Jessica Yaniv Simpson Stalking MLA at the Kiddie Pool and Other Quick News Bits

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s social media presence, or perhaps their entire life, continues to crumble. Just two years ago, Yaniv thought he was the ruler of Twitter. Today? His account is all but dead. His Instagram is virtually dead. He posts more on Facebook where it’s easier to control but it always gets out. Even his LinkedIn presence has been toast for the last two months. Isn’t it great?

Quick order of business. People have been asking where LangleyResident and Abby are. It isn’t our place to give away personal info, but Yaniv didn’t get to them or shut them down. They’re both safe. They’re both tied up with real life – good things, not bad things. Still, you can rest assured that JY is still being watched. The halls of Hawthorne are always watched. The Residences at Village Square are always monitored. So is his dog.

That doesn’t mean he’s not still lurking and being a complete fucking creep. Here’s a quick rundown of his latest weird shit.

Of course, he accuses DFS of being his stalker. Meanwhile, DFS is out in Toronto living his best life and working at an actual job. Say what you will about DFS but from where I sit it looks like JY is the stalker. Not DFS. Side note…JY has not yet paid the $350.

jessica yaniv simpson

Another attempt to be relevant and seen as useful? It would be more useful if the BC Court insisted that JY wear a plastic bag over his head.

Moving on to LinkedIn, he’s been dead there, but I had a quick read through his bio and it’s hilarious! Better yet, it’s copy pasted from sources all over the internet.

Take any sentence from that bio, place it in quotes, and Google it. It’s all there. Profiles from other marketers that I won’t name have virtually identical text. JY just took a sentence from several and combined it into one nonsensical bio. Here’s two quick examples of similar bios. Says a lot about your marketing expertise when you can’t even sell yourself with any originality.

Moving on, Jon the pervert expressing his disappointment in OnlyFans changing their policies. Lucky for Jon – and the thousands of women that have benefited from OnlyFans – OnlyFans has reversed their decision.

This past weekend, Fat Jon was whining that he couldn’t manage his diabetes via ice cream from McDonalds. A shitty smut author weighed in, which of course resulted in JY’s underwear staining themselves.

Personally, I love and support Jon’s decisions for managing his diabetes. I hope he continues. More ice cream, cake, pie, whatever it takes Jon. Chow down fatty.

Next up, Jon and his newfound love for NDP MLA Megan Dykeman. JY starts by saying she’s achieved so much (like what?) and then goes on to whine about BC covering his perversion surgeries.

Is it just a coincidence that the post he shared of hers is adjacent to a kiddie pool / spray park facility and he’s saying he’ll show up? Maybe he’s hoping for more topless 12 year old girls? How mad would you be if you took your kids to a spray park and saw a known pedophile walking by? But suuuure, he’s just there for the MLA event. Right.

Remember, this is the guy that celebrated when teens were not entitled to bodily privacy. This is the guy that wanted to host topless pool parties with 12 year olds. This is the guy that asked a teen girl and her 9 year old sister to help him masturbate. Now he’s going to swing by a children’s spray park.

Jon, nobody wants you to visit ANYWHERE. People would rather catch COVID than see you. One day you’ll learn.

Moving on….file this under Things That Will Never Happen to Jon.

…and this under “Things That Will Never Fit Jon”.

Of course, the only reason Jon is interested in that store is because it’s filled with teen girls.

Moving back to stalker matters, it looks like Jon is still upset that Jay Cameron kicked his ass at the BCHRT.

Rebel News has finally decided to discuss the lawsuit filed against them by JY. They only posted news about it this week, despite the fact that the lawsuit was filed in April and their own lawyer responded to it weeks ago. What was the delay for? Fundraising? Curious timing indeed. MeowMix broke this story in April.

Jon’s bitterness at RCMP officer Gafka continues. Gafka is the one that they allege sexually assaulted Miriam and Ilana. They filed a lawsuit in BC Supreme Court but it likely won’t be heard ever, let alone any time soon. Notably, Miriam Yaniv and Jon doxxed Gafka, posted a picture of his wife, and threatened to cut his balls off. So there’s that. Nice family.

And last, because this isn’t cringey at all Jon, a screenshot of Jon thinking that this is what a real law student would want – a shower curtain. What a loser.

This “future lawyer” has flunked every case.

Side note, filed under “Pedo-Adjacent Persons”, Morgane Oger, supporter of JY, is enjoying a Twitter lockdown right now. It’s unknown if it’s 24 hours or a week but we’ll know soon. This is what happens when you dox people. Morgane Oger sits in their big chair and looks down on everyone. They attack people’s jobs, like Amy Hamm. Now they’ve threatened another woman on Twitter. I wonder how Morgane would feel if their employer, Best Buy, knew that Morgane was using tech resources to abuse and dox people. I wonder how much access Morgane has to private data at Best Buy? Would Best Buy support employing a person with access to private data and a history of doxxing people? These aren’t just rumours either. Morgane’s tweet was found to be in violation of Twitter’s TOS. It’s confirmed fact – Morgane broke the rules to expose someone’s personal data to push their personal hate-fueled agenda. What makes you think they wouldn’t do it again?

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