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Jessica Yaniv Simpson June 2021 WrapUp

What a month for Jessica Yaniv Simpson! Lost body parts. Lonely birthday. Court dates. New Puppy. Heat Dome. Moved in with Mom and Aunt. Became a self-proclaimed Public Servant and Legal Advocate.

The Escape Swimwear debacle continued into June with Jonny threatening to first physically hurt and then financially ruin a young woman. But, as he still hasn’t learned (the problem of being a slow learner), his threats against young women no longer work since his exposure online and in court. She refused to be intimidated, pointing out that him threatening her could get charges laid against him (just like when he threatened Chris Elston).

Once the online exchange ended, she did what many others have started doing after dealing with Yaniv, she turned all the material over MeowMix. This serves two purposes – it immediately gives a safe third party the documentation and prevents Jonny from doing the he-said/she-said thing, claiming it was created to make him look bad or that it was just a social experiment. As they say, sunlight (exposure) is the best disinfectant.

  • jessica yaniv simpson
  • jessica yaniv simpson

June 2 saw Jonny virtue posting on the local Langley newspaper calling Langley RCMP liars, in that he had been reporting transphobic stickers in an effort to become part of the story about a local trans teen feeling unsafe because of them. Yaniv was immediately called out as a liar on social media. As one tweet pointed out, if he had indeed been reporting them to the Langley RCMP, he would have been virtue posting on both Twitter and Instagram. There were no posts.

What he did repost on his Facebook account was a post from a residential school survivor again trying to virtue signal to the outrage of social media who are very aware of his claiming to be First Nations to jump the COVID vaccine queue.

June 2 was also the confirmation of the trial dates of November 1 and 2, 2021 for the criminal charges arising out of Yaniv’s encounter with Chris Elston.

On June 3, Yaniv filed an application not only demanding that Donald Smith’s application be postponed for 2 – 3 months so that he could get counsel to fight DFS over the judge ordered costs but also that it be heard in front of Judge Hamilton before the scheduled costs hearing on June 7. What is of note on the application is the mention of needing to get a service dog because of the PTSD, depression and anxiety caused by DFS. This is important because this is the first time he has officially said that he is getting a service dog and then tried to leverage it to manipulate the court. It is also important because all those conditions he is blaming on Smith he talked about at the BCHRT hearings, claiming that the esthetician’s refusal to provide gender affirming care were the cause of his psychological problems.

June 7 saw DFS awarded $350 for costs, Yaniv committing another dangerous driving offence while storming away from the courthouse after waiting around to try to serve Rebel Media with his $3 million lawsuit (Everyone stop laughing). Dumb Ass, just pay to have it served, or would that rob you of being the center of attention in what you hoped would become a media circus?

How did Jonny react to Smith’s victory? As expected, not well. He went home and posted a 24-year-old magazine cover story of Kari Simpson from British Columbia Report calling her The Most Dangerous Woman in BC on his social media. He had tried to quote this story as part of his defense in court. He did not persuade the judge as to its relevance to the case. What he did not understand (not surprising given his IQ and reading comprehension levels) is that it was a complimentary article. This piece of “evidence” not only fell on deaf ears but annoyed the judge as he kept circling back to it.

It was reported that during the breaks in the hearing, Jonny and Miriam were having heated discussions in Hebrew and that he was yelling at her to go home. She retreated to the Women’s restroom in tears. Still angry and lashing out he tweeted “Bye Bitch, you’re done” and included a screen shot of a supposed BCHRT complaint. Twitter laughed at him. But he did finally get to call Kari a bitch without a Sheriff threatening to eject him from court. Remind anyone of his cowardly behaviour with Chris Elston?

The next day, in a failed effort to illustrate that he was not going to pay Donald Smith Jonny posted pictures of his new Pride hair dye job. He apparently also shaved at least one chin off his profile picture showing off his new coiffure. Of course, the MeowMix kids caught the faux profile as did many others. Questions began to be asked about how the BC Courts can waive his various filing fees due to poverty when he can spend $350 on his hair. Then showing true narcissistic tone deafness to how the BC Court system now views him, he thanked the Judge for awarding DFS what DFS was legally entitled to rather than what he was asking. In other words, he thanked them for doing their job as if they were granting him special treatment because of his trans activism and now suddenly being disabled. Jon also tweeted that he in fact had “won” because Judge Hamilton did not award DFS the $30k asked for in the claim, I don’t think I need to point out just how pathetic that is.

Then with his new hair and Miriam in tow, he went to get his second COVID shot, still posting about beating DFS. He also posted a DFS hate sticker on the COVID ‘thank you‘ wall. He really has no concept of how sad and small those actions make him look to the world he is trying to impress. It was like he thought that if repeated that he won and Donald lost long enough times and in enough forums, he could make it true. But what was interesting in the celebratory COVID shot was the fact that Miriam was wearing dark glasses indoors again, raising questions about abuse. Maybe the yelling escalated to fists when they got home from court.

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June 8 did not turn out to be the triumphant day that Jonny was trying to present on all his social media. It looks like he lost it, then turned to his usual feel better behaviour, he declared that he was going to sue Twitter. This occurred shortly after MeowMix posted about his new marketing company, Peanut Marketing and how he had been using it to spy on Twitter accounts that the TrustedNerd account has blocked.

June 10 saw Langley Resident bring some insight into Yaniv’s financial situation by posting about the new lawyer JY had hired for his ICBC lawsuit. The previous one probably told him the truth that his injuries were minor and not life changing and he was not going to get the big payout he was counting on. His new lawyer is well known for lending against future settlements at payday loan interest rates.

Yaniv will see very little, if anything. It also explains Jonny’s standard of living has not dropped despite being unemployed, the COVID benefit disappearing, and no go away lawsuit money coming in.

Yaniv filed an application to move his lawsuit against his Strata from Surrey to the Abbotsford Courthouse on June 11. Our June 11 article, Strata Update provides an excellent background and analysis.

On June 12 Jonathan Gill Yaniv celebrated another birthday by himself. No party, no well wishes, no friends. Same old, same old. We assume Miriam got him a cake. Or maybe not.

Our birthday gift to Jonny was to publish leaked sexual chat logs with yet another 16-year-old that he knew was 16! Obviously we recommended that she take them to the police. The chat logs also showed that in addition to Indo-Canadians, JY does not like any brown skinned Canadians.

June 14 was like an episode of the Gong Show playing out at the Surrey Courthouse where Miriam and her legal advocate and public servant, Jessica Yaniv were to attend a scheduled virtual hearing regarding Miriam’s (Jonny’s) lawsuit against her strata. But instead, they showed up, much to the displeasure of the judge, who apparently tore Jonny a new one (it might be more attractive than the medically created hole) for not following procedure. So, Jonny and Miriam had to find a room at the courthouse and PHONE it in.

There was speculation that Jonny thought he could do an end run around the Strata’s lawyer by being there in person. Instead, the Strata’s lawyer (which is the same one for Yaniv’s strata) handed Jonny his ass, figuratively speaking, by asking that he be removed from the file for a number of reasons, such as pretending to be a lawyer while also being a witness and for improperly scheduling a hearing for an application which had only been filed five days before (court rules say it must be seven).

June 16, MeowMix published proof that Jonny has been stalking underage girls on TikTok by impersonating Donald Francis Smith, but he did put the word parody in the bio to try to protect himself if he was caught. He was, and has now moved on creating new accounts. We will find them again.

June 18 may prove to be the day that may well be the day that started the bankruptcy of the Yaniv Clan. Miriam’s strata responded to her lawsuit and as expected, it was piss off. What makes this filing particularly noteworthy, is that the Strata is not only asking for the application to be dismissed WITH COSTS, but should Miriam proceed to trial, the defense is asking for COSTS plus 10%.

In the past, whenever it became clear that Jonny could not win or the defendants were not willing to pay ‘go away money’, he would drop the charges, leaving the defendants stuck with the legal bills. It is legal blackmail, pure and simple, and an abuse of the judiciary. Hence his threat to the young women at the beginning of the month, that he would sue her and ruin her financially – the costs of just getting to court would be onerous for such a young person. We are sure that Yaniv’s other lawsuit victims will be watching this case with interest as it may set a precedent in how they proceed and what they ask for especially if they ask for damages. If all the lawsuits are totaled up, the Yaniv clan will owe more than their assets. They could be homeless by the end of the year.

Although the Strata’s lawyers did not have to address Jonny’s legal incompetence and ask for him to be removed from representing Miriam, they did. The discussion around the table here was, why waste the time and allow Miriam to get a real lawyer. The consensus was that it was a strategic trap. It was and Jonny dived headfirst into it by filing an amended application on June 21.

Now he is a co-plaintiff who rents a portion of Miriam’s condo as office space. Not only has Miriam now probably violated the Strata’s bylaws about renting space to a third party for commercial use (subjecting herself to punitive fines) but it raises all kind of interesting questions about what he has previously declared to the court, Canada Revenue Agency, and various BC Income support programs he has been taking advantage of about his income and expenses as well as his ability to work.

Because the Crown Prosecutor for the Keean Bexte assault case was unavailable on the 21st, it was adjourned until the 22nd where Yaniv’s application to adjourn the trial was granted. A conference to set a trial date was set for June 25 where the new date was set for August 18 and 19 to allow him to get a “service dog” and train it.

What is interesting is that it usually takes more than a year to properly train and certify a service dog, yet the judge gave him less than 2 months. Was Yaniv hoping to delay the trail for over a year? It appears that Yaniv has gotten an untrained dog and plans on training it himself. It can be an emotional support animal but not a service dog as outlined in the BC Government website re: The Guide Dog and Service Dog Act. His claims about needing such an animal are very suspect. What is not suspect, is how he will use it in the future to launch lawsuits against various businesses that will not accommodate his demands. Since the trans thing was no longer working for him, it appears it was time to up his game by claiming to be disabled.

In an update of the BC CSO (court services online) on June 23, our legal beagles found an interesting little addition to JY’s long, long list of court actions. It is a traffic ticket issued in Coquitlam in March (COVID lockdown aside, what was he doing there on that day?) Normally, traffic tickets are not all that interesting and do not make it the CSO unless they are contested. Yaniv probably filed a not guilty plea (not a big deal – some of us have fought a traffic ticket) except why this one? Claiming indigent status to avoid paying the fine, perhaps? But it did raise the question of how many other traffic tickets he has received especially since we have all seen how bad a driver he is. Wonder if ICBC is also reviewing his Drivers Abstract as part of their due diligence in his lawsuit against them.

June 24 MeowMix received a tip that Yaniv was essentially living full time at Miriam’s 55+ plus condo with a new Labrador puppy. The apartment is tiny (590 sq ft) and already has two adults and another dog living there so he has been sleeping on the balcony. Why is he hiding out at Miriam’s? Afraid of being served legal documents? Afraid of continued surveillance by Langley Resident and other friends of MeowMix? Or, has Miriam been delegated to walk and clean up after the new puppy?

Also on the 24th, Yaniv posted a sexist and misogynistic tweet about a local female RCMP constable. The push back online was ferocious and just cemented Yaniv’s hypocrisy of claiming to be a human rights advocate. What did the constable do to make him angry? Probably just her job, without fear or favour, not giving him any special treatment especially if he started mouthing off about suing the RCMP.

June is Pride Month and at least this year, Jonny did not publish a number of hypocritical and just plain cringey SM I am a supporter of Pride (we have all seen the evidence of how homophobic he is) and a global transactivist social media posts. Except for his hair, he kept a low profile further supporting that rumour that he has been told that he will not be welcome at any Pride events and continues to be shunned by the local community which is probably why he has been haunting various teen trans sites trying to make friends.

June ended with the Ari leaks to both KiwiFarms and MeowMix. It looks like Jon got catfished again. Full coverage is on both sites – KiwiFarms for the audio and MeowMix for transcripts and analysis. There is so much material, we will be writing about this in July, especially the hunt for Jonny’s missing clitoris. Recapping that here would just ruin the experience for you, Dear Reader. Discover the mystery for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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