JS Simpson Group: The New JY Knows IT?

Seems like Jessica Yaniv Simpson is trying to relaunch his business ventures. After running TrustedNerd and JY Knows IT brands into the ground, Yaniv has launched “JS Simpson Group”. This will be fun to watch.

Quick sidebar….Yaniv is in a mood today. He’s threatening to sue people who buy MeowMix merch with defamation and he’s once again bragging about Chelsko, despite her disavowing him and saying he was inappropriate and pervy.

L.Oh.Fucking.L. Coward. He went on to immediately block the person that posted the merch. Poor Jon. Maybe he can put on a legal clinic about this…

JS Simpson Group is, according to Yaniv, based in Vancouver (where he has a paid mailbox) and is positioning itself as a marketing an advertising firm. Yaniv has identified himself as the “Director of Marketing Strategy”, and to cement it as a rebranding and not a startup, he claims to have been “working” here since 2012.

jessica yaniv simpson

His description of his skills and experience is just as bad as what he writes on his resume – word vomit. I won’t get into this too much beyond saying it’s largely plagiarized from other people’s resumes and job posting boards. MeowMix studied this in this review of his resume.

Yaniv’s LinkedIn profile shows other interesting stuff that he can’t keep straight. For example, he says he worked for the Government of Canada for 15 months straight. His resume shows he was hired twice as a temp for a three month tax season (below).

Yaniv’s LinkedIn goes on to include other things straight from the looney bin.

It’s worth noting that Yaniv says he is a “dynamic marketing consultant with vast work experience and a proven track record“. In reality, his own businesses are utter failures and there’s nothing on his resume to support that sentence.

For someone who is a “Director of Marketing Strategy”, why has TrustedNerddotcom been dead for years, other than the odd dildo review? Why has JYKnowsITdotcom been “under construction” for over a year? Where is the website for JS Simpson Group? Where is the proven track record? I’d ask “where’s the beef?” but I know the answer: Yaniv ate it! There’s nothing left but shit.

It looks like JSSimpsonGroupDOTCOM was bought on April 12, 2021 and is held for two years but it’s sitting unused. The closest thing Yaniv has to an active website is this:

It doesn’t even mention his business name.

We’re pretty sure it’s JY that registered the domain name. It’s registered in BC, and it’s on the same hosting server as JY Knows It. Wonder how the lump paid for it….

Random question…where’s the “group”? It’s just him.

Someone asked me a while ago why we go after Yaniv’s career. There are three answers to this.

First, MeowMix is a compilation of everything about Yaniv. This is important to expose. People need to know how Yaniv is trying to get out there and what to watch for. At the very least, this is news.

Second, because this is the game Yaniv plays with other people to hurt them. When people upset him, he attacks their careers. He costs them money. He complains to their employers. He attacks their websites. He spams their social media. He writes bad reviews. He complains to the government to cause them problems. This has happened several times to Yaniv’s victims in the past – Lisa, Tavia’s family, Jessica (the truck driver), and many more. Hell, look what he tried with Chris Elston and his wife. This doesn’t even count the devastating impact he had on nearly two dozen aestheticians (something he’s still trying to pull).

Lastly, because Yaniv is a pedophile that tries to groom and lure little girls online. He’s a monster that takes their photos in public washrooms. He’s a creep that fetishizes 10 year old girls and their first tampons and wants to be there to put them in. The “Director of Marketing Strategy” of JS Simpson Group can be directly quoted as saying, “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and tits out”? and, after learning that a girl was nine years old, “LOLZ, she’s gonna learn one day. think about that. hahahaha. ur like damn no imma plug that shit.” If that isn’t enough, there’s always, “Is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon?”

People like that don’t deserve a career. They deserve exposure. So, I’ve got plenty of time on my hands and I know MeowMix readers feel equally strong about this. Every time I see Yaniv attempting to earn an income I’m going to send his perverted pedo shit to that person. Every time the “JS Simpson Group” pops up, nail it. This is Yaniv’s game…and he’s going to lose.

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