Jessica Yaniv Simpson Legal Update: Township of Langley

Catchup: Jessica Yaniv Simpson sued the Township of Langley staff for being mean, more or less. They got tired of his incessant phone calls and he sued them. On Sept 16, Yaniv filed an application for an order from a judge to compel the ToL to be nice. On Sept 17, Yaniv filed a default order application – despite the fact that it’s far too early to do so and Yaniv has no ground to stand on to request this.

The entire case is a joke to begin with. He’s seeking an injunction, which the BC HRT can provide, or BCSC, but the BC Provincial Court cannot. The entire file is junk.

His request for the court to grant him a default order is even more ridiculous. Not only does Yaniv have no case, there is no cause of action, and it’s an unreadable mess, Court rules give the ToL 14 days to reply and the registrar has 21 days to serve that to JY. before he can request a default order. Even if he is within the time frame, a default order is not a carte blanche to extort people like Yaniv thinks. The default order can only be granted if the ToL doesn’t dispute it, which they will, of course.

So what’s he thinking? Like usual, he isn’t.

This doc, and several others, have been added to the MeowMix library.

jessica yaniv simpson

Quick Note…We’re following the JY vs Donald Smith case very closely and things are happening faster than we can get them posted. We’ve added numerous documents to the library for you to review, and we will post a detailed summary when time allows.

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