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Jessica Yaniv Simpson July 2022 Wrap-Up

Ah, July. The first real month of summer. Long, lazy sunny days filled with fun and friends, unless you’re Jessica Yaniv Simpson. But never fear, despite reducing their public online presence, Jessica Serenity Simpson was not idle. No new criminal charges this month, although JY wasn’t exactly well behaved. In fact, while they’re claiming to be a student at Simon Fraser University, the truth is they’ve made it their new hunting grounds.

Jonny started July by discovering the Simon Fraser University New Undergraduate Facebook page and immediately began posting and posting and posting and posting. He joined, announcing that he really looked forward to making a bunch of new (if the truth be told, any) friends at such a chill university.

He then began acting like a demented Walmart greeter on the site. Whenever anyone joined, he welcomed them to SFU. Remember that Jonny has no official status with either the university or the various student organizations but by welcoming everyone who joined, he made himself look like he did. He encouraged side conversations on other related undergraduate groups that he had joined and was quick to follow all the Instagram accounts any young women posted in the replies. That lasted about a day before he started screaming online for a moderator.

Numerous students and alumni who knew Jonny’s history started writing the students he was trying to privately DM and posted his history in response to every post he put up. Many of the replies were deleted and from then on, any replies to the page had to be approved by the moderator. But it was too late. Word was out, despite Jonny following the same pattern he had at UFV.

He harasses and threatens the student moderators and advisors until the warnings about his violence and racism are removed. But one of the more interesting things that started happening was the growing involvement of SFU alumni. They were concerned that Jonny had been admitted to the Criminal Law Program under false pretenses. Did he answer yes to “Are you on parole, have weapons restrictions, have a record, are facing more criminal charges?” However, despite his preening online he probably wasn’t admitted to the program and is just taking various courses as a special needs student.

Jonny had court on July 4 for the assault and fire alarm pull charges at Miriam’s condo as well as the RCMP criminal libel charge. As expected, it was delayed until August 15. What was somewhat unexpected (although our legal beagles said it was just a matter of time) was the parting of ways with his lawyer, Patrick Johnston. Remember, Jonny had managed to delay the Keean Bexte trial until he could get Johnston, whose praises he sang, in court. The feeling was obviously not mutual. Just to recap, Jonny has now gone through five lawyers since his first criminal charge – Andrew Coulthard, Mo Vayeghan, Sarah Grewal, J. Hung, and Johnston.

The following week Jonny engaged in a WhatsApp private side conversation with a young student from SFU, coyly suggesting that he was a famous trans activist who had been extensively covered by American media for his activism and bragging about his blue check mark on Facebook. He did not seem to realize that being infamous for the BCHRT “wax my balls” hearings and demanding an appointment with a gynecologist does not make one a celebrity. It makes one the global punchline in endless memes. Three years later and he still shows up in a Google search as everything wrong with extremist trans community, even with a name change.

Jonny learned from that experience and is now asking for young, female students to email him at his university email [email protected] to continue private conversations. Considering his history, that should raise warning flags with the university’s administration and his parole officer and the Langley RCMP. In fact, despite his probation conditions to not have anything to do with Chris Elston, he posted Billboard Chris’ Twitter handle in the WhatsApp chat, encouraging people to harass him – a clear violation of the probation conditions. Only Elston can comment on whether he has contacted RCMP about it.

On July 12, all hell broke loose with the publication of the BC Supreme Court ruling in the lawsuit that Jonny had launched against Rebel News Network. The 27-page indictment of Jonny’s credibility, abuse of the legal system, racism and predatory behaviour was so damning that even mainstream media around the world picked it up. Jonny may very well have made case law and if he ever does get into law school could be studying himself.

The following few days saw Jonny trying to change the conversation by filling his Facebook page with virtue posts and spamming the various SFU Facebook pages with questions about courses – majors and minors. The constant reply to book an appointment with an academic advisor allowed Jonny to do a bit of trolling but really didn’t stop people from reposting choice bits from the judgement all over social media.

Jonny decided it was time to step up his game on July 18 by posting that he wanted to set up a student club for Sexualized Violence Prevention and was looking for a co-captain. Not surprisingly that post received zero likes or replies. The Twitter response was not surprising given his history, especially the number of young girls under 16 that he followed on TikTok before being banned.

Jonny was so busy during the rest of July being helpful to other first year students, talking about how many majors and minors he can handle, just acting like how he imagined a popular student leader would act that he seems to have overlooked that his ownership of prized twitter handle @trustednerd was about to lapse on the 29th. Oops.

MeowMix posted some conversations between JY and his SFU prey in this article.

Losing TrustedNerd on Twitter caused him to also change his Instagram and LinkedIn to jess_s_simpson. Don’t worry though, @trustednerd has been snapped up by the MeowMix team. Unlike his updated LinkedIn bio, which now coyly mentions a private company rather than naming TrustedNerd.Com, his Instagram bio has been reduced to just “Public Figure.” We expect a new LOL update soon.

His other activity online was minor – trolling Kari Simpson, gloating about a service dog, updating his various bios every few days, complaining about people who swear, and cheering some ICBC changes. These, and other screenshots from this month, are at the end of the article. There are fewer this month, but stay tuned for August.

August will be busy for Jonny. He has a new student activist persona to finish building and a new lawyer to break in for his August 15 court appearances. MeowMix’s tip line is already overflowing with tips and screen shots from very unhappy Simon Fraser University students. Jonny should do a psych paper on himself – Living as a Pariah.

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