girl voice”. Which is just Jon’s voice but what it would sound like if Muver squeezed a bit too hard during their special bonding times. He tries to sound flirty while greeting those who are joining the broadcast.
  • 0:30: Jon says “I’m going to try to get some, I’m going to try some head. (insert coy grin) That came out wrong!” He then says “I’m going to try Maddie again.” He raises his fat meaty fist, lowers his voice just a notch and says “Come on bitch, you better fucking answer me!”
  • 0:39: Squeaky voice is back and Jon squeals “MADDIE!
  • Enter stoner girl.
  • 1:03:  Less than 30 seconds into their exchange, and Jon has already started to play the victim by mentioning that he was in a car accident “on the 14th of September” and when Maddie asks if he’s alright, he puts on his familiar pity face and says “Not really
  • 1:45: Jon claims that he needs to put in his hours for broadcasting because “I’m under a contract with LiveMe” Is he though? Is he really? Doubtful.
  • 2:10: Jon says that 5 million LiveMe diamonds are worth $25,000. Maddie says whoa and Jon, defeat clear on his face says “Yeah, but can you get 5 million diamonds?” As of 9 November, 2020, Jon has less than 500 diamonds. Dream big, Chunky Drunky: dream big.
  • 2:50: Jon grabs his chest fat, shakes around and says “Titties titties, come on, show me your titties” as a way of explaining how not to earn diamonds. We agree, Jon. Never do that again. Ever.
  • 4:02: Jon’s top eye and bottom eye is in full effect. He keeps forgetting to do the head tilt to try and mask his lack of right and left eye.
  • 4:09: Maddie demonstrates her bedroom lighting’s features and Jon responds “Oh that’s sick.” No. Stop it Jon. No one says that anymore. You are not a teenage girl from the 90s. Stop it.
  • 5:16: Maddie takes a big hit from her bong. Jon says “That looks so good” in a whiney voice.
  • (transcriber note: each time Maddie takes a bong hit will not be noted as it is at least every 90 seconds)
  • 5:32: Maddie starts talking about how there is a need for the invention of a phone where you can reach into the screen and trade things with the person on the other side. Because they have foldable phones now, so why isn’t this available?
  • 5:47: Jon’s response to this is that it could go really bad, really fast. I’m sure he’s thinking about the screams of terror when he is revealed to be the Chunky Drunky he actually is when the receiver is expecting the pretty little thing in the profile picture.
  • 5:51: Maddie says “Just imagine you opening a snapchat from some creepy person and it’s just like a dick pointing out at you?!” and Jon turns away probably thinking “shit, have I sent her dick pics and don’t remember??
  • The next few minutes are filled with Maddie explaining why she hates living in Michigan and how people are bad drivers. This sets Jon up for his next move:
  • 9:37: Jon swings his camera around to show a video of his “severe and horrible” accident as seen from his rear dashcam.
  • 11:47: “But my new car is pretty dope though soooo”
  • MeowMix Editor Note: A Nissan Kicks is not dope. The only thing dope about it is the person that paid for it.
  • Jon. Stop trying to talk like a teenager. You’re failing. Teenagers do not talk like that anymore. You are making a total ass of yourself.
  • 11:54: “The only part that sucks is just the pain that I’m in. Waiting to see what happens. Probably surgery.” Makes the face where he presses his lips together and nods his head. BITCH! No one believes you. Shut. The. Fuck. UP.
  • During this, Maddie is continuing to take hits, and gaze around her room, clearly uncomfortable with this conversation and frankly, giving zero fucks what Jon has to say. We feel you, Maddie.
  • 13:40: Jon says he wants to make a trip to the States, but whines that until the borders are open it’s not going to happen. News Flash Tubby! Even after the boarders are opened you will NOT be allowed in the states. You have a criminal background that involves weapons charges.
  • 13:50: They engage in a conversation about masks and the coronavirus. Maddie has some interesting takes on it and Jon has a brief moment where he looks at her like “WTF are you talking about?? This is serious shit!” but he covers up quickly so not to risk any damage to his potential new BFF status. This is why you shouldn’t be friends with a CHILD Jon.
  • 15:08: The conversation has not centered on Jon and his imagined medical issues so he has to say in response to Maddie talking about people losing feeling in various body parts due to Covid, “Losing feeling in my hip would be great right now, I’d love it!” and Maddie giggles nervously.
  • Jon. Why bother trying to be friends with children who have ZERO interest in your medical issues, aches and pains? Be friends with old people. They LOVE that fucking stuff!
  • 17:41: Jon mentions that one of them might have been on LiveMe’s “featured” page because their views spiked up. Trust me Jon, if you were, they were not there to show you love. They were wondering why the cute girl was talking to Sloth.
  • 18:33 :Jon tells Maddie that she should be contracted and “I’m going to put you in touch with somebody” and gives a lewd wink.
  • Now first of all, you don’t have that much power Jon and we all know it. Second, and most importantly, sounds like you’re setting Maddie up for incoming fake contact. You would shock no one if you pretended to be someone from LiveMe asking for personal information about Maddie. You fucking creep.
  • 18:55: Jon says (talking about LiveMe) “They asked me ‘what’s your talent?’ and I’m like ‘makeup” and the look on Maddie’s face screams “am I being punked?”
  • 20:04: Weird river of tears filter suddenly on Jon’s face.
  • 20:34: Maddie explains how LiveMe restricted her broadcast because she was dressed inappropriately.
  • 21:20: Jon launches into a racist tirade about people who don’t speak English on LiveMe. He mocks their accent and acts like a stupid cunt. Maddie nods in agreement and shares her experience with naked people on LiveMe who don’t or barely speak English. Jon looks VERY interested that he has found a young, cute teenage girl who might just share his hatred of non-English speaking people.
  • 25:00 :Jon spews one of his favourite lines! “What I’ll say is this:” and of course it’s about how he thinks that 16 year olds should be able to do whatever they want.
  • 25:56 :Jon aims his camera down to his crotch and mimes jerking off.
  • 26:32: For the briefest of moments, it seems like Jon might try to be the responsible adult and asks Maddie “what are you…are you like smoking a whole bowl?” but no, he just wants to know how much weed he would need to ply her with to incapacitate her. (This is just the transcribers opinion. But I’m probably right)
  • 28:05: Jon-“I have 542 people watching me right now, that’s pretty damned good!”
  • No Jon. No you didn’t. LiveMe’s viewer count isn’t a live count. That number is how many times that broadcast has been viewed. There’s a reason they do that. It’s basically a way for LiveMe to protect your feelings so you don’t see your count go down, only up.
  • Now you see Jon, if you weren’t such a relentless fucking twat, a certain experienced streamer could have given you pointers on how to have a successful broadcast. But noooooooooooooooo. Free advice though: stop leaning in to the camera. It is SO unflattering.
  • 31:15: Jon starts to realize that a future with Maddie is not something he can afford. This girl claims to have spent enough on weed to buy a house, a car and furniture. I doubt Muver will fund that Jon. Better luck next time!
  • 32:00: Jon admits he’s not young but wishes he was.
  • 32:12: Jon gets a devious look on his face and asks Maddie, “How far ARE you from Detroit?” Planning another surprise road trip there Numpty? Remember how well the last one turned out! But hey! Maybe Maddie and Sara take the same ring size!
  • 33:00: Maddie launches into a story about being in Detroit. The look of disconnect on Jon’s face is a riot. I can almost hear him thinking “Stop talking about big cities and weed and talk to me about your period and your unfulfilled lesbian fantasies!”
  • 35:12: Jon tells the story of the stun gun.
  • 35:50: Maddie proves she’s not focused on Jon at all and says “I have a funny story…” and Jon’s face glazes over once he realizes that the story is not about tampons, pads or periods at ALL! You got some nerve, Maddie! Turns out the story is about a creepy old man who whispers some strange stuff in Maddies ear while in line at McDonald’s. Jon looks embarrassed for a moment. Could this be the first time he’s heard that that is not cute or sexy?!
  • 37:18: Maddie says “I was like, 14, you know?” and Jon gets a pervy twinkle in his bottom eye and leers as he says “yeah. yeah.” with a wistful nod of his potatoey head.
  • 38:25 :Jon suggests to Maddie she needs to have a panic button on her. Because you know, she lives in a dangerous area. Maddie says she has an app that she uses because she has asthma.
  • 39:20: Jon makes a claim that he’s been at “work” doing promo’s and modeling events (LOL!!!) and has been seen talking to his “boobs”. What we then notice is that we can hear his Medical Alert fob talking. He has made a “test call” while live streaming. And he gives NO FUCKS that he is wasting resources. IN FACT:
  • 40:20: Jon covers his mouth while laughing and says “they don’t like when I do dat!” While Maddie, is just staring at him as if to say “you fucking creepy loser”
  • 41:00: Maddie tells a short story of how her friend accidentally summoned police using the app mentioned above. They scolded her for wasting resources and Jon shrugs as if to say “fuck everyone but me.” You’re right Jon. We would fuck everyone. Except for you. #UnFuckable
  • The remaining time is Jon whining that he’s tired and Maddie looking bored with him.